講一講加國行長Mark Carney空降英倫銀行

November 29, 2012

(廣東話) 經濟分析師陳心田與獨立記者林錦堂講一講加國行長Mark Carney空降英倫銀行

(in Cantonese) Economic Analyst +Wallace Chan & Independent Reporter Kempton Lam chat re Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney to lead Bank of England.


不設劃位 – 80元首入場爭位坐? – 蘋果日報

July 27, 2012

Guardian Title: Olympic opening: it’s security, not diplomacy, on world leaders’ coaches – Kings, queens and world leaders will have to take the first seat available as Britain imposes the ethos of a school outing
Source: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2012/jul/26/diplomatic-niceties-world-leaders
[…] with the idea that the designated leaders follow the lollipops […] into the stadium. The idea is to avoid an unseemly rush for seats with presidents clambering over queens and crown princes.

不設劃位 – 80元首入場爭位坐

英國外交部日前表示,倫奧開幕禮會有破紀錄120名外國領袖出席,但截至前日(周四)落實赴會的只有約80人,人數跟上屆京奧開幕式相若,當中包括美國第一夫人米歇爾、俄羅斯總理梅德韋杰夫、土耳其總理埃爾多安( Recep Tayyip Erdogan)、法國總理艾羅( Jean-Marc Ayrault)、巴西總統羅塞夫( Dilma Rousseff)及瑞典皇室成員等。

人鬼講東講西 教飛試一集 Doctor Who

June 4, 2012

Kempton & Anthony - 人鬼講東講西 Upside Down East meets West 教飛試一集 Doctor Who Test Episode

人鬼講東講西 教飛試一集 – Doctor Who 主持人: 林錦堂 (G+ Kempton Lam) + 安東尼 (Anthony Kelly) 教飛試一試用粵語講BBC長壽節目Doctor Who。請欣賞。

Note: 人鬼講東講西 is a working title and may change. The English working title is “Upside Down East meets West“.

P.S. This test show was meant to be broadcast LIVE but our first LIVE show has to be postpond for later due to Google+ error, “Failed to initialize the broadcasting service. Please try again in 15 minutes.

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Chris Patten (彭定康) to be named new chairman of the BBC Trust

February 20, 2011

For the record. See Feb 20, 2011 UK Guardian “Chris Patten for the BBC? Good work, Jeremy. Now for Rupert…”, and “Chris Patten: The Tory Everyman returns to the top“.

See also Variety, RTHKMirror and ITV.


Feb 25, 2011 Update: Looks like it is almost official now, as the MP committee has not formal power to block the appointment. UK Guardian, “Lord Patten confirmed as ‘preferred candidate’ for BBC Trust chairman – David Cameron approves appointment and Patten now faces a pre-appointment hearing on 10 March

22 Feb, 2011 Update: Here is an old video clip. Still interesting to watch. “Frost Over The World – Chris Patten – 29 Jun 07

Lord Patten 彭定康 – BBC Trust chairman ?

February 18, 2011

Here is an excerpt from UK Guardian, “Lord Patten expected to be named BBC Trust chairman” (emphasis added). [Kempton: To some people, Lord Patten is known as the last governor of Hong Kong.]

Lord Patten‘s pitch to win the job of BBC Trust chairman was simple – give me the job and I will stand up to both the government of the day and the organisation itself, if necessary.

It was exactly what the culture secretary, Jeremy Hunt, wanted to hear – evidence of strong-minded independence, which would allow him to say “this is not a political appointment” even though Patten is a former Conservative cabinet minister.

Now Patten’s name sits with David Cameron for approval – having been put forward by Hunt – and insiders said on Friday afternoon that the prime minister’s consent was expected to be a formality next week.

That would propel Patten into the £110,000-a-year, four-day a week role at a time when the public broadcaster has just asked for 20% cuts to meet the flat licence fee settlement imposed by the government last year.

Patten – aged 66 and currently chancellor of Oxford University – made it clear to both Hunt and an interview panel that he badly wanted the BBC job as the final act in a long career in politics and public life.

Also see Guardian, “Chris Patten: the extraordinary career of an achiever who couldn’t retire
From Tory chairman to Hong Kong governor to academia – and now the expected chairmanship of the BBC Trust