文化沙龍 – 黃耀明:這個璀燦都市光輝到此?

February 26, 2019


LOVE this talk by Anthony (黃耀明 Wong Yiu Ming)!

毛記葵涌 Most Kwai Chung (01716) HKEX 2nd trading day

March 29, 2018

It is too early to judge the long term performance of 毛記葵涌 Most Kwai Chung (01716) HKEX but the trading activities and closing price (closed at $3.480, drop $2.9 or 45.45% from previous day closing) on its 2nd trading day (March 29th, 2018) after its March 28th listing date isn’t that auspicious to say the least.

20180329 MOST KWAI CHUNG LTD. (1716) Screen Shot 02 (closed at $3.480, drop 2.9 or 45.45 percent)

Of course, considering its IPO price of HK$1.20, the 2nd trading day closing price of $3.48 is still 290% of listing price. Quoting SCMP March 28th report,

“Hong Kong media firm Most Kwai Chung, which runs popular satirical magazine 100Most and a digital media site tapping into Hong Kong’s youth culture, saw its stock soar as much as tenfold on its trading debut after attracting the most public subscriptions for an IPO in Hong Kong history.

Most Kwai Chung opened at HK$8.40 on Wednesday morning and quickly shot up to HK$11.76, 10 times its IPO price of HK$1.20. It closed at HK$6.38, with 185 million shares having changed hands.

With a current market cap of HK$1.7 billion, the company is more valuable than a slew of established media companies in Hong Kong, including Sing Tao News Corporation, i-Cable Communication, Hong Kong Economic Times Holdings and Next Digital.

“The demand for the stock is largely due to the brand name,” said Alex Wong, director of asset management at Hong Kong-based Ample Capital. “100Most magazine and Most TV are popular among many Hong Kong people.””

See more (with video interviews and video clips) in my 2015 post, “林日曦呢個黑紙100毛人

胡琳 Bianca Wu 爵士貓 Jazz Cats

November 25, 2015
胡琳 Bianca Wu Bibi quote from RTHK interview

胡琳 Bianca Wu Bibi quote from RTHK program: 12音樂門‧逃 – 爵士貓 · 胡琳

By random chance, I came across Jazz singer 胡琳 Bianca Wu (Facebook, nickname Bibi) in some RTHK promos (see below) of a RTHK program: 12音樂門‧逃 – 爵士貓 · 胡琳 about Bianca. (For English speakers, have a listen to Bianca’s renditions of “Fly Me to the Moon“, “Night and Day” in 《Bianca Live: with the New York Jazz Cats》.)

I ended up watching the 12音樂門‧逃 – 爵士貓 · 胡琳 (full 50+ minutes) last night and really enjoyed it. See below for the description from RTHK. And I left two public comments at Bianca’s Facebook page as my words of encouragement which I excerpted with edits here.

//胡琳 Bianca Wu, I just finished watching the RTHK program from Canada. I ended up listening to many songs from the fan club YouTube channel today and actually quite like a few of your songs. My wife (a classically trained soprano in her youth) and I both found your voice very beautiful. What a great example of talent, hard work and determination!
And from a business perspective, how lucky you met Patrick Chu in NYC and have Patrick as your long time music producer and agent! I wish the team a lot more success in the years to come.// [Few words from Patrick.]

//P.S. One more note Bibi. I am amazed how true to yourself you seemed in the RTHK program and that kind of “young at heart” is hard to fake. Bibi, I don’t know what is the story behind the lyrics of “被窩” but the song seems to touch you (and your fans) deeply. That is very cool. Keep up the good work and please stay true to yourself and that should serve you well.
P.P.S. I am no expert in music but I love some of Nina Simone songs. If you haven’t watched it yet, I highly recommend the 2015 Netflix documentary “What Happened, Miss Simone? (2015)” [RT, Indiewire] First rate.
Finally, this picture and sequence of performance before it lead me to think that I should take some time to write you a brief note of encouragement. Good luck and I will keep watching!//

Face 01 - Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 12.26.42 AM (2)

胡琳 Bianca Wu teary-eyed face 01

Face made - Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 12.27.55 AM (2)

胡琳 Bianca Wu teary-eyed face 02

Artists like 胡琳 Bianca Wu who is true to her music and art are hard to find anywhere and especially in Hong Kong (a market now seems to be dominated by manufactured K-Pop stars with some serious downsides like harsh “slave contracts” as reported by BBC).

I don’t personally know Bianca’s music producer/manager/agent Patrick Chu who discovered Bibi originally in NYC in 2006. And I have no insight to the contractual terms between Bibi and Patrick but by the public accounts I’ve read in the media, it seems Patrick has treated Bianca in this music and business partnership well. Somehow Bibi and Patrick reminded me of two other pairs of collaborators. First pair is an obscure Indian mathematician discovered by an English mathematician (Ramanujan and Hardy). The second pair is an obscure Quebec French Canadian singer discovered by a singer/manager (Celine Dion and René Angélil). I think it is fair to say our world will be poorer if these three pairs of collaborators have not met.

Best of luck to Bibi in making more beautiful songs and arts (musical, films). And best of luck to Patrick in helping Bibi to create something fascinating and interesting.


RTHK 12音樂門‧逃 – 爵士貓 · 胡琳 description: //『不是為了取悅樂迷,而是想認真做自己喜歡的爵士樂!』

胡琳九年前加入香港樂壇,初期曾經嘗試過不同路線,後來出版了一張以爵士樂風格翻唱四大天王歌曲的大碟, Read the rest of this entry »


July 31, 2015

2018 March 28 Update:  HKEJ 信報: 【熱炒半新股】毛記葵涌捱沽 自高位累瀉66% //焦點股毛記葵涌(01716)上市逆日急吐,暫時最多跌37.3%,見4元創新低,現跌31.4%,成交額1.37億元。// No idea if people will make or lose money on 記葵涌(01716) “investment”. Note: Click here for current stock price for 毛記葵涌(01716) from HKEX.

20180329 MOST KWAI CHUNG LTD. (1716) Screen Shot

Here is a link to recording of the Q&A by Now TV Financial channel.

Here is a link to 100Most FB post (with video).

Here is the Company profile of 毛記葵涌(01716) from HKEX:

“Most Kwai Chung Limited is an investment holding company mainly engaged in the provision of advertising services. Along with subsidiaries, the Company operates its business through three segments. The Digital Media Services segment is involved in provision of advertising solution under which the deliverables to customers are distributed on digital media platforms managed by the Company, third parties’ television (TV) channels, Internet and physical advertising spaces, subject to the needs of the customers. The Print Media Services segment is involved in the provision of advertorial production and advertisement placement services and sale of publications including books and magazines. The Other Media Services segment is involved in the provision of other media services which include events organization and artistes management.”

2017/07/28 update: So “Most Kwai Chung Limited 毛記葵涌有限公司” (note: 100毛 is just one of the brands) is in the process of trying to list on HKEX (news ref). Here are PDF links of its July 26th filed 322-page English (Application Proof (1st submission) (Full Version)) and Chinese (申請版本(第一次呈交)(全文檔案)).

2016/03/14 update: Facebook: 林日曦  很可惜,我們沒有金主, 因為,我們就是金主本人。 (Full FB posting included at the end.)

2016/01/12 update: 【股東擬賣《100毛》】林日曦:我傾家蕩產買番先!


Here is an excerpt of a public FB comment I left at 林日曦’s page.

林老板,可以用錢(就算要傾家盪產” :) )買番就最好啦。但係對方咁多錢,你就算儲埋好多好多散紙都一定*唔會*掟死佢,因為對方唔等錢洗,一D都無須要賣。 :(

I don’t have access to your private shareholders’ agreement so I don’t know what this (see below) fully implies “the Group [One Media Group] exercises significant influence […] the Group has the power to participate in making the financial and operating policy decisions of this company”.

It does sound potentially “influential” (don’t have to be “bad”). You and your lawyers know more about the legal implications. Good luck.

Note: see below for OMG annual report link.

2015/09/24 update: 香港有你:林日曦

2015/08/18 update: Mandy’s full interview.

// 推介呢個由樹仁新傳網 鍾溥敏Mandy Chung @Symedialab​ 做的林日曦​足本76分鐘的專訪。由樹仁學生問問題的第三部分亦很精彩。因為足本又長的關係,很多時間給Roy發表他的見解,𣎴須被剪短。同意Roy與否,其實比港台做的九分鐘”原來錢作怪”片段更能好好的明白Roy的想法及動機.//

(part 1 of 3)

(part 2 of 3)

(part 3 of 3)

2015/08/07 update: 好好睇,好多語別不同的想法,老少咸宜,一齊學嘢,各取所需! RTHK 原來錢作怪:林日曦 (start time 13:14)


我慢人幾年,最近先留意到 林日曦 (Facebook Lin Ri Xi) 呢個黑紙、100毛創辦人。而家追睇返一D佢嘅資料。順便同大家分享吓。 2015/05/31 SyMediaLab 鍾溥敏 Mandy Chung, 人物訪問 • 林日曦 黑面神林日曦 2013/08/10 Apple Daily, 火熱悶棍 林日曦 2015/02/02 SCMP, “100Most – a satirical weekly that’s a hit with Hong Kong’s Occupy generation

The friends decided they would only meet regularly if there was a joint project to work on together. That decision yielded Black Paper, an A5 size card filled on one side with their pithy political commentary and musings on life and art. The friends each shelled out HK$2,000 to print the first 2,000 copies, which went on sale on New Year’s Day, 2010. Priced at just HK$1, the cards sold out within two days. An additional print run of 20,000 copies was also quickly snapped up. By 2011, the monthly newsletter was being distributed at all 7-Elevens and sales rose to 100,000 copies. Success soon inspired the trio to dream of a bigger platform to air their views:100Most. They quit their day jobs and started the magazine with HK$1 million accumulated from Black Paper’s revenues. “We were fortunate to have a pool of money,” Chan Keung says.

P.S.林日曦本名”徐家豪” (Roy Tsui according to Wikipedia) P.P.S. Some video clips. 新傳網名人專訪 – 林日曦:做人要習慣短視 2012/12/10 Apple Daily (article黑紙林日曦呻:香港搵食好艱難 (according to this clip, One Media Group 萬華媒體 (HKG 0426) is an investor, Chairman Tan Sri Datuk Sir Hiew-king Tiong also owns 明報 Ming Pao holding) “林日曦與商台舊同事阿Bu及陳強2010年合作推出《黑紙》,初時每月一期,到今年每周一期。林形容做《黑紙》等於夾band,分別只是「人哋jam歌,我哋jam字」。”

黑紙、100毛 as shown in One Media Group Annual report 2014/15

黑紙、100毛 as shown in One Media Group Annual report 2014/15

Note: According to the MD&A section of One Media Group 2014/15 annual report under performance of other media investments section (presumably the smaller and less material investments) (emphasis added),

Blackpaper Limited is engaged in the publication of “BlackPaper”, “100 Most” and books as well as the provision of creative multimedia services and advertising campaigns. It recorded a satisfactory performance during the year.” Investment of HK$1,000,000 for a 10% effective equity interest. Quoting 2011/12 annual report, (emphasis added) “On 1st February 2012, the Group subscribed for 10% of the entire issued share capital as enlarged by the subscription of the shares in Blackpaper Limited at the investment cost of HK$1,000,000. Although the Group holds less than 20% of the equity shares of this company, the Group exercises significant influence by virtue of its contractual right to nominate and remove one director out of the four directors, all having equal voting rights, which form the board of directors of this company. In addition, the Group has the power to participate in making the financial and operating policy decisions of this company.” Questions: How “significant” are those influence? Can the 10% shares be bought back by Blackpaper Ltd. and at what terms and prices? I hope Blackpaper had a good advisor when the terms were signed in 2012 Feb. In hindsight, looks like Sir Hiew-king Tiong or, more likely, his team has made a nice investment considering the potential for long term success of Blackpaper Ltd.

2015 One Media Group's 10 percent investment in blackpaper

2015 One Media Group’s 10 percent investment in blackpaper

2012/12/10 Apple Daily, 中環在線:短嘢 “林坦言,今年有一半期數沒廣告,但賣紙足以支持營運,原本不需要人入股,是萬華主動接觸他們,可幫手接廣告,反正他們只想寫字,便讓對方入股。惟萬華只佔超少股份,投資額對萬華而言只是「散紙」。” 新傳網名人專訪 – 林日曦:一百毛不能代表所有人 名人專訪 – 林日曦國語歌填廣東歌詞示愛

2015 May 20th, Apple Daily, 【職場秘笈】100毛係地獄?!林日曦:我係惡魔老細

20160115, (with video) 【#多謝Shell】震撼700萬人的冠名內幕

2016/03/14 update: Facebook: 林日曦  很可惜,我們沒有金主, 因為,我們就是金主本人。  Full FB posting included here:  // 很可惜,我們沒有金主,
2010年,我跟陳強、Bu Iu三個人,每人夾了2000元正港幣,創辦了一張雜誌《黑紙》。2011年, Read the rest of this entry »


October 27, 2013

2013/10/27 訪問蔡錦源港視前高級編導 This is my Cantonese interview with Horatio Tsoi, former HKTV documentary producer/director.

ScrewYouApple – Indiegogo Funding Campaign

March 16, 2013

ScrewYouApple - official Project Pix

Please support my  Indiegogo Funding Campaign for my second documentary “ScrewYouApple”!

ScrewYouApple – Indiegogo fund raising promo

Documentary ScrewYouApple – Director’s Summary

ScrewYouApple is a tiny Pentalobe screw-inspired film of action that plans to formally ask Apple to stop screwing customers & Think Different again! ScrewYouApple will explore Apple’s multi-billion dollar cash-generating machine (possibly including the powerful App store) and also document my journey to formally ask Apple to stop screwing customers and get Apple to return to the inspiring ideals set out in Apple’s iconic Think Different “The Crazy Ones” Ad campaign. In a creative manner for a documentary, I intend to use a Shareholder Proposal as defined by the US Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (specifically Rule 14a-8) to formally ask Apple to Think Different again!

Please support the making of ScrewYouApple by choosing a perk on the right of the screen to join us on this epic journey, to try to change the world for the better.

(NOTE: If you are in China & unable to access YouTube video link, please try Youku.com.)

ScrewYouApple – Director’s Statement

If the 1989 documentary “Roger & Me” could be simplistically summed up as a film about director Michael Moore pursuing General Motor CEO Roger Smith to confront him about GM’s harm to Flint, Michigan, then may be ScrewYouApple could also be simplistically summed up as a feature-length documentary about crowd funders & supporters of ScrewYouApple combining our voices to try toformally ask Apple senior executives and shareholders to stop screwing customers and to Think Different again.

The creative spark for ScrewYouApple came from the tiny Pentalobe screws inside a MacBook Pro (see picture). I wondered what design/engineering purposes would the five-pointed Pentalobe screws have in serving Apple or its customers? After doing some research (CNet & iFixit), I learned the tamper-resistant Pentalobe screws (now used in wide range of Apple devices including iPhones) are there to stop customers from performing simple upgrades/repairs like replacing a battery, etc (in a sense to “screw” the customers) so that Apple can make more money. These tiny screws can be viewed as tips of Apple icebergs floating on top a sea change.

Pentalobe Screw Y✿u Apple

With your support, ScrewYouApple will explore the Apple’s multi-billion cash-generating machine (possibly including the powerful App store) and also document my journey toformally ask Apple to stop screwing us (one possible question: stop the use of Pentalobe screws) and get Apple to Think Different again (returning to the inspiring ideals set out in “The Crazy Ones“). (more about “formally ask” in Q&A #2)

Specifically, ScrewYouApple will include a look at the changes/evolution happening in Apple from the 1997 Think Different days to the 2013 Apple of today holding billions of cash. And to reach out to “screwed” Apple customers/former fans to hear and collect some of their stories. By makingScrewYouApple a crowd-supported feature-length documentary, the film aims to transform our singular voices into something loud and clear enough for Apple to notice. The making of ScrewYouApple can be viewed as an example of Marshall McLuhan’s famous quote, “The Medium is the Message.” (more details in Q&A #3)

Please support the making of ScrewYouApple by choosing a perk on the right to join us on this epic journey, to try to change the world for the better. The film’s current target completion date will depend on when I can “formally ask” Apple but you will receive many updates and video clips to watch from me along our epic journey if the fixed-funding campaign goal is met by the deadline!

Thanks for your support in making this film possible,

Kempton Lam (director & producer)

P.S. I don’t hate Apple. In fact, you may be surprised by Q&A #1.

Kempton’s filmography

Leung Kwok-hung (nickname “Long Hair”)

In 2004, Kempton single-handedly directed, produced, shot, and edited his documentary directorial debut “Long Hair Revolution“. The 71 minutes Long Hair Revolution is a film about the then newly elected Hong Kong legislator Leung Kwok-hung (nickname “Long Hair”), a Che Guevara t-shirt wearing rebel/activist. In 2005, Long Hair Revolution world premiered at the Calgary International Film Festival.

In 2009, Long Hair Revolution was acquired by the Canadian government’s “Library and Archives Canada” permanent collection where it “collects and preserves Canada’s documentary heritage, and makes it accessible to all Canadians.

“Long Hair Revolution” (長毛革命) selected to be part of Library and Archives Canada collection

Questions & Answers

Q1) Do you hate Apple? Have you ever bought any Apple products? Read the rest of this entry »

誠品是地產生意 ?

September 13, 2012

Don’t know how much I trust or agree with the author but I am including this article for the record.




書店變文化品牌 終扭虧
很多人想知道,香港出版書的銷量,讓我告訴各位, Read the rest of this entry »

香港誠品、Apple Store、希慎廣場、租務策略

August 18, 2012

I sometimes conduct research and read stuff to gain new understanding and to satisfy my own curiosity. In this case, I’ve done a little digging to get a better understanding (at least for me) re 香港誠品、希慎廣場、租務策略. Instead of spending the time I don’t have to write an article, I am sharing with you my raw data/material. Feel free to leave your comments.

Anchor Tenants: See previously posted article re “香港誠品“. From 9to5mac “Hong Kong’s second Apple Store landing in Hysan Place, opening later this year?

Good read: Knowledge@Wharton, “Can J.C. Penney’s New CEO [Ron Johnson, chief of Apple’s retail stores] Reinvent the Department Store?

From 2011 希慎管理層的討論與分析

希慎廣場(位於軒尼詩道500號的重建項目)是集團下一個發展里程,包括15層寫字樓及17 層商舖,總樓面面積共達710,000平方呎。希慎廣場將為希慎的整體物業組合帶來長遠的策 略價值:
• 希慎廣場的商場部份將大大強化集團的整體商舖物業組合,使總樓面面積增加50%,同時 帶來更精彩的租戶組合,當中不少租戶為首次進軍香港的品牌。
• 新廈將提供優質樓面,為希慎寫字樓組合的發展注入一股強大動力,增進集團甲級寫字樓 組合作為中環商業區最自然延伸的優勢。新廈將是2012年港島區唯一落成的 AAA 級寫字 樓,其符合可持續發展概念的設計,採用最高標準的建造規格,而所有寫字樓樓層均坐擁 維港美景。 Read the rest of this entry »

陳心田 與 林錦堂 講一講 “工會罷工/談判權”

June 9, 2012

Last time Wallace and I talked about the Facebook “investment” before the super hyped IPO. Unfortunately, we were 100% right. What we discussed (the nature of Facebook, what is “investing”, etc) were backed by what we now have seen. And many many people actually lost billions on paper! You can watch our pilot episode here: “林錦堂與陳心田講一講 Facebook “投資”“.)

This time, Wallace and I talked about union’s rights to strike/bargaining rights (Air Canada, CP rail). You can watch it here: 陳心田 與 林錦堂 講一講 “工會罷工”. We hope you enjoy our show!

林錦堂與陳心田講一講 Facebook “投資”

May 22, 2012

Facebook (FB)上星期五 (May 18, 2012) IPO,開市價由IPO的$38跳升到$42,但最後以$38.23收市 (較IPO價微高23仙)。FB 星期一以$36.53較星期五收市價低開$1.70,星期一早午未收市前,我很高興可以與陳心田(Wallace Chan)首次合作用廣東話在 YouTube (LIVE,直播) 及 Google+ Hangout On Air (直播) 將我及心田(Wallace) 所知的 Facebook 講一講,與大家分享所謂的 Facebook “投資”。星期一 Facebook 最後以$34.03收市,較開市價的$42 及 IPO價$38 低 18.9% 及 10.4%。

林錦堂 與 陳心田 講一講 Facebook “投資” 20120521

Have a read of “Facebook employees have millions. Now what?

中國走上資本主義 邊際革命之路 – Video interview Ning Wang – How China Became Capitalist, co-author with Ronald Coase Nobel Laureate in Economics

March 29, 2012

Kempton interview Ning Wang (co-author with Ronald Coase (Nobel Laureate in Economics)) re their new book How China Became Capitalist

諾貝爾經濟學獎得主高斯(Ronald Coase, 科斯)今年101歲,他與亞利桑那州立大學(Arizona State University)的Ning Wang合作出版一本花了四年時間研究和撰寫的新書(How China Became Capitalist)(我臨時中譯成為《中國微革 走上資本主義之路》)。我很高興有機會訪問Ning。這裡是我跟Ning的英文訪問。(see note 1 re book’s temp Chinese title)

I had a great interview with Ning Wang (co-author with Ronald Coase (Nobel Laureate in Economics)) to talk about their new book How China Became Capitalist. (Sample Chapter: You can download a free sample book chapter from Palgrave.)

I appreciate very much professor Wang spending over an hour sharing his insight with me about How China Became Capitalist and answering questions I have related to the Chinese economy. The following are edited clips of the video interview. By the way, feel free to share your comments and questions. When I finish reading the book, I plan to arrange another interview with Ning to talk more. And I may be able to incorporate some of the comments/questions into my next interview.

I have edited the interview into 3 clips with a list of questions/themes. Enjoy.

*** Main interview (see below for list of questions/themes)

Main interview (list of questions/themes)

Q1) Can you talk about the Shenzhen stock exchange in mid-90s where it had 300 offices for people to buy or sell stocks when the stock exchange actually had NO official permission to allow for these trades?!

Q2) China is now the world largest producer of Ph.Ds. Yet Qian Xuesen (錢學森), a most respected Chinese scientist asked a sobering question before his death in 2009 and the question is known as the “Qian Puzzle”.

“Why have Chinese universities not produced a single world-class original thinker or innovative scientist since 1949 ?”

Q3) Quoting the book,

“After more than three decades, the Chinese legal system is still far away from where it can “guarantee the equality of all people before the people’s laws and deny anyone the privilege of being above the law.”” 

This is a tough assessment which I agree with very much. Can you share your thoughts?

Q4) So far I’ve only read parts of the book but I feel more pessimistic of the possibility in seeing China makeing positive changes. I’m feeling more constrained by the history I now know. Can you share your thoughts?

Q5) I love this quote in the book,

“Capitalism with Chinese characteristics is very much like traffic in Chinese cities, chaotic and intimidating for many western tourists. Yet Chinese roads deliver more goods and transport more passengers than those in any other country.

Can you share your thoughts?

*** More in-depth questions

List of more in-depth questions/themes

Q1) China’s “Rule by Law” as opposite to the western practice of “Rule of Law“, that one word (“by” vs “of”) makes the difference of night and day! Can you share your thoughts? (see note 2)

Q2) “Do you see institutional arrangement as something culturally oriented or is base upon universally applicable principles? i.e. if every country is of certain uniqueness or that there exists a ‘one size fits all’ economic system?” [Thanks goes to my economist friend Wallace for this question.]

Q3) What is your and prof. Coase’s main discovery or new understanding gained from the years of research compare to the original understanding in 2008 when you started the research?

Q4) Can you talk about research topics that you and prof. Coase like to see more of? Any interesting puzzles worth further research?

*** Background questions about the book

List of background questions/themes about the book

Q1) Can you talk about the process of writing the book with professor Coase? I understand there was the 2008 Chicago Conference on China’s Market Transformation and then the 2010 Chicago Workshop on the Industrial Structure of Production.

Q2) I understand the book title has a history and may be traced back to 1982! Can you talk about it?

Q3) Given Ning’s Ph.D. wasn’t in Economics, how did he get to write this economics book and meet professor Coase?

How China Became Capitalist by Ronald Coase (Nobel Laureate in Economics) & Ning Wang - published Mar 23, 2012


1) The book “How China Became Capitalist” currently does NOT have an official Chinese title. I originally translated “How China Became Capitalist” in a straight forward manner as “中國怎樣變成資本主義國家”. And then I found someone else translated it as “中國如何走向資本主義” which seems ok too. But I just realized that a good name can only come after reading the whole book which I haven’t done yet. I thought of using “中國微革 走上資本主義之路” You see, Marginal Revolution is an important concept in the book but its straight forward translation “邊際革命”  doesn’t quite work for me. I like “微革” for Marginal Revolution but I am also coining a new term here. So I am not happy but settling for “中國走上資本主義 邊際革命之路” for now. If “資本主義” is too sensitive to be used, I am ok with “中國邊際革命之路” or “中國微革之路”.

2) During the writing of this post, I found a link to a book chapter “The Institutional Diffusion of Courts in China: Evidence from Survey Data” (pdf) by Pierre F. Landry, Assistant Professor of Political Science at Yale University. This book chapter is one of the chapters in the book “Rule By Law: The Politics of Courts in Authoritarian Regimes“. While I haven’t read it, it may be something that is worth reading further.

Apple’s First Marketing Guru On Why ‘1984’ Is Overrated – AdAge

March 1, 2012

For the record.

Apple’s First Marketing Guru On Why ‘1984’ Is Overrated – AdAge
Regis McKenna On Advising Startups and How He Helped Steve Weather ‘Antennagate’

By: Matt Creamer Published: March 01, 2012
When a young Steve Jobs needed a marketing expert, he called Intel to ask who made their sharp-looking ads and was told “Regis McKenna.” He then inquired what Regis McKenna was. The answer: “A person.”

As the Apple co-founder soon found out, Mr. McKenna was indeed a person and one with particular skills that resulted in a lot of press for his Silicon Valley clients. Besides being Apple’s first ad and public-relations shop, his firm helped grow a number of tech behemoths.

We caught up with Mr. McKenna, who retired from consulting in 2000 but remains a seed investor and still advises young companies, to talk about startup marketing, Apple and Mr. Jobs’ biography, though Mr. McKenna suggests not believing everything in Walter Isaacson’s book.

Ad Age: There’s probably more popular interest in startups today than ever. Do you think that makes it easier for those marketing startups?

Regis McKenna: No. I think we’re going to have a lot of spikes in who covers what. You can be very popular one week and gone the next. People want attention, but it often hurts startup companies because it sets such high expectations. It’s much more complex than simply getting attention. The other problem with attention is, how do you segment the audience? Companies have to be patient. I learned in the “70s that the ads won all the awards, but the company went bankrupt. I’ve always lived with that maxim. In a way, that’s what happened with the “1984” ad. Apple went into 10 years of decline after that. It didn’t have anything to do with the attention, because the ad still gets attention. It had to do with the wrong product.

Ad Age: Are you saying the ad industry overrates the “1984” ad? Read the rest of this entry »

Interviewing Andreas Kluth author of “Hannibal and Me”

February 24, 2012

Interviewing Andreas Kluth, author of Hannibal and Me, The Economist U.S. West Coast correspondent

Earlier this week, I had an insightful and fun interview with Andreas Kluth (Google+). Andreas is The Economist‘s US West Coast correspondent and author of a brand new book “Hannibal and Me: What History’s Greatest Military Strategist Can Teach Us About Success and Failure“.

I highly recommend “Hannibal and Me” and will write a book review later. For now, have a watch of my interview with Andreas. I hope to give you a sense of why I love the book so much.

Interviewing Andreas Kluth author of “Hannibal and Me”

Luboh helps users share their buying experiences

October 16, 2011

Luboh - logo

My insightful friend & former co-worker Sarb recently launched Luboh (in beta) with his partners. Here is my text interview with Sarb to tell you more about the cool Luboh.

Kempton: For people who haven’t heard about Luboh yet, can you talk about how they can use Luboh? How will Luboh help people?

Sarb: The idea behind Luboh is to help users share their buying experiences. While there are many online reviews and customer feedback and opinions on many consumer products, the authors are typically strangers. Instead, we as humans place far higher importance on opinions of people we know. Our friends and family. Let me give you an example. Say you’re looking for a new TV and it just so happens that when you mention it to your friend while at the pub. He tells he just got a fantastic deal on a Sony model XYZ TV from a shop down the road. No doubt you’re interested. More so than perhaps reading an online review from an effectively anonymous individual. Luboh.com lets you easily find a product that you’re interested in and then to either ask your Facebook friends what they think of it or if you’ve already bought it, to tell your friends what a great deal you got! You can try Luboh at www.luboh.com

Kempton: Can you share a few screen captures to explain some of the Luboh features or functions?

Sarb: Here is a screen sample showing what search results look like. If you login with your facebook account, we’ll also show you what your friends have recently bought. (Click to zoom in to large image)

And here’s another one that shows how you share information with friends. (Click to zoom in to large image)

Kempton: Does the name Luboh have any special meaning?

Sarb: Well, other than “lu-boh” being a really cool name for a website, the word “lub-oh” in Punjabi (pronounced slightly differently to the website) actually means search-for.

Kempton: Future plans?

Sarb: The site is still in a beta mode and there is still some work left to iron out the wrinkles. In the future we hope to keep on increasing the number of products and services that we have access to, to make it more and more useful to our users.


P.S. You can follow Luboh on their Facebook page.

喬布斯的死亡哲學 – 求知若渴,大智若愚

September 7, 2011

For the record.

喬布斯的死亡哲學 – 2011年09月06日 (李怡)


2005年喬布斯在對史丹福大學畢業生的演講中,講了他人生中關於死亡的故事。他說他十七歲時讀到一則格言:「把每一天都當成生命中的最後一天,你就會輕鬆自在。」過去 33年,他每天早上照鏡子時自問:「如果今天是此生最後一日,我今天要做些什麼?」當他連續多天都得到一個「沒事做」的答案時,他就知道他必須有所改變了。




Ref article, “Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement Speech

求知若渴,大智若愚 – 2011年09月07日 – (李怡)

喬布斯的人生格言,除了「把每一天都當成生命中的最後一天」之外,另一句他送給史丹福大學畢業生的話是: Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish,這句話意譯可以找到中文相似的成語:求知若渴,大智若愚。這是他年輕時在一本雜誌上讀到的話,他一直記住並指引他的整個生涯。


他在同一大學選修了書寫課。書寫的美好、歷史感與藝術感是科學所無法掌握的,他覺得這很迷人。十年後,當他在設計第一台 Macintosh時,他把這些東西都設計進去,這是第一台能印刷出漂亮東西的電腦。



恭喜蘋果日報記者楊家樂 以 “街頭與女子擦身而過 狀元醫生涉揸胸” 勇奪 “新聞自由 你死你事” 大獎

September 7, 2011

恭喜蘋果日報記者楊家樂 以 “街頭與女子擦身而過 狀元醫生涉揸胸” 一文勇奪今日由加燦嚴格挑選的 “蘋果新聞自由 你死你事” 大獎。”案件編號: KTCC4671/11″等同免死金牌,點玩都得。想必楊記年輕時,早已夢想可以報導“狀元醫生涉揸胸”等法庭新聞,將新聞電影攪笑化。有蘋果日報,法庭隨時都可以取消,直接由蘋果記者及編輯決定有罪與否,反正讀者開心又賣報紙便行。用被告半裸照片加攪笑動畫,分分鐘快手快腳,令被告身敗名裂,免除法律面前人人平等,presumption of innocence (無罪推定原則)等等無聊法律原則及精神,用心良苦,恭喜恭喜!

當然,上得山多終於會捉到老虎。有一日,新聞中的主角、配角小不免會受不了社會上幾十萬人的眼光及壓力,到時死一二三四個很正常。蘋果日報記者便可以獨家訪問自己人,完成完全的”蘋果新聞自由 你死你事”精神。賣報紙,加人工大過天,死幾個主角配角,微不足道。

到人死之後,蘋果日報記者編輯合共花十元百塊,燒些金銀元寶給死者,便可以再繼續安安心心”蘋果新聞自由 你死你事” 精神。做個沒有道德良知的蘋果記者真好。

另見 “恭喜蘋果日報記者彭嘉賢、羅日昇 以 “癡情護士毒招箍煲” 勇奪 “新聞自由 你死你事” 大獎

街頭與女子擦身而過 狀元醫生涉揸胸 – 2011年09月07日


現年 26歲的男被告楊珏峰,被控於今年 7月 27日,在長沙灣荔枝角道 822號北海集團大廈外,非禮一名女途人。他昨在觀塘裁判法院否認這項非禮罪,案件排期至今年 11月 7日開審。



明愛醫院發言人證實,楊珏峰為該院急症科醫生,現時仍然在所屬崗位工作,未有停職。翻查資料,楊於 08年取得香港大學內外全科醫學士學位。



楊曾就讀鄰近其寓所的荔景天主教中學。該校成績處於中游位置,並非傳統名校。雖然楊的會考成績並不特別標青,但他在 03年高考考獲四優一良的佳績,成為該校創校 25年來首位、並且至今唯一一位高考四優狀元。




案件編號: KTCC4671/11

Video 狀元醫生涉黑夜揸胸

買手的故事 (第1-15集) – 重溫

September 1, 2011



買手的故事” 節目介紹:

我的朋友 Simon 在香港擔任買手30年後退休。2008年 ,Simon 同意接受採訪分享他多年的採購,並與中國工廠合作的經驗和見解。我在同年製作了15集的”買手的故事“系列,並上傳到互聯網。(注:此節目用廣東話錄音。)




You can click here to listen to episode 1 of the program in mp3 (or you can download or stream the program here).

In this episode, we talk about

  • Getting to know Simon (買手自白)
  • Purchasing from Hong Kong to China (採購由香港轉到國內)
  • Assistant purchaser acquiring basic skills (助理採購員學基本功)
  • Learning English – parts names, financial terms, etc (在職學英語)


You can click here to listen to episode 2 of the program in mp3 (or you can download or stream the program here).

In this episode, we talk about

  • The difference in handling manufacturers and dealers/distributors (處理廠家和代理的分別)
  • The complexity in buying something as “simple” as screws (買螺絲並不簡單)


In this episode 3, we talk about

  • Story of high carbon steel clips – missing de-hydrogen process after hardening (高碳鋼夾的故事 – 鋼夾見硬後未施予除氫工序)
  • The trouble of Chinese supplier (factory owner) misusing factory spaces for personal handy crafts (供應商老板展示工藝品惹禍)

You can click here to listen to episode 3 of the program in mp3 (or you can download or stream the program here).


In this episode 4, we talk about

  • Guiding/helping sub-standard factories in becoming qualified suppliers (申援手改”劣品厰”為”合格供應商”)

You can click here to listen to episode 4 of the program in mp3 (or you can download or stream the program here).


In episode 5, we talk about

  • How to handle new product – Case: Home security system control panel (如何處理好新產品 — 案例:家庭安全系統的控制面板)
  • Rejected engineering samples (reasons and solutions) (不可接受的工程樣品(原因及解決方案))
  • Cooperation between U.S. engineering and Read the rest of this entry »

Burger King, Edelman Set to Part Ways

July 26, 2011

For the record.

AdAge, “Burger King, Edelman Set to Part Ways – Fast Feeder’s PR Shop Declines to Defend Business After RFP Is Issued to Shops

By: Alexandra Bruell Published: July 25, 2011

Burger King and its PR agency, Edelman, are set to part ways after the chain issued a request for proposals to public relations agencies of various sizes about two weeks ago.

Edelman, which has worked with the company since 2005, said it was invited to defend the business but declined. The Miami-based fast feeder also did not respond to a request for comment.

An executive close to the account told Ad Age that the company is looking to cut back significantly on its PR spending. That approach is on trend with other spending patterns at Burger King, given that the brand’s measured media spending in the U.S. has shrunk over the past three years. According to Kantar Media, it doled out $301 million on domestic measured media in 2010, down from $308 million in 2009 and $327 million in 2008.

The review also adds to a series of recent agency changes across disciplines, and it’s the latest taking place without an official chief marketing officer at the company. Since its acquisition by investment firm 3G Capital last fall, the company has shifted its media-buying account fromMindshare to Starcom, as well as its creative duties from CP&B to Dentsu’s McGarryBowen.

Exec VP-Global CMO Natalia Franco left the company in February, and North America CMO Mike Kappitt departed in December. Mr. Kappitt recently took on the CMO role at Outback Steakhouse. Another recent departure includes media and interactive director Tia Lang, who had worked at Burger King for more than six years and recently joined Bacardi USA. It’s also understood that a high percentage of marketing employees offered a severance packaged have accepted.

During the creative review, Ad Age reported that the company encouraged agencies involved in the pitch to come up with ideas outside of its King icon and “Have it your way” tagline. The company recently resigned the King, and, in an effort to boost lagging sales — the chain experienced continual negative same-store sales through the first-quarter 2011 — it’ll likely continue to shake up its positioning to focus more on the product than brand image.