林錦堂與陳心田講一講 Facebook “投資”

May 22, 2012

Facebook (FB)上星期五 (May 18, 2012) IPO,開市價由IPO的$38跳升到$42,但最後以$38.23收市 (較IPO價微高23仙)。FB 星期一以$36.53較星期五收市價低開$1.70,星期一早午未收市前,我很高興可以與陳心田(Wallace Chan)首次合作用廣東話在 YouTube (LIVE,直播) 及 Google+ Hangout On Air (直播) 將我及心田(Wallace) 所知的 Facebook 講一講,與大家分享所謂的 Facebook “投資”。星期一 Facebook 最後以$34.03收市,較開市價的$42 及 IPO價$38 低 18.9% 及 10.4%。

林錦堂 與 陳心田 講一講 Facebook “投資” 20120521

Have a read of “Facebook employees have millions. Now what?

2011年 十大精彩廣告

December 17, 2011

2011 Year in Review - Pix 03

It is that time of the year to pick Top 10s. Here is my list of 10 favourite ads in 2011. Please share your favourite ad or ads in the comment section.

The T-Mobile Royal Wedding – who would forget this timely and well-produced ad? :)

Maria Aragon – Born This Way (Cover) by Lady Gaga – A self-promotional video by the 7-year-old Maria. A video that connected her with Lady Gaga and the rest is history and legend. I say a win-win for Maria and Gaga.

BORN THIS WAY – Lady Gaga performs with Maria Aragon live in Toronto (March 3rd) – One small promise kept by Lady Gaga has helped Maria fulfill some of her dreams for sure.

Motorola – Empower the People – Good ad, too bad the product was priced too high and the product never sell too well. [blogged in Feb 2011]

NextBigThing 60 Final – Samsung

Lenovo “Boot Or Bust” Air Drop – Turning something as boring/technical as a 10 seconds boot time into a dramatic ad with its “behind the scene” making of video is definitely a great idea executed well.

Zeitgeist 2011: Year In Review – A great way to advertise a whole bunch of Google products in a way that you want to watch the video! Nicely done.

Time Is Love 2011電視廣告「這三年間」- 2分鐘電視劇場版 – (Chinese ad, love this short version)

Google Chrome: Lady Gaga – Google: “The Web Is What You Make of It” Agency: Google Creative Lab Launch date: May 2 Views: 21.2 million [HT AdAge]

Google Chrome: Justin Bieber – Google: “The Web Is What You Make of It” Agency: Google Creative Lab Launch date: May 2 Views: 21.2 million [HT AdAge]

Jennifer Lopez – Papi – Fiat: “Life Is Best When Driven” Agency: Doner Launch date: Sept. 12 Views: 27.4 million. I didn’t like it at first but have grown to enjoy it by the end of the 5+ minutes music video/ad. [HT AdAge]

2011 Year in Review - Pix 07

鐵達時 2011廣告

December 11, 2011

Dec 5, 2015 Update: Someone wrote this “鐵達時(Titus)廣告回顧” with many links to YouTube video ads from 1988 to 2013. Some of the older videos’ quality may not be great but they are still quite awesome to watch! Check out “鐵達時 2012 愛是永恆 一百年之約 廣告” (good video quality).


我不知香港牌子錶鐵達時是否好、價錢合理或耐用,但它廣告的深入民心和影響力,則可以算是一流。 [HT LW & yanwei]


Time Is Love 2011電視廣告「這三年間」- 2分鐘電視劇場版

Time Is Love 2011電視廣告「這三年間」- 30秒 發現篇

Time Is Love 2011電視廣告「這三年間」- 4分鐘小說劇場版



Magazines’ iPad Editions

March 10, 2011

For the record.

Magazines’ iPad Editions Struggle to Keep Your Attention, New Study Finds – CP&B Now Using the Research to Develop Tablet Ad Formats

AdvertisingAge – Published: March 09, 2011

Readers have more trouble focusing on magazines’ iPad editions than publishers initially predicted, according to the latest study in a growing effort to figure out tablet computers.

“We thought that of course there’s a lot of activity going on on an iPad, when there’s so many things you can be doing — between email, Netflix, playing games, reading magazines — but they’re actually bouncing around a lot more than we thought,” said Megan Miller, research and development program director at Bonnier, which publishes titles including Popular Science, Field & Stream, Parenting and Ski.

“If you sit someone down with a magazine, within seconds they’re researching the products that they could buy,” Ms. Miller said. “If they see a snowboard in a snowboarding magazine, they’ll bounce over to Amazon to check the prices on it.” Read the rest of this entry »

廣告植入 Product placement

September 28, 2010

Until I can find a better alternative for “product placement”, I suppose translating it as “廣告植入” is not too bad.

張藝謀拒收 2億拍廣告 – 2010年09月28日


其實張藝謀已經不是第一趟拒絕廣告商,早在 08年時就有某國際品牌的電視機,以 2億酬金希望請他代言一廣告而被拒絕。

色彩聯想 (colour association) – 兩週一聚 第四十三期

July 30, 2010

Taking colour association (色彩聯想) as a topic, the first thing come to my mind are the “brands” that tried/try to “own” a colour. Here are some examples.

Green by Greenpeace or environmental causes.

Pink by breast cancer foundations.

Blue (Big Blue) by IBM.

Orange by a revolution and a mobile operator.

Yellow by a politician and her revolution. And even I have been using the exact same yellow in my website, something I haven’t talked about much.

Of course, sometimes the colour instead of the ideas behind the colour can become a loaded-baggage like someone being branded “green“, which is why Kevin Roberts has suggested changing from Green to True Blue.

For other writers’ articles, see 2weeks 1gathering.

P.S. Some years ago, possibly after a random chat with my dad, I started to think about colours in reference to the Pantone colour matching system. In hindsight, I think that was a very “business-oriented” and scientific way of thinking about colour.

Apple iPhone 4 vs Consumer Reports

July 19, 2010

For the record.

Post-Mortem: No Hair Shirt for Steve Jobs – By DAVID CARR – July 18, 2010 (New York Times)

By now, most people know what happens when your fingers come in contact with the lower left-hand corner of the iPhone 4 — are you there? — but it took the touch of an old-line, nontech tester of technology to get Apple to admit as much.

When Steve Jobs took the stage on Friday to defend the iPhone 4 against criticism that it had reception problems, he made his feelings about the press abundantly, peevishly clear.

“This has been blown so out of proportion that it’s incredible. It’s fun to have a story, but it’s not fun to be on the other side,” he told reporters.

Even as he apologized and acknowledged that there was indeed a problem, he was joined by Scott Forstall, a senior vice president at Apple, who attacked an article in The New York Times that blamed an interaction with the phone’s software as “patently false,” and then Mr. Jobs went on to call a Bloomberg article that suggested the company knew about the problem last year a “total crock.”

In general, he suggested that media organizations were just making blood sport of a company that had sold three million handsets in just three weeks: “I guess it’s just human nature, when you see someone get successful you just want to tear it down.”

Anybody who expected Steve Jobs to wear a hair shirt when he took the stage was bound to be disappointed. That the company responded at all is a testament to the power of at least one part of the press. When he got to the heart of what the company was going to do about the controversy, he cited Consumer Reports saying, “The bumper solves the signal strength problem” and its suggested remedy of free cases for all. “O.K., let’s give everybody a case,” Mr. Jobs said.

The iPhone’s antenna problems might have remained a dust-up between Apple fanboys and skeptical bloggers except that Consumer Reports — that stolid, old-media tester of everything from flooring to steam mops for the last 74 years — came out with a report detailing the issue and concluding that “due to this problem, we can’t recommend the iPhone 4.”

How did Consumer Reports make Apple blink? Read the rest of this entry »

畢明: 去你度去我度 – 腦作動

June 4, 2010

This is a very enjoyable old episode with 畢明 as guest.

去你度去我度 —– 腦作動 (2009 – 10 – 01) (RTHK 1 hour radio show)


嘉賓︰ 畢明(壹傳媒集團創作總監)


My previous entry, 畢明=易明+創意+明智+明理

五區公投宣傳片系列 之《十八仝人撐公投》

May 9, 2010


April 2, 2010

我最近發現了一位非常有趣和有見地的香港廣告經理,他在蘋果日報和博客的筆名是”畢明“。多謝畢明與讀者分享以下的 YouTube短片。


Message on a fly! This one is super cool! Apparently the string holding the message to the fly is made of biodegradable material! [HT Bud]

What a slick BBC Winter Olympics ad! Very creative. [HT Bud]

This is an AXE ad so if you want political correctness, this one is NOT for you! :) [HT Bud]

A cute AmEx ad (but I think my lowly “free with cash back” VISA card has the same advantages)! [HT Bud]

Here is something from Bud’s blog, “畢明 ‧所以‧廣告 – Life is too short”

“做廣告,受薪胡思亂想;戲痴,傻+癲的,在各大報章愛恨電影;多元字作,專欄通通畢氏腦作。相信磊落、就快樂。 奉行 Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish, Work hard, Play HarDer!!! “

A great entry re “80後的廣告“, very insightful observations and comments.