More Heartbreaking News From Hong Kong

August 12, 2019


More Heartbreaking News From Hong Kong

Following added on 2019 Aug 12:


Tuna and BBQ pork buns (+ sausage, spam & egg, raisin, raisin + oatmeal, dry fruits) 吞拿魚 + 叉燒包 (+腸仔, 餐肉蛋, 提子, 提子+燕麥, 乾果包)

May 29, 2019

6 June, 2019 Update: Tweaked and recipe and making process still a bit more. Now the Tuna and the spam & egg buns are super soft. 1) Double proof. 1st proof, 1hr 15 mins. Then 2nd proof (45 minutes) after the buns are shaped. Will probably tune the recipe and process a bit some more before if the buns will come out soft consistently.

2 June, 2019 Update: Yeah, I just made another (my third) batch of buns. Look and taster are pretty good. Still some room for improvements obviously. #ExperimentalBaking #實驗焗包 Five types of buns: sausage, spam & egg, raisin, raisin + oatmeal, dry fruits 一種麵包, 五種味道: 腸仔, 餐肉蛋, 提子, 提子+燕麥, 乾果

pix 01 - #ThoughtExperimentalBaking #假想實驗焗包

#ThoughtExperimentalBaking #假想實驗焗包 Originally only three types of buns: sausage, spam & egg, raisin 一種麵包, (原本) 三種味道: 腸仔, 餐肉蛋, 提子

Pix 02 - Five types of buns: sausage, spam & egg, raisin, raisin + oatmeal, dry fruits 一種麵包, 五種味道: 腸仔, 餐肉蛋, 提子, 提子+燕麥, 乾果

#ExperimentalBaking #實驗焗包 Five types of buns: sausage, spam & egg, raisin, raisin + oatmeal, dry fruits 一種麵包, 五種味道: 腸仔, 餐肉蛋, 提子, 提子+燕麥, 乾果


20190528 Tuna and BBQ pork buns

20190528 Tuna (Left) and BBQ pork (Right) buns

Here is my second attempt of making Tuna and BBQ pork buns 吞拿魚 + 叉燒包! I like the texture of my second batch much better than the first batch of Tuna buns I made. Both Tuna and BBQ pork buns 吞拿魚 + 叉燒包 tasted OK. Still some room for improvement when I make them again. I think I was a bit too greedy and put too much filling so I might cut that down.

And I might double proof my bread. May be cutting the first proof time from 60 minutes to 30-45m, and then add a second proof after I insert the fillings and shape the buns. Giving the buns time to rise again a little. Will see.

Happy Chinese New Year! 祝大家新春大吉,加送桃花運!:)

February 9, 2013


Happy Chinese New Year! 祝大家新春大吉,加送桃花運!:)

我家桃花的短片, 加送小蜜蜂。



Tequila Sunrise – a cool step-by-step (龍舌蘭日出 秘笈)

November 29, 2012

A Classy Man's Tequila Sunrise - pix 4

I just watched a nice video showing me how to make the above cool looking Tequila Sunrise! The video by Andy is in Cantonese and comes with clear English subtitles. You should be able understand everything and make the drink yourself. Have a watch of  A Classy Man’s Tequila Sunrise (龍舌蘭日出) video! Thanks Andy for making the great video. (note: The instructional part starts at time code ~3:16 if you want to start learning how make it right away! :)

Subscribe to Andy’s A Classy Man’s YouTube channel for more videos. Like his Facebook and follow his Instagram. Fans of the first video have already asked Andy to make a dessert video! Finally, if you have made your own Tequila Sunrise (龍舌蘭日出), please post a picture to let us share your fun!

A Classy Man's Tequila Sunrise - pix 1

A Classy Man's Tequila Sunrise - pix 2

A Classy Man's Tequila Sunrise - pix 3


April 8, 2012

Apple Daily HK Central - Pretty Girl - pix 13Apple Daily HK Central - Pretty Girl - pix 01

I am glad the newspaper column “Central, Hong Kong Pretty Girls” (“中環我至靚”報紙專欄) is finally “dead” (last column 2012年01月27日) after my previous article “中環我至靚 – 蘋果日報 與 新聞自由” urging (although I am sure they didn’t cancel the column because of my complains),

“I am a keen observer of pretty girls in HK and around the world. Unfortunately today, against my better judgement, I will argue the Hong Kong newspaper Apple B.B. Daily should voluntarily stop taking photos of some of these pretty girls (中環我至靚) in Central, Hong KongYes, some of these photos taking and publishing has to be stopped!  Especially many of the photos that I love the most. Isn’t this paradoxical?

Now, after watching Bill Cunningham New York (2010) multiple times featuring Bill from New York Times, I can finally articulate why I did not like 中環我至靚.

First of all, I LOVE pretty girls which is why I HATE the way Apple B.B. Daily has objectified them. To me, pretty girls on the street are transitory pleasure that are meant to be noticed and paid attention to for a few seconds and then left alone. We, the readers, were implicitly invited to judge (agree or disagree) the “beauty” of the girls in the photo. WTF did these girls do to deserve Apple B.B. Daily singling them out for judgement including personal ridicule?

Have a watch of the following documentary about Bill. You will see that Bill‘s “On the Street” column featured the dresses, colours, shoes, etc etc. But never the judgement of the “beauty” of the ladies/gents in his photos. In fact, Bill resigned from “from Women’s Wear Daily after his illustrated celebration of fashion across class lines was rewritten as a snobby put-down.” Reporters and editors of Apple B.B. Daily, learn some journalist integrity from Bill!

Well, let me challenge Apple B.B. Daily in creating a brand new Sunday column as fun as and as insightful as Bill Cunningham’s New York Times “On The Street”. And please cut the crab in the phoney voice over and be fair and level minded for a change. I am no expert but you know who you can learn from right?

Bill Cunningham New York Trailer

Michelle Rempel – Confident rookie MP one of a new breed of Tory women

December 10, 2011

For the record.

Confident rookie MP one of a new breed of Tory women
From Saturday’s Globe and Mail
Posted on Friday, December 9, 2011 6:56PM EST

Such a contrast this week in the House of Commons. With Peter Kent, the Environment Minister, away at the UN climate conference in South Africa, it was up to Michelle Rempel, his parliamentary secretary, to defend the government’s sometimes questionable environmental record.

And Mr. Kent, a former anchorman and journalist, could take a few lessons in communications from her.

In a Commons full of ministers robotically reading answers from their iPads because they’re afraid to go off script – that includes Mr. Kent – Ms. Rempel simply tossed away her talking points and confidently took on her opposition opponents.

She is among a new breed of Tory women. Like Lisa Raitt, the uber-confident Labour Minister, with whom she pals around, and Candice Hoeppner, the Manitoba Tory MP who killed the long-gun registry, Ms. Rempel stands out.

Only 31 years old, the blonde and petite rookie Calgary Centre-North MP, doesn’t hide behind anything – not even behind those prominent dimples of hers.

Throughout her political career, a pattern has emerged: Other women have pushed her to be better and more involved.

This week in Question Period, Megan Leslie, the NDP’s environment critic, attacked Mr. Kent for lecturing countries in Durban, “saying that they have to join a binding climate deal for 2015.”

Ms. Rempel shot back, reminding Ms. Leslie that on her recent trip to Washington to talk about the Keystone pipeline project, the New Democrat MP “lectured the United States … lobbying against our jobs here in Canada.”

Even then – and despite the war of words and accusations – Ms. Leslie respects Ms. Rempel. In fact, they go for drinks together “to decompress.”

“It’s nice to have a strong adversary on the file,” the NDP MP says. “She’s smart as a whip.”

Ms. Rempel didn’t grow up dreaming about being an MP. Read the rest of this entry »

中環我至靚 – 蘋果日報 與 新聞自由

August 5, 2011

*** Hong Kong Pretty Girls ***

Apple Daily HK Central - Pretty Girl - pix 13

I am a keen observer of pretty girls in HK and around the world. Unfortunately today, against my better judgement, I will argue the Hong Kong newspaper Apple B.B. Daily should voluntarily stop taking photos of some of these pretty girls (中環我至靚) in Central, Hong Kong. Yes, some of these photos taking and publishing has to be stopped!  Especially many of the photos that I love the most. Isn’t this paradoxical?

Lets look at some of the photos of the pretty girls in Central, Hong Kong as reported by Apple B. B. Daily. And see if you notice a very important pattern.

Apple Daily HK Central - Pretty Girl - pix 01Apple Daily HK Central - Pretty Girl - pix 02

Apple Daily HK Central - Pretty Girl - pix 03Apple Daily HK Central - Pretty Girls - pix 04

Apple Daily HK Central - Pretty Girls - pix 05Apple Daily HK Central - Pretty Girls - pix 06

??? Have you noticed a pattern yet? Lets look at some more pictures.

Apple Daily HK Central - Pretty Girls - pix 07Apple Daily HK Central - Pretty Girls - pix 08

Apple Daily HK Central - Pretty Girls - pix 09Apple Daily HK Central - Pretty Girls - pix 10

Apple Daily HK Central - Pretty Girls - pix 11Apple Daily HK Central - Pretty Girls - pix 12

If you read Chinese, you can see the full Flickr set which I also posted the original Apple Daily text that goes with the photos for added context.

*** Observations ***

As you may have noticed already, the pretty girls in only 3, yes three, out of the above 13 photos actually post for the photos! And as you can read from the Flickr set, only those 3 photos have people’s names attached.

As you see, the other photos are of people talking on the phones or walking on the street simply going about their businesses. I have no indication that these people actually has or has not given Apple B.B. Daily permission to publish their photos on a column dedicated to photos of pretty girls in Central, Hong Kong!

Is this ethical behaviour? How will you react if this is your newspaper? Or if this is practiced in your city/country?

And if you live in Hong Kong, what do you think about this?

*** The Freedom of Press Paradox ***

While I don’t know the specific Hong Kong law but I suspect what the photographers of Apple B.B. Daily have done here are safely within the boundary of Hong Kong law. And I bet a Canadian dollar that a Canadian newspaper can legally take and publish photos of pretty girls standing on a public street too (although I can’t be sure).

The brave men and women of Apple B.B. Daily are truly the pioneers of newspapers and poor-tastes. At the end of day, no one can blame them for their total pursuit of making money through sex and smut at the same time as speaking truth to the powerful Chinese Beijing and HK governments.

Yes, seriously, Apple B. B. Daily do fight for democracy at the same time as they insert B. B. (bouncy breasts) of ladies in bikinis into completely serious news article!

*** Concluding Thoughts ***

Hong Kong is a really vibrant and strange market for newspapers, for both paid and recently free newspapers. Apple B. B. Daily bossman Mr. Jimmy Lai is one of the most intriguing and interesting entrepreneurs in Asia unfortunately the way he runs his newspapers (or allowed his newspapers to be run) just make me sick.


May 17, 2011



Tulips are truly magical. They slowly open up in the day (when it gets warmer), and close up in the evening & night (when it gets colder).

Tulips after they turn yellow pink. (photo 2/2)

RTHK新一輯的品味人生: 李怡, 黎智英, 鄧小宇, 岑建勳

February 2, 2011

早幾天一口氣看完六集盧敏儀(Money Lo)主持RTHK新一輯的品味人生。很喜歡。被訪問者包括:李怡, 黎智英, 鄧小宇, 岑建勳, 等等

Here is an intro from 品味人生,

受訪嘉賓: 陳日君、黎智英、岑建勳、鄧小宇、施永青、李怡、張家輝、清洪、譚詠麟
主持人: 盧敏儀(Money Lo)” More info here.

卡加利 – 獻給我們敬愛的華叔﹕友誼之光

January 27, 2011



Amazing Tree

December 4, 2010

This is one amazing tree, with partly exposed roots, in Hong Kong!



Random HK pix

December 4, 2010



P1300915 Read the rest of this entry »


June 28, 2010

I quite enjoy many parts of this entry to the National Geographic Channel Live Curious Award competition 2010 as it reminds me of how it feels like going to 街市買餸 in Hong Kong. I hope you will enjoy it too.

The following are some info about the film from the film’s director Jane Leung.

Read the rest of this entry »

兩周一聚 第三十九期: 窗外

June 20, 2010


前園 (更多照片)





後園 (更多照片)




6.4 中大的民主女神像

June 4, 2010





(1) 溫哥華﹕University of British Columbia

(2) 多倫多﹕York University

(3) 卡加利﹕University of Calgary

Goddess of Democracy by D'Arcy Norman.



[…] Act now,顧住玩鋪勁而錯失二十載的曾蔭權,你今晚會來嗎?” – 曾蔭權今晚起錨

劉師父的點心 – 追求完美 – Calgary Fusion菜

March 11, 2010

I believe money can be made in the restaurant business, good food at a reasonable price and service, how hard can it be? But many restaurateurs just want to make their quick bucks and don’t want to put much care nor attention into the quality of the food they serve. As a result, Chinese restaurants that serve good Dim Sum is very hard to find in Calgary (especially in Calgary South).

Well, this past Sunday I had a great Dim Sum lunch at Chef Lau’s Buddha’s Veggie (its Chinese name: Fusion 菜) and I can now say there is a good Dim Sum restaurant in Calgary South that I can enjoy. And it is quite convenient (close to Chinook Centre).

Chef Lau (劉師父), Buddha's Veggie (Fusion 菜)

We had one vegetarian and 6 meat/seafood dim sum dishes. Following are the snapshots of the names & prices on the menu and pictures of the dishes we had this Sunday.

Buddha's Veggie (Fusion 菜) - Dim Sum list - pg 1Buddha's Veggie (Fusion 菜) - Dim Sum list - pg 2

Veggie Shrimp Dumplings (Dim Sum by Chef Lau)
Comment: The ingredients are finely chopped and the results is a very tasty creation.

Veggie Shrimp Dumplings (Dim Sum by Chef Lau)

Shanghai-style Soup Buns
Comment: Like Chef Lau said, the tiny “buns” are very juicy by design. And the skins are thin and you have to be careful when you pick it up. I was extremely careful but still manage to break a few of them. (Tip: take one and put it into your bowl and then add the red vinegar.) Very tasty.

Shanghai-style Soup Buns (Dim Sum by Chef Lau)

Honey Comb Tofu
Comment: This is a must have. I love this dish the most. The tofu is quite soft in the centre. And the skin is “honey comb” textured. Very tasty.

Honey Comb Tofu ( (Dim Sum by Chef Lau))

Fish Roe Siu Mai
Comment: A nice “siu mai”. Love the texture and the mixture of ingredients. And like the touch of adding fish roes on top after the steaming process.

Fish Roe Siu Mai (Dim Sum by Chef Lau)

Supreme Shrimp Dumplings
Comments: The shrimps are quite big. Very tasty. Because I was quite hungry and tried to take out a dumpling while it was hot and the skin still very soft, I broke the skin of the dumpling. May be the skin were a little bit too thin this day? Or the stick together?

Supreme Shrimp Dumplings (Dim Sum by Chef Lau)

Chiuchau Fangor
Comment: Very tasty. Another favourite of mine.

Chiuchau Fangor (Dim Sum by Chef Lau)

Mayonnaise Crispy Rice Rolls
Comments: One of the most pleasantly surprising and yummy dish. Very light and tasty. Highly recommended.

Mayonnaise Crispy Rice Rolls (Dim Sum by Chef Lau)

The above dishes not only look great but they are very tasty as well, highly recommended. Now, let me say a few words about the English names of the dishes. To be honest, the English names of the dishes can be a bit cryptic (e.g. “Chiuchau Fangor”) to people who haven’t have a lot of dim sum. I’ve written about translating names of Chinese dishes into English in this previous blog entry and Chef Lau can take a look in updating the names for future if he wishes.

A few more words about naming. Chef Lau explained to me Buddha’s Veggie is an established brand name in Calgary which is why he wishes to keep it even he has extended the menu to add meat and seafood dishes.

I think Chef Lau has to solve this dilemma in the long run, and I am afraid name change will likely be required. Will see. Now, articles like this will help people to know more about this fine restaurant but it is still confusing when the menu has been extended.

The reason I decided to put a spotlight on this fine restaurant is because it is good quality and value Chinese Dim Sum is hard to find in Calgary (especially Calgary South). And I want this restaurant to be successful so that it will continue to thrive and I will have one more place to eat.

If you do decide to visit Buddha’s Veggie, I hope you like the dim sum dishes. And to keep Chef Lau working hard, tell him if you enjoy the food or tell him if you think the dishes can be impoved.

The following is my English interview with Chef Lau talking about Buddha’s Veggie, his experiences as a chef and the 7 types of dim sum we had this past week.

Chef Lau's restaurant Buddha's Veggie (Fusion 菜) info

Calgary Herald’s review, “Buddha’s Veggie Restaurant“.


May 22, 2010 Update: Had a great dim sum lunch at chef Lau’s restaurant again today. Repeated some of our favourites we tried and loved last time like Supreme Shrimp Dumplings, Fish Roe Siu Mai, Honey Comb Tofu, Chiuchau Fangor, and Mayonnaise Crispy Rice Rolls. We also tried chef Lau’s new creation: Abalone Siu Mai. I am happy to see chef Lau creating and trying new recipes. The sight of a whole (very tiny) abalone sitting on top of a Siu Mai is quite pleasing to the eyes. (I wish I had bought along a camera.) At the same time, the tasty but more chewy texture of an abalone is tough to mix well with Siu Mai. So I look forward to chef Lau creating more dishes over time, and adding some of the really good ones to the regular menu over time.

When I saw Chef Lau put his heart into his creations, it reminded me of the similar steps taken by the likes of Gordon Ramsay as expressed in his book “Three-star Chef” which I borrowed from the Calgary Public Library.


March 2, 2010

Almost Spring 2010

Almost Spring 2010

兩周一聚(三十三): 完美的一餐(食物/人物)

February 28, 2010

多年前已經相信”完美”(perfection)對我來說是一個追求的過程。Perfection is not something I achieve but it is something I am alway in pursuit of. 所以對我來說,每天每一餐,只要是吃喜歡的食物,和喜歡的人一起吃,都可以是算是”完美的一餐”。

The following were what my better half and I ate yesterday at our tea party and dinner. I am reposting my Calgary tea party entry here. :)

Palmiers (Bacon & Onion, Parmesan cheese, Poppy seeds sugar)


Chocolate Croissants

Margaret and Cher, my two great friends/MBA classmates, my better half and I had a lovely tea party and chatted an afternoon away. Cher, our fantastic pastry chef today, made five different tasty things for us to try. And we even learned a few baking tips from Cher.

Cher’s lovely Macarons (not too sweet, unlike the too-sweet-to-enjoy store bought stuff), Chocolate Croissants & three types of Palmiers (bacon & onion, Parmesan cheese, Poppy seeds & sugar).

Here is a video of Cher explaining her modified (less sweet) Macarons.

Here is a picture of what I cooked for our dinner.

Dinner (Feb 27, 2010)


Roast Pork

If I think about it, any time and any meal I spend with my better half, it is part of that journey of pursuing “perfection” and “happiness”.

My-Better-Half-Love pix-1

My-Better-Half-Love pix-1



P.S. As an aside, Lexus and Toyota are in serious problems right now (Feb 2010). But the idea behind “The Pursuit of Perfection” remains the same. Here is an old ad in better time. By the way, for someone who has never driven or own a Lexus, I’ve talked a lot about Lexus for years.