January 17, 2018

「兩周一聚」非死不可版之【五湖四海】第六期話題 (2018年1月14日-28日):「推薦一部電影」

Allow me to recommend one movie from these three genres: documentary, fantasy-comedy, and animation. It is so hard for a movie lover to compare apple to orange to mango and pick only one?! :)

Documentary recommendation: Years ago I accidentally discovered in my university AV library (ok, not that kind of AV :) ) this documentary series in film (yes, physical film in cans and movie projector) and it remains my favourite documentaries. In this UK Up Series of documentaries, you will get to meet 7 British boys and 7 girls when they were only 7 years old in the first film. And then the magic of this series is the filmmakers come back to revisit the lives of these 14 girls & boys every 7 years! I last watched them in the eighth film in 2012 when the “kids” were now 56 years old. Yes, 56! Next time we see them will be in 2019 when they are 63! It is almost a “longitudinal study” of people long before the madness of “reality TV” entrap us.

Here is the first film Seven Up! and they were all so adorable!

Fantasy-comedy: Groundhog Day (1993) is a fantasy-comedy film starring Bill Murray, Andie MacDowell, and Chris Elliott. Without giving you too much spoilers, Murray found himself caught in a time loop, repeating the same day again, again, and again! LOVE this film.

Animation: Howl’s Moving Castle (2004) written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki was an animation film that I just borrowed a Blu-ray to re-watch again (with some bonus features). It is only in recent years that I realized this film was loosely based on a novel by a British author. And I learned to love both the Japanese original Japanese voice stars which includes Takuya Kimura (木村 拓哉) as Howl and English voice stars which includes Christian Bale (Batman Begins, American Hustle, The Big Short) as Howl, Emily Mortimer (Match Point, Dear Frankie) as young Sophie, Billy Crystal, and Lauren Bacall.

P.S. As a documentary filmmaker, I really LOVE the Up Series but to be honest and blunt, given our current ethical standard re informed consent, I can’t ethically agree to the making of this series of films knowing that 7 years old girls and boys can’t really give that kind of informed consent and the intrusiveness of this series.



November 21, 2017

20171121 「兩周一聚」非死不可版之【五湖四海】

20171121 coffee or tea

When asked if I want “coffee or tea” in a Hong Kong style cafes, I will almost always ask for a cup of 鴛鴦 (“coffee *with* tea” Yuenyeung), yes, both milk tea and coffee mixed together! Strangely, I never have the desire to make my own cup of 鴛鴦 at home.

We save coffee for our Saturday breakfasts. Grinding the beans each Saturday morning for our electric drip coffeemaker. And since we can’t really taste much of the difference between the more expensive Kauai Coffee and the ones from Costco, we go for the basic ones.

On weekdays, I will make my better half a cup of Twinings tea. Yes, we are more picky at teas. Since one time I accidentally almost ran out of English Breakfast, I mixed the remaining little bit of English Breakfast with Lady Grey Tea and it tasted nice. Since then, I learned that technically all teas are blends of tea leaves anyway so I started blending English Breakfast & Lady Grey to make our own blend.

My own preference is actually herbal tea or warm water. I love my Revolution tea, especially Golden Chamomile. It might have been love at first sight when I saw the brand name “(R)evolution tea” and then I was convinced by its innovative design for its tea bag plus the taste of the tea is very nice.

I love chatting with friends over a cup of tea on wide range of topics from food to world issues.


November 14, 2017

亞省係加拿大出產牛肉嘅省份, 不過我就覺得啲牛肉其實唔係超好味 (唔夠肥??), 亦都幾貴 . 好彩近年搵到一間附近新開嘅韓國超市, 啲韓式薄切牛肉片, 肉質帶一啲肥, 又唔係太貴, 咁就對亞省啲牛肉有番啲好感. 當然 better half 煎嘅牛扒, 從來都係一流好味! ;)

話說幾個月前, better half同我比自己踢咗入會做卡城動物園嘅會員, 一個超值年費價錢(包泊車), 可以睇企鵝, 睇蝴蝶, 睇紅熊貓, …, 同埋等睇2018來嘅真熊貓, 其實係一個好好嘅發現. 仲可以順便”免費”做gym(行行企企3,4,5個鐘頭, 其實都幾係嘢, 同做gym差唔多)!

啱啱呢個星期六行完動物gym之後, 就收到好消息話 Michelle 又張「兩周一聚」復活啦! 版名重”江湖味濃郁”到叫【五湖四海】,又”非死不可版”! 好嘢, 好玩!

其實我都唔知道咩嘢叫做「地道菜」? 不過當時我同better half (同其他十幾廿個卡城嘅foodies) 坐坐企企係冰天雪地嘅街邊, 預咗等一個鐘頭去食日本拉麵, 咁我諗呢一 碗日本拉麵都當係「地道菜」啦!

附筆: 麺屋(Shiki menya)老闆/大廚 Koki 每日限賣150碗麵, 保持質量, 對食物都有堅持, 都幾令人高興! ;)
附附筆: 加多一張相同一句: “Happiness is a simple breakfast with my better half.” ;)


August 17, 2017

You can lock up our bodies, but not our minds! We want democracy in Hong Kong. And we will not give up.” – Joshua Wong 黃之鋒

黃之鋒母親的叮嚀: 「為何香港墮落如斯,如此對待這一代的孩子?」

I’m heart broken in hearing the news of Joshua Wong 黃之鋒, Alex Chow 周永康, and Nathan Law 羅冠聰, three prominent young leaders of Hong Kong’s democracy movement, being sentenced today (Thursday Aug 17th, 2017) to six, seven, and eight months in prison, respectively. All three were taken into custody immediately. This is a very sad day for Hong Kong.

香港特別行政區 高等法院上訴法庭 刑事司法管轄權 覆核申請 覆核申請案件2016年第4號 CAAR 4/2016
申請人 律政司司長

第一答辯人 黃之鋒 (D1)
第二答辯人 羅冠聰 (D2)
第三答辯人 周永康 (D3)

New York Times, “Joshua Wong and 2 Others Jailed in Hong Kong Over Pro-Democracy Protest“.

Reuters, “Critics cry foul as Joshua Wong and other young Hong Kong democracy leaders get jail

A senior government source who declined to be identified due to the sensitivity of the matter said Hong Kong’s top prosecutors had initially “not recommended pursuing” the case further after the non-jail terms were handed down.

But Hong Kong’s Secretary of Justice, Rimsky Yuen, overruled them and insisted on re-opening Wong’s case, a decision that ultimately led to their imprisonment, the source said.

Guardian, “Hong Kong democracy campaigners jailed over anti-China protests

Have a watch of my film “Umbrella Revolution: History as Mirror Reflection 雨傘革命實錄:以史為鏡” to reflect on the unjust prison sentences passed on Joshua, Alex, and Nathan!

P.S. For the record, I’ve copied some full Facebook messages from the three and others that I find insightful.

Message from Nathan Law (in Chinese)




A short documentary segment about Nathan. 《星期三港案》16/8 這一夜的團圓

黃之鋒母親的叮嚀 Message from Joshua Wong’s mother (in Chinese)







「那些只能殺害身體,不能毀滅靈魂的人,不用怕他們。但要畏懼那位有權將身體和靈魂一同毀滅在地獄裡的上帝。」(馬太福音10:28)繼續持守信念,堅守擁抱的價值:「愛慕公義如饑似渴的人有福了, 因為他們必得飽足。」(馬太福音5:6)



「你平生的日子,必無一人能在你面前站立得住。我怎樣與摩西同在,也必照樣與你同在;我必不撇下你,也不丟棄你。你當剛強壯膽!因為你必使這百姓承受那地為業,就是我向他們列祖起誓應許賜給他們的地。只要剛強,大大壯膽,謹守遵行我僕人摩西所吩咐你的一切律法,不可偏離左右,使你無論往哪裏去,都可以順利。」 (約書亞記1:5-7)




Message from Alex Chow (in Chinese)


立場報道, “【專訪】周永康:香港人勿被撃潰 我在監牢仍自由

Message from law professor Tai Yiu Ting, 戴耀廷

英國大法官Lord Hoffmann,亦是終審法院非常任法官,在2006 年的一宗案件中,清楚地說明,公民抗命在普通法有悠久及光榮的歷史。有人真誠地違反法律去挑戰法律或政府行為中的不公義,那才是文明社會的標記。法庭在判刑時必須考慮公民抗命者真誠的動機。這與上訴庭對公民抗命非常負面的定調,正好相反。哪一個更文明,自有公論。

Message from law professor Eric Cheung 張達明(法律學者),

“閱畢上訴庭今天就學聯三子一案的判詞, 我初步的看法,是他們有合理機會獲得終審法院批准上訴許可推翻上訴庭的決定。
在判詞第151段,上訴庭恰當地總結了應該採用的判刑原則,當中指出「《公安條例》第18條對非法集結的定義雖然頗為簡單,但所涵蓋的案情可以很廣泛,犯罪情節的嚴重性也會因案情而有別,其幅度也很大,由一端極輕微的到另一端極其嚴重的都有,視乎實際情況而定。…若是案情相對地輕微,例如,非法集結並非預謀,規模極小、只涉及十分輕微的暴力、沒有造成任何人身傷害或財產破壞,法庭給予犯案者個人的情況、犯案的動機或原因,和更新這個判刑元素的比重可以相稱地加多 ,而阻嚇這個判刑元素的比重可以相稱地減少。…」
但觀看上訴庭處理本上訴的程序及判詞,上訴庭基本上是重新審閱相關的證據, 而自行得出「本案的犯罪情節明顯是嚴重的,是涉及暴力之大規模及嚴重的非法集結」的結論,因而得出要重判3人入獄的決定。明顯的例子如下:
(1) 原審裁判官指出,「案中亦沒有證供顯示在會議中或在台上作出呼籲前,第一被告已經一早知道保安員必會作出實質阻撓,而集會者亦會以推閘或爬欄堅持進入 … 根據他自己以往參與在前地舉行活動的經驗,保安員只有口頭勸諭他們離開,並沒有和保安員或警察發生過肢體衝突的情況。不能排除第一被告和在場人士在最初宣佈進入公民廣場的那一刻,有可能真誠相信保安員未必一定會積極阻止他們進入。」最後裁定「法庭未能肯定第一被告在台上呼籲那一刻,若然在場集會人士跟隨他所呼籲一同進入前地,保安員必定會以口頭勸諭以外的方法阻止他們進入」,因而裁定他煽惑他人參與非法集結的控罪罪名不成立。但裁判官「裁定第一被告在爬越圍欄前和進行期間已知道保安員和警員對進入前地的市民正作出實質及肢體上的阻止,但他和那些市民仍強行進入。他們一同以爬欄和推閘進入前地的行為是擾亂秩序及帶有威嚇性。他們的行為亦相當可能導致任何人合理地害怕如此集結的人會破壞社會安寧,或害怕他們會藉以上的行為激使其他人破壞社會安寧」,因而裁定他參與非法集結的控罪罪名成立。但裁判官同時指出,雖然「當晚有10名政府總部的保安員在阻止市民進入前地時受傷。然而他們受的多只是輕傷」,而且「控方沒有證據證明傷勢是由誰造成,亦沒有證據證明各被告對那些襲擊知情或有任何參與。」
(2) 但上訴庭卻重新審閱相關的證據,自行作出推斷及詮釋,認為 [K Ref: 158 section (四) of case]「從當時客觀的實際環境看來,即政總前地剛加建了圍欄、學聯較早前兩次申請進入政總前地均已被拒絕、圍欄閘口因保安原因全是關上、有多名保安在圍欄前後維持秩序、警方也在附近,強行進入政總前地必然會遭遇攔阻,所以答辯人等事前一定可以合理地預計得到,參與行動的人和保安及警方發生衝突是無可避免的。」其後更認為「答辯人等事前一定可以合理地預計得到,參與行動的人和保安及警方發生衝突,有保安因而受傷是無可避免的。」
學聯三子有權在28天內以上訴庭裁決存在實質及重大的不公為理由,直接向終審法院三位法官申請上訴許可,遞交申請上訴許可文件的同時,亦可同時申請保釋等候上訴許可,該保釋申請會交由一名終審法院法官處理,故此排期可以很快, 能否成功主要取決於該終審法院法官是否初步認為上訴表面上有合理成功的機會。”


October 20, 2016

啱啱睇完麥何小娟 (Silvia)嘅新書《我的女兒麥明詩—一張白紙到10優的培育經歷》. 同大家分享我對呢本書嘅一啲睇法, 寫一個簡短嘅所謂”書評”. 我少寫書評, 通常係我鍾意嘅書我先寫. 幾年前係大贊Alice 寫嘅「股神」畢菲特傳記 The Snowball, 本書有960頁, 所以我可以用個特別方式, 寫咗一個非常詳盡嘅”書評”. 之後有緣, 知道咗Alice嘅一啲行為同埋說話,非常佩服, 仲同佢做咗”Facebook朋友”.

好啦, 言歸正傳, 首先作者Silvia唔係一個普通媽咪. 有啲人買《我的女兒》, 係因為Silvia係10優港姐麥明詩嘅媽咪, 諗住睇完本書之後, 可以教番個囝囝囡囡攞到10優. 其實呢個諗法, 作者都會話你錯. 作者嘅丈夫麥卓生講得好, Silvia直情係一個「專業良母」, 點解咁講? 睇書嘅”作者簡介”, 就會睇到Silvia其實响香港/澳洲/美國, 都有專業嘅資格, 唔係普通媽打一名.

//麥何小娟 (Silvia) 作者簡介:
*前香港理工學院 #前香港教育學院//

作者有專業資格, 所以仔女(明山/明詩)細個嘅時候就開始教, 就用一啲好嘅理論/實驗作為根基去教. 唔同大部份家長咁, 只憑直覺去教自己嘅仔女. 書中有時作者會用上一啲外國英文專有名詞嘅中文翻譯, 就會令人睇得比較辛苦.  (「正向增強物」(positive reinforcer?)、「負向增強物」(negative reinforcer?))


//育兒必修課 :

上面一段文字, 以簡單又吸引嘅方法去介紹咗呢本書嘅一部份內容. 但係其中有一句, 我唔能夠認同: “以玩具、遊戲、生活體驗,培育快樂多元10優生”。作者响本書入面, 花咗好多心思舉咗好多用玩具、遊戲、生活體驗嘅例子同埋理論根據, 非常之有趣, 同好睇. 但係”培育快樂多元10優生”一句, 可能令到家長覺得, 如果佢地睇完呢本書之後, 可以逐步慢慢教仔女有10優咁嘅成績. 呢個係錯嘅睇法. 作者响本書度堅持, 仔女只要盡力而為, 就得啦. 唔係一定要攞A或者滿分, 甚至十優. 我之前有試過睇下點樣可以改一改呢一句, 以下就係其中一試:


10優生媽媽”呢個係事實, 我亦都明白”10優”呢一點(加港姐)係書既一個大賣點. 但始終係教育呢一個重要嘅題目, 個重點要放於培育”快樂多元子女”而唔係”快樂多元10優生”.

筆者順帶一提, 香港有一個好奇怪的現象/風氣, 就係學生/學校, 甚至社會新聞媒體, 都將中學嘅公開試成績睇得太重. 會考(以前)/DSE(現在)成績有幾多A, 有冇9優或者10優? 中學係邊間名校讀書? 甚至有聽過大學畢咗業嘅成年人, 身痕走返去考中學公開試, 睇下攞到幾多個A. 呢啲所謂”成年人”真係發神經! 種種睇公開試睇得太重嘅行為, 都可能係令到中學生有過分壓力嘅原因. 响美/加/外國, 成功的商人或者科學家(諾貝爾獎得主),等等, 成名之後都可能留意吓佢地係邊間大學畢業. 係大學! 我從來都冇聽過佢地係邊間”名校中學”畢業, 中學公開試攞咗幾多個A?!

(注意: 照片可以點擊放大, 清楚閱讀)

My Daughter Louisa - Book Rev - Pix01 - cover


作者好有系統咁樣, 將唔同題目分成唔同章節, 因為有好多唔同有趣嘅例子同相片, 一啲都唔會覺得好似一本百科全書咁悶. 寫到有充實的資料, 理論嘅根據, 睇來有趣而又有內涵, 呢個其實幾難得. 作者就做得到啦.

(注意: 照片可以點擊放大, 清楚閱讀)

My Daughter Louisa - Book Rev - Pix03 - index encyclopedia


我睇書嘅時候鍾意用筆畫低我覺得重要或者有趣嘅地方. 寫呢一個書評嘅時候, 我就重溫我畫低的筆記, 因為本書始終係~200頁的書, 我只可以抽其中三個有趣嘅故事, 同大家分享.

第一個故事, 係作者同麥明詩母女倆個人, 為咗一見水果僵持左大約一個鐘頭. 個一片水果完全唔重要, 作者處理嘅語氣, 堅持既原因, 之後嘅處理, 呢啲先至係家長應該可以學習的地方.

(注意: 照片可以點擊放大, 清楚閱讀)

My Daughter Louisa - Book Rev - Pix04 - fruit

第二個故事, 係一個地鐵嘅故事. 一個11歲嘅小朋友, 點樣可以幫到屋企人, 將一個非常重要嘅決定, 做得更加好呢?

(注意: 照片可以點擊放大, 清楚閱讀)

My Daughter Louisa - Book Rev - Pix05 - MTR

第三個故事係講作者鼓勵明詩勇於嘗試, 參加唔同嘅比賽, 幾乎每次都贏不到獎項. 有時落敗, 作者都送一些小禮物俾明詩為獎勵. 呢啲小禮物, 又代表咩呢?

My Daughter Louisa - Book Rev - Pix07 - gifts


1) 我明白作者要同出版商合作, 每一章節嘅標題, 都可能有編輯提供意見, 所以未必一定係作者自己的決定. 可能我有啲吹毛求疵, 我覺得”父母鼓勵 反敗為勝”呢個標題, 同本書嘅宗旨有啲背道而馳. 既然成敗輸贏都唔係太重要嘅話, 最緊要係個學習過程, 咁又何來反敗為勝呢? 當然,呢個我亦都覺得自己可能有啲太過過分”吹毛求疵”.

My Daughter Louisa - Book Rev - Pix06 - subheading

2) 我鍾意作者好有心機咁樣放咗一個參考書目. 有39本中英文參考書. 等有興趣嘅讀者, 可以伸延閱讀. 我自己都已經有用咗Google Book Search係搵咗一本書, 睇咗開頭幾頁書.
如果有機會, 其實可以將呢39本參考書, 分類於不同章回, 以方便讀者讀完不同章回嘅時候, 方便佢地伸延閱讀有興趣嘅特定題目.

3) 最後我好鍾意個”結語”嘅文字.


每個孩子都是獨特的, 是天父賜予我們的恩物. 因此栽培方法也不是千篇一律, 我們應多學習, 多思考, 再配合自己孩子的特質, 便能事半功倍.”

同埋兩張相, 一張BB相, 一張長大成人亭亭玉立嘅靚女相. 意重深(心)長. Before & After. Then & Now. 其實呢一段”結語”, 可以或者甚至應該係第一章第一節嘅說話, 等睇書嘅家長明白栽培方法唔會係千篇一律, 睇書可以睇得輕鬆啲.


我的女兒麥明詩—一張白紙到10優的培育經歷》係一本有好多好例子嘅工具書 (微型育兒百科全書). 用家 (即係啲香港家長) 唔應該太緊張, 緊張到想將百科全書裏面每一個題目(每一招一式), 都想要用晒响自己嘅仔女身上. 其實只要用到三, 五, 八 … 招都有唔同程度嘅幫助, 始終要配合自己仔女嘅特質.

書中參考: Google book search readable result referenced as #38: Creativity and Giftedness edited by Donald J. Treffinger

新聞: “名人專訪.不是天生幸運兒 麥明詩媽媽:女兒不好勝 只是不怕輸

講座: 香港書展2016:一張白紙到10優的培育經歷

附筆: 呢次算係我第一次用電腦口講中文(廣東話)寫文章. 以前要用手寫嘅長文章, 要我花上幾個鐘頭, 太花時間. 而家我發現到電腦嘅新操作系統(Mac OS)可以俾我口講, 佢就幫我轉成中文字, 最多執下一啲別字. 咁就容易得多啦. 但係始終有時都會有啲錯字, 好似個”下”字, 應該有個口, 隔離先係個”下”字, 即係”吓”字. 呢啲無辦法啦, 敬請各位見諒.

Oct 21, 2016 Facebook comment update: P.S. By the way Silvia, I didn’t have the time to write this in Chinese. Plus I don’t know how to get the “tone” right. Since I am writing it now in English, I may as well just copy and paste this into the Chinese book review.

As I read your book, I kept thinking of the child development clinical psychologist Jean Piaget. I’ve found his work fascinating since taking PSY100 at university. Piaget and his wife Valentine Chatenay raised three children “Jacqueline (born 1925), Lucienne (born 1927), and Laurent (born 1931) were psychological subjects from the moment they were born.

I should have thanked you (and Louisa and 明山). So I am thanking you now for sharing the very personal and intimate stories and history of Louisa’s and 明山’s upbringing.

I am a long time fan and addict of longitudinal studies for they give me insight that only “time” (the most precious commodity) can provide. I was fortunate to get myself hooked in the “Up Series” (7 Up, 14 Up, etc) at the UofT AV library and I last watched 56 Up in 2012.

Silvia, as usual, I write too long and too much. I hope you will be pleased to hear one of your readers kept thinking of Jean Piaget as he read your book. This stranger will be watching 明山/明詩 grow old as I watch the participants of the Up Series (63 Up in 2019) grow old over time and wishing/hoping them to do well in life.

P.P.S. This “longitudinal study” (obviously not a scientific study in this film) started when these boys & girls were 7. Here they were all adorable as any seven years old would be in this first video “Seven Up (1964)“.

We last saw them when they were 56 in 2012. Worth finding the whole series to watch. Calgary library system has it, I wonder if HK library will have it or YouTube, etc.

When watching the films, I try to observe and learn as much as I can but also holding off any judgements or conclusions as it seems so unfair for me to “judge”.

我反抗故我在 梁國雄司法抗爭二十年

October 14, 2016

我反抗故我在 – 梁國雄司法抗爭二十年“呢一本書,我驚佢有啲深,可能幾花精神精力去睇。但係我決定咗,有機會就一定買本黎睇,慢慢睇都睇, 當係學吓法律啦。

[ 我抗爭·故我在 ] 長毛六十大壽生日快樂

長毛梁國雄60大壽 朋友籌備超過1年 《明報》多媒體頻道

謝偉俊.梁國雄 對談會 ( 全篇 )



書中訪問了兩任立法會主席,黃宏發及曾鈺成,他們有不同政見,但同樣尊重他這個人。曾說:「有些政治立場跟你對立的人,你也可以跟他做朋友,你也願意請他回家吃晚飯。有些政治立場跟你一致的人,你也不喜歡跟他接觸。我跟長毛亦如是」。// (Ref)

Note: A case was discussed that define “fair comment” in the case of “Tse Wai Chun Paul v Cheng [2001] EMLR 31 CFA (HK)“.

//Requirements Lord Nicholls of Birkenhead set out the outer limits of the defence of fair comment in the Hong Kong case of Tse Wai Chun Paul v Cheng [2001] EMLR 31 CFA (HK):Importantly, the fifth proposition pushed aside the word ‘fair’ in favour of a requirement for honesty. Nicholls LJ said: ‘A comment which falls within the objective limits of the defence of fair comment can lose its immunity only by proof that the defendant did not genuinely hold the view he expressed. Honesty of belief is the touchstone. Actuation by spite, animosity, intent to injure, intent to arouse controversy or other motivation, whatever it may be, even if it is the dominant or sole motive, does not of itself defeat the defence. However, proof of such motivation may be ­evidence, sometimes compelling ­evidence, from which lack of genuine belief in the view expressed may be inferred.’

first, the comment must be on a matter of public interest;
second, the comment must be recognisable as comment, as distinct from an imputation of fact;
third, the comment must be based on facts which are true or protected by privilege;
fourth, the comment must explicitly or implicitly indicate, at least in general terms, what are the facts on which the comment is being made. The reader or hearer should be in a position to judge for himself how far the comment was well founded; and
fifth, the comment must be one which could have been made by an honest person, however prejudiced he might be, and however exaggerated or obstinate his views.//

【我反抗故我在 – 新界東5號長毛梁國雄 2016 立法會選舉】

Outstanding Teacher 卓越教室 – RTHK

October 9, 2016

Seeing better teaching and education, especially in HK, is one of my passion. I am thrilled to discover and watch the RTHK series Outstanding Teacher 卓越教室. Here is a link to the 2016 series and links to some episodes on YouTube. Here are some info from RTHK.

社會日新月異,要趕上潮流之端,各行各業都倡議求新求變。韓愈有云:「師者,所以傳道、授業、解惑也」。社會對教師的期望,相信依然;唯獨對教學方法一門,隨著巨輪的轉動,求新求變也許是無可避免。 廿一世紀的教師是否要文武雙全才能迎接新世代的挑戰、學生所想又是否老師所思、除了學業成績又會否思量開心指數呢?一連八集的卓越教室2016,分別從2013年度及2014年度獲「行政長官卓越教學奬」的得奬教師名單,訪問了當中8組來自不同學校及不同學習領域的教師團隊,分享他們最新的教學發展與方向;節目同時也可作為業界的一個分享平台。更希望透過節目,了解學生的學習實況及他們對學習的期望。//

卓越教室:活化歷史 (中史科老師陳愛妮(Miss Chan))

//中史科老師陳愛妮(Miss Chan)最愛忽發奇想,不停激發自己的創意和靈感,設計具創意和趣味的教材,令學生對中史科產生興趣,不再覺得中史是沉悶的科目。
Miss Chan擅長用實物教學,走進她的課堂,會見到她拿出各式各樣的教材,例如雞蛋、駱駝玩偶、絲綢、兵器等等,又會讓學生走出座位玩遊戲以及角色扮演。學生玩得開心的同時,亦吸收到當中的歷史知識。
回想起7年前初到這所中學教書,這校仍是男校,一眾男生總愛搗蛋作弄老師,令Miss Chan很有挫敗感,但她沒有放棄,堅持用心教學,最終得到學生們的愛戴,更令中史科成為校園最受歡迎的學科之一。曾在電影«爭氣»飾演一角的周遜博(阿博),去年於這間學校畢業,本是無心向學的阿博,自從上了Miss Chan的中史課,就對這一科產生興趣,更主動要求Miss Chan替他補課,結果在公開試中,中史科取得合格成積。
自小父親離世的Miss Chan,兒時家中依賴綜援過日子,她相信知識改變命運,希望能夠幫助基層學生。2007年她由一間直資學校,轉來這間較多基層及新移民學生的中學,正正是想透過教育,勉勵學生追求夢想金帶領他們走回正路。

獎項:嘉許狀(個人、社會及人文教育學習領域)2013/2014 //



為了提高學生的學習興趣,Miss To 與Miss Tsang推動不少經濟科活動,例如每年的重頭戲「買買賣賣學經濟」,將年宵市場帶入學校,讓各級同學都能參與。其中,中五學生擔當銷售商角色,而中三及中四則擔當觀察員及消費者,透過這項活動,讓學生討論「邊際利益」、「供求定論」等經濟理論。

得獎老師:杜寶恩老師、曾頌欣老師 //


Here are links to some other episodes.