Watch “Revolution Trilogy” 睇「革命三部曲」

March 18, 2016

(Watch my trilogy of documentaries.)

Watch my docs Revolution Trilogy 睇「革命三部曲」

Watch my docs Revolution Trilogy 睇「革命三部曲」

20190812 Director new preface re the word “Revolution”:

The title of my debut documentary “Long Hair Revolution 「長毛革命” was decided in 2004, so 15 years ago. The rationale is similar to “industrial revolution” or “internet revolution”, ideas for improvement. Nothing to do with violence.

“長毛革命”在2004, 15年前定名, 其實跟”工業革命”或者”互聯網革命”道理相同, 是嶄新改革的意思, 完全同”暴力”沒有任何關係.

It saddens and pains me that Hong Kong today has deteriorated so badly that the word “Revolution” has now been twisted by both the HK and BJ governments to mean violence and the guaranteed and international recognized free speech right is almost gone in HK.

可憐今天的香港, 還是逃不了中國幾千年以來皇帝”以言入罪”, 沒有”言論自由”的悲哀。


Director/producer/independent reporter Kempton Lam has made three full-length documentaries from 2004 – 2015. Kempton’s debut documentary Long Hair Revolution 「長毛革命 has been collected by the Canadian National Archive since 2009. The three documentaries are collectively known as “Revolution Trilogy「革命三部曲」 and are in Cantonese with English subtitles (廣東話、英文字幕). You can watch the three films at this YouTube Playlist (beautifully projected on your big screen HDTV or on your computer). Enjoy!

Long Hair Revolution 「長毛革命」 (full-length 2005) (read film & Canadian national archive info)

HKtv Revolution 「香港電視革命」 (full-length 2015) (read Director’s Statement)

Umbrella Revolution: History as Mirror Reflection 「雨傘革命實錄:以史為鏡」 (full-length 2015) (read Director’s Statement)


Everything Everywhere All At Once #VeryAsian #EEAAO #天馬行空

April 15, 2022

I love “Everything Everywhere All At Once (天馬行空)” by the Daniels starring Michelle Yeoh, Ke Huy Quan, Jamie Lee Curtis lots and look forward to watching it one day. In the mean time, here are a few behind the scene crew & cast chats that I just LOVE (for the record)!

20220420 Update: More video clips added.

EW – ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ Cast On Their New Genre-Bending Movie | Around the Table (I LOVE chats at these two timecodes a ton 3m34s, 14m05s)

How a 5-Person Team Made Blockbuster-Level Movie Effects | WIRED

(surprisingly cool & insightful) Everything Everywhere All At Once: Ke Huy Quan Discusses Representation & His Filmmaking Journey (Note: I love the story Ke told of how Corey Yuen (second unit director: fight sequence) took him under his wing in the movie X-men (yes, both worked on stunts in the movie!). (Worth a read: “NYT – Ke Huy Quan: From Short Round to Romantic Lead in Just Four Long Decades A child star in the 1980s, he hit a dry patch and turned to stunt work in the 2000s. Now he has returned to acting in a part that blends his action and drama chops.”)


*** Potential Spoilers *** Everything Everywhere All At Once World Premiere Q&A from SXSW 2022

(Added 20220420) #PremierePro Editing Everything Everywhere All At Once

Daniels and the Sound of Everything Everywhere All at Once | Sound + Image Lab


To #Tokyo2020 Champ Maggie Mac Neil’s mom, “Lessons were a must for safety, not sport.”

July 27, 2021

20210809 update: CTV News London, “London’s own Maggie Mac Neil comes home with every colour medal


Here are two IG posts from #Tokyo2020 Olympic Champ Maggie Mac Neil herself plus some news articles I read and found very insightful. I’ve include some memorable or touching excerpts along with the full article links.

Love this July 26 CTV News Marcia MacMillan interview of Maggie “Canadian swimmer Maggie Mac Neil on winning gold in Tokyo“. NOTE: “least nervous” :)

March 18, 2020, The Michigan Daily, “‘I’m hiding out down here’: For Maggie MacNeil, anonymity is a secret weapon” (with added emphasis)

“Outside the pool, MacNeil keeps a fairly low profile, not boasting her status as one of the world’s top swimmers. Other than her block ‘M’ backpack all the athletes wear, she could be any other student.

On campus, no one really knows who MacNeil is. She likes it that way.

When MacNeil was growing up, one of her mom’s rules was that she could never get a tattoo. But her mom, Susan McNair, didn’t want to seem like a complete stick-in-the-mud, so she added one condition. MacNeil could get a tattoo of the Olympic rings — if and only if she ever got to the Olympics. “Knowing full well that I would never have a child who got to the Olympics,” McNair said.

Back then, McNair’s thought process was sound. MacNeil wasn’t one of those kids you always knew might be destined for the Olympics. She was good, yes. Good enough to go to nationals-level meets at the age of 12, good enough to be selected for international events like the 2018 Junior Pan-Pacific Championships, good enough to be recruited by top NCAA programs. But MacNeil hadn’t hit the level of some other swimmers her age, and because of that, most of the pressure on her was pressure she put on herself.”

July 14, 2021, Maclean’s, “Maggie Mac Neil will arrive at Tokyo 2020 with a bang. Three, in fact. – Her push off the pool wall in Tokyo could be the power move that propels the young Canadian to medal glory” (with many cool photos, and with emphasis added)

Before she could walk, or for that matter crawl, Mac Neil was jumping head-first into water. Her mother, Susan McNair, remembers the first time she brought baby Maggie to parent-and-tot swim lessons at a local pool in London, Ont.; she could barely keep a hold of her little girl. “She would spontaneously jump out of my arms, dive her little body underwater and come back up laughing,” recalls McNair, who is a staff physician at St. Joseph’s Family Medical Centre in London and a former Ontario provincial coroner. “She was completely and utterly smitten with water.”

Lessons were a must for safety, not sport. McNair calls herself anxious by nature—perhaps on account of the five years she served as coroner, when she reviewed too many aquatic mishaps. When the family moved to a house with a pool, she wouldn’t risk either of her two girls sneaking to the backyard without adult supervision. Mac Neil, with only a touch of hyperbole, estimates her mom had eight locks on the back door of their home.

Still, the pool became a place for Mac Neil to make friends, and every year those friends had more trouble keeping up with her in the water. She joined the London Aquatic Club at the age of eight, and soon staffers were urging the club’s head coach, Andrew Craven, to step away from teaching the teenagers and watch the new kid.

“The coaches were telling me Maggie was something special in the way she floated in the water,” Craven remembers. She seemed at home in the pool—moving through the water with ease, while staying highly engaged in each lesson. During practice, coaches asked for a minimum of three underwater butterfly kicks—also known as underwater dolphin kicks—after every push off the wall. Some of Mac Neil’s peers occasionally treated those underwater kicks as optional when they were tired, Craven says, but young Maggie would complete the full set after every single wall during every single practice. “If you’re really good at it, that can really become a weapon,” Craven says, “and Maggie is now regarded as one of the best in the world.”

Even when she wasn’t in the water, Craven remembers Mac Neil showing the mental strength needed to excel. When she was 12, she botched a race at the Eastern Canadian Championships in Montreal, standing oblivious after the announcer called her name for the 50-m butterfly, even though her mother was waving frantically from the stands for her to move to the starting block. She stood at the end of her lane and watched her heat go. “I don’t know if it was [me not understanding] people speaking French or if I was overwhelmed, but I completely missed the race,” she says.

But for Craven, the missed heat stands out less than what happened next. Mac Neil didn’t cry, or even sulk. In fact, it didn’t seem to phase her at all. The next day, in the 200-m butterfly, Mac Neil smashed the provincial record for girls 12 and under, a record that had stood for 32 years.


Legendary pianist Fou Ts’ong #傅聰 (1934 – 2020) passed away in London due to #Covid19

December 29, 2020

Pianist Fou Ts’ong #傅聰 (1934 – 2020) passed away as reported in the news (BBC Chinese in-depth, BBC English).

Here is a sad & funny story: Many people had the pleasure to have heard Fou Ts’ong #傅聰 played in his lifetime. The opposite thing happened to my better half. Mr. Fou actually heard her played a few times when she was little! You see, her piano teacher lived upstairs & was mahjong partner of Fou. So when Fou visited HK and performed in Hong Kong, he would come to play mahjong, they would hear her practicing downstairs!

Possibly “sad” for my better half and her teacher. Possibly “funny” for #傅聰 and us.

Here is an excerpt from BBC Chinese “傅聰:傅雷之子、著名華人鋼琴家「感染新冠於英國去世」”,




華人世界已經對傅聰去世表示哀悼。郎朗、李雲迪等中國鋼琴家及許多文化界人士在社交媒體上向傅聰致意。而在微博上,傅聰加入英國國籍的做法讓一些中國網民就「藝術與愛國」展開爭論。 “

Here is an excerpt from BBC English “Renowned Chinese pianist Fou Ts’ong dies of Covid-19”

“Fou Ts’ong, the first Chinese pianist to win global acclaim and success, has died aged 86 after contracting Covid-19.

Fou died on Monday in London, where he had been living since the 1950s.

His death was confirmed to the BBC by Jianing Kong, a professor at the Royal College of Music and student of Fou’s.

Responding to the news on Tuesday, the renowned Chinese pianist Lang Lang described Fou as “a truly great pianist, and our spiritual beacon”.

Fou was born in China in 1934 to a family of China’s intellectual elite. He first heard western classical music at a young age when his father, the renowned translator Fu Lei, returned to China after several years living in France.”

Something about @ChrisBoucher@Raptors @NBA #WeTheNorth

November 26, 2020

2020 Nov 25, Sports Net, “Raptors’ Chris Boucher embracing biggest opportunity of career


Mean Girls Reunion

October 9, 2020

Mean Girls (2004) is still one of my favourite films. Check out their reunion video clip.


Something about Jamal Murray @NBA

September 18, 2020

Just LOVE this mini-doc about Canadian NBA star Jamal Murray! And there is even a kinda HongKong-ish connection too (see if you notice)!

(2019? via SC) Jamal Murray — Way of the Dragon

20200918 “Jamal Murray’s 2020 Playoffs Run So Far‼ | #PostseasonHeroics


20200710 WHO Media briefing on COVID-19

July 10, 2020

20200710 WHO Media briefing on COVID-19

At 40:24 Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove answers NHK reporter’s airborne (aerosol) transmission question.

Ref WHO’s Scientific Brief (latest 20200709 update) “Transmission of SARS-CoV-2: implications for infection prevention precautions.”

Learning the word “quisling” from Chris Patten re Carrie Lam

July 9, 2020

Do you agree that Carrie Lam is a ‘lamentable quisling figure in Hong Kong’s history’ as Lord Chris Patten 彭定康, last Governor of Hong Kong Lord, put it?

1) Definition

Merriam-Webster quisling noun, often attributive
Definition of quisling
: traitor sense 2, collaborator

“Did You Know?

Vidkun Quisling was a Norwegian army officer who in 1933 founded Norway’s fascist party. In December 1939, he met with Adolf Hitler and urged him to occupy Norway. Following the German invasion of April 1940, Quisling served as a figurehead in the puppet government set up by the German occupation forces, and his linguistic fate was sealed. Before the end of 1940, “quisling” was being used generically in English to refer to any traitor. Winston Churchill, George Orwell, and H. G. Wells used it in their wartime writings. Quisling lived to see his name thus immortalized, but not much longer. He was executed for treason soon after the liberation of Norway in 1945.”

2) Usage

20200707 Carrie Lam is a ‘lamentable quisling figure in Hong Kong’s history,’ city’s former governor says

Nathan Law 羅冠聰:今此一別,尚未知歸途何期

July 2, 2020

Sad news and in the words of Nathan Law 羅冠聰 who just fled HK because of the new HK National Security law’s many implications, from Now TV news: “政府:「光復香港 時代革命」有港獨或顛覆國家政權含意”,



Nathan’s Congressional testimony from yesterday,


叔叔的愛 interview & reviews

June 17, 2020

A list of great interviews & review from a newly discovered YouTube channel “叔叔的愛”.





Jet People Bonus interviews:


彩裙 彩花 – 2020 母親節詩 – 敬給 偉大的母親

May 10, 2020

彩裙 彩花 – 2020 母親節詩 – 敬給 偉大的母親

(Colourful Dresses & Colourful Flowers – A 2020 Mother’s Day Poem
by Kempton Lam – English version see below)

媽咪 愛彩裙彩花
我 愛彩恤彩花

媽咪 廣結天下英雄豪傑為友
我 廣結天下英雄豪傑為友

媽咪 固執 對朋友忠義
我 固執 對朋友忠義

媽咪教導 身教 以身作則
我聽 我濾 我學. 有時我做.

我變 我改進 我告訴媽咪我愛她

媽咪愛我 永遠視我為小孩
我提醒媽咪 年過半百的小孩 其實很少

媽咪愛我 希望我生活過得好
我愛媽咪 希望她繼續身體健康

媽咪喜歡教誨 不喜歡小孩回話 頂嘴 駁嘴駁舌 頂心頂肺
我喜歡聽教 同時視回話為重要溝通

兒子的榮幸 (榮譽的”榮” 幸福的”幸”)


Colourful Dresses & Colourful Flowers – A 2020 Mother’s Day Poem
by Kempton Lam

Mom loves colourful dresses and colourful flowers
I love colourful shirts and colourful flowers

Mom makes friends with restaurant helpers, store keepers, neighbours and strangers
I make friends with restaurant helpers, store keepers, neighbours, and strangers

Mom is stubborn and steadfast with friends
I am stubborn and steadfast with friends

Mom has taught me many things by her actions and by her words
I listen, I filter, and I learn. And sometimes I do

Mom hasn’t often heard the Chinese word for “LOVE” 愛 because my generation of HongKonger parents and children don’t say “LOVE” 愛 to each other
I changed and learned to be better. And I made sure I told mom I “LOVE” 愛 her

Mom loves me and always sees me as a Little Boy
I remind Mom there are very few over half-century old Little Boy

Mom helped create a nice & loving world for us
I, in our challenging time of WW3 Covid19 Age, am determined to try to make our world a better place than the one we found thanks to all the lessons and ways she shaped me and powering me with Love

Mom loves me and want to see me doing well
I love mom and want her to Stay Safe and Stay Healthy

Mom loves to instruct and is no fan of “Talking Back”
I love to listen and see “Talking Back” as important communication

Privileges of Mom
Honours of Son


20200510 - Colourful Dresses & Colourful Flowers (彩裙 彩花) - A 2020 Mother's Day Poem by Kempton Lam - 00 Dress & Flower Pix

Bambi Assassin and my Optional Left Eye

May 3, 2020


Smashed into thousand pieces & yes, those are deer hair!

Smashed into thousand pieces & yes, those are deer hair!

Reading my friend thanking her car for 8 years of great services got me thinking of our last car, a very loved & trusted Saturn (we call it Saturn車車). Almost exact two years ago today (May 4th, 2018), Saturn車車 saved me one last time! We are not into getting new cars, so we kept maintaining/fixing it and driving Saturn車車 for an amazing 23+ years! And as my and Saturn車車’s luck had it, in her final days, a young deer (the famous Bambi Assassin) ran into our Saturn車車. Bambi Assassin broke the rear passenger (driver side) window glass into a thousand pieces, bounced off the car, and ran away! Bambi Assassin and me got out of the mess relatively safely with big thanks to Saturn車車!

As my friend said well, it “sounded like a scene in a Nordic film.” Totally, Bambi Assassin on the road in a city with one million plus population! And I totally agree that “Cars might be our angels!”

Yes, that May 4th day might hav been quite an action horror film starring Bambi Assassin & me! I still vividly remember that day! There was a traffic jam that day on the main road near our home with traffic stopped with cars on the road with incoming traffic. Without any warning, Bambi Assassin just jumped out between the gaps in the cars as I was driving in ~50km/hr speed on my side of the road!

If I was slower by split of a second, Bambi Assassin’s head would have been right inside the glass of my driver’s window. At a minimum, likely taking out my option left eye and adding a few character-building scars to my left face IF I was lucky. If I was NOT lucky, the massive head and body of Bambi Assassin (~200lb easy) could have knocked me out, given me a concussion while bleeding me out, all very cost effective in creating nice scenes in an action horror film. Not that I’m a fan of action horror film, especially one starring me in real life.

I hadn’t shared these pix before because they were a bit too close and scary to look at. But now two years have passed, may be I can be a bit more reflective. Some days I like to think/pretend I was a good man so it was my good karma. Some days I think I was just plain lucky!

Does near death or almost being killed in a car accident or #Covid19 or … change our perspective on life or how best to live our lives? Maybe. At least, I hope so. For nearing death (almost accidents or almost #Covid19 or almost …) sometimes shine light on what are the more important things in our lives.

We each must find our own ways and meanings to our lives. But I do think the two popular “meanings” #fame and #money cannot be the simplistic ultimate goals in our lives because no one, on their deathbeds, ask how #famous they are (e.g. how many Facebook/IG/Twitter/etc etc followers the have) or how much money they have in their bank accounts.

Well try it as a #ThoughtExperiment and ask yourself what would YOU care about on your deathbed? Here writes a man whose better half will confirm he is neither rich nor famous in any measurable way! #LifelongLearning

Yes, those are deer hair!

Yes, those are deer hair!

Auto glass smashed into thousand pieces

Auto glass smashed into thousand pieces


Why does Costco shortchange loyal renewing customers?

November 6, 2019

20191106 Why does Costco shortchange loyal renewing customers? - Pix 0120191106 Why does Costco shortchange loyal renewing customers? - Pix 02

I posted “Why does Costco shortchange loyal renewing customers?” as a comment on CostCo’s Facebook page yesterday. And Costco’s social media teams replied promptly (within the hour) to inform me my concerns have already been sent to the appropriate team(s). Will see what happen next.


For the record, here is “Why does Costco shortchange loyal renewing customers?” ,

Hi, We just had a rather #awful Costco Wholesale Canada membership renewal experience this past Friday. Ended up spending ~30 minutes talking to three (4) different customer service employees/manager with one of them even threatened me to stop writing down her name (I said I might want to complain about my experiences at some point). I was told I’m not allowed to remember their names in order to properly complain if I wish to. Is this normal and standard operating procedure of CostCo employees to threaten members who may want to complain with precision?
Can someone explain why does CostCo treat loyal customers WORSE than brand new customers? Shouldn’t renewal NOT be taken “for granted”? Is it wrong to think each renewal should be treated as EARNED?

— Calgary Zoo example
In stark contrast, Calgary Zoo does things right and treat each member who decides to renew (some don’t renew) with full respect and work hard to earn each renewal. As a start, the zoo treats a renewing member EQUALLY as a new member and would NEVER shortchange/disadvantage a loyal existing member!

— CostCo: a multi-billion dollar entitled company?
Now back to CostCo, please correct me if I am wrong. When a NEW customer decide to take out a NEW membership on November 1st, his/her membership will expire in 2020 November 30th, correct me if I am wrong?
Now when we renewed on November 1st, we were told that our membership expired on September 30th! Major #fail with CostCo! In fact we were further explained, for ANYONE who “renew” within three (3) months of their previous membership expiration date, their membership expiration is the OLD date! So for example, members who decide to renew 89 days after expiration will have their membership shortchanged with 89 days LESS!
Fair? I don’t think so. This, to me and to be frank, is the actions of a multi-billion dollar entitled company that disrespect loyal customers because “it has always been done like this” or it is in the “terms and conditions” (which I tried to read “Membership Conditions & Regulations, and Privacy Policy” but is unable to find the exact exploitative legal language).

— More Training (not punishment) & Will CostCo start treating Loyal/Renewal customers with respect??
I will NEVER want anyone be punished for my stupid complains. Life is too short. Training may be. I want other customers be treated much better than I had been.
I take time to complain not just to benefit myself (sure, I want my complains fixed) BUT I take time to publicly complain in order to raise issues that I think companies like CostCo should think seriously and consider fixing.
I’ve laid out my complains and the issues (hopefully clearly and factually). Will CostCo review your corporate policy and START respecting all Loyal/Renewing customers reminds to be seen. Don’t take my words for it, Google or ask Calgary Zoo how they treat their renewing members and if they treat their loyal renewing members as good as their new ones and if they also shortchange their members because many are too busy to ask?


October 1, 2019

#呀姨_多謝你 Borrowed good post, without asking. 借,冇問過. (see disclosure)


Disclosure: I decided not to ask for permission as I want her to have “plausible deniability” and this story doesn’t really identify her clearly. Anyway, I left this following comment in her post:

HongKonger strangers helping each other in these dark hours is what makes HK so loved. Stories like yours are the “brakes” that is slowing HK police/gov’s “push” on the slippery spiral to hell.

P.S. I believe our loved ones never “leave us” as they live on forever as stories in our hearts and minds. And this 呀姨 will live on in the poster’s mind for sure. And now, with her sharing (and my sharing), live on in more people’s minds.

In a sense, HK has experienced decades of 錦上添花.

Now these days and months of 雪中送炭 is making HongKongers shine.

I just hope HKers’ hearts and minds won’t be engulfed by anger and hate after all dust are settled. As it will be a tragedy if “HK democracy won” at the end but democratic HKers’ hearts and minds were “filled with anger, hate and desire for revenge“.

If HKers acted and behaved like people they despise now (mainland Chinese blinded by patriotic propaganda), then that “democratic victory” would be a “hell (poisoned hearts and minds)” that HKers can’t easily escape with some serious soul-searching.
P.P.S. If the friend sees this post and would rather I NOT share the story, I will of course remove it.

P.P.S. If the friend sees this post and would rather I NOT share the story, I will of course remove it.


September 11, 2019

In HK dark hours, RTHK has become a great source for insights, news and fact-checking to spotlight facts from fictions/fake news. Check some some episodes of these great series: 視點31, 躁動時代, 鏗鏘集, .

20190910, 視點31:《香港人權及民主法案》利弊;市道差之迷;校園電視記者在反修例運動角色

20190906, 躁動時代:三個月後的撤回;罷課;和理非/勇武;醫者心聲

20190909 鏗鏘集: Minimal Force?

20190902, 鏗鏘集:這一年……十五歲的暑假



Bianca Andreescu, US Open Champ #TeachableMoments

September 9, 2019

In life, I believe we can and should take stock and learn from #TeachableMoments whenever we can. I don’t play tennis but I see lots to learn from 2019 US Open Champ Bianca Andreescu (and her interaction with 23 times grand slams and multiple US Open Champ Serena Williams)!

pix 00 - 2019 US Open Bianca Andreescu vs Serena Williams

pix 00 – 2019 US Open Bianca Andreescu vs Serena Williams

I went to a pub and it was a ton of fun watching Bianca played and won live with other Canadians! But I learned a lot more from her many post-game press conferences, news articles and off the court behaviours (who can forget her Rogers Cup on court moment (see video) with Serena?!) and desire to inspire the next generation of tennis players (especially Canadian female players).

Bianca is so talented and look at what she achieved in just one year! What an epic year! I LOVE quotes, and there have been much online talks of  attribution/misattribution of quotes involve underestimating/overestimating what one can achieve in one year or five/ten years. But another way of looking at it may be to simply give Bianca‘s visualization process (?) as mentioned in the news and her press conference a try. In fact some Twitter user pointed out that Bianca writing herself a cheque for winning the US Open when she was young and her visualization process was not unlike what fellow Canadian Jim Carrey did (see Jim’s video interview with Oprah). (NOTE: One day I may write more about why this is important to me but that can wait for now.)

For the record, I tweeted 20190811 (with video link in tweet and also below),

My eyes were wet when I rewatched Bianca & Serena courtside uncensored talk a few times+their press conf twice each. Best in sport moments transcend technical skills, winning/losing & become #teachablemoment re how to treat other w empathy & respect, try2be better versions of us.

I may still add/update this post to share a list of my own #TeachableMoments from these last few weeks and months from Bianca. Until then, the following is a list of most of the raw sources that I learned those #TeachableMoments from. Enjoy and have fun!

  • Bianca‘s desire to inspire other tennis players (like Serena has inspired her), especially younger Canadian players! (Note that Bianca herself is ONLY 19 years old, that in itself is impressive!)
  • (NOTE: I may add more in the future if I can find some time.)


=====  References & Sources of inspirations for my #TeachableMoments =====

* 20190908, TSN (with video) “A day after US Open win, Andreescu already hungry for more

* New Yorker, “In Her U.S. Open Victory, Bianca Andreescu Shows the Swagger That Serena Williams Brought to Women’s Tennis

* 20190907 CBC News, Bianca Andreescu wins U.S. Open, becomes 1st Canadian to claim a Grand Slam title

* CTV News Toronto (with video of viewing party in Toronto), “The most Canadian way to accept a trophy? Bianca Andreescu says ‘sorry’

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More Heartbreaking News From Hong Kong

August 12, 2019


More Heartbreaking News From Hong Kong

Following added on 2019 Aug 12:


THR Podcasts (Sacha Baron Cohen, Gal Gadot, Ricky Gervais, Jessica Chastain, …)

July 18, 2019


THR Podcasts (Sacha Baron Cohen, Gal Gadot, Ricky Gervais, Jessica Chastain, ...)

THR Podcasts (Sacha Baron Cohen, Gal Gadot, Ricky Gervais, Jessica Chastain, …)

Here are a bunch of interesting podcasts from Hollywood Reporter (THR) starting with Sacha Baron Cohen, one of my most favourite and insightful comedians, and the one that started me on this interesting journey. Have a listen of any one or more of these podcasts as I copied and pasted from THR. Enjoy!

* ‘Awards Chatter’ Podcast — Sacha Baron Cohen (‘Who Is America?’)

Ricky GervaisJessica ChastainGal GadotStephen ColbertAaron SorkinJane Fonda,

Lady GagaJJ AbramsEmma StoneJulia RobertsTrevor NoahJerry Seinfeld,

Michael MooreEmilia ClarkeLin-Manuel MirandaHelen MirrenJulia Louis-Dreyfus,

Meryl StreepRobert De NiroJennifer LawrenceMargot RobbieRyan ReynoldsMatthew McConaugheyKate Winslet,, Natalie Portman,