誠徵: #記你老母 最強英文翻譯 Wanted: Epic awesome English translation for #記你老母

June 14, 2019

Have a watch of this footage of a Commercial Radio reporter being unjustly rough handled and threatened by Hong Kong police rough handling reporters in doing their jobs: #記你老母 錄影片段 (timecode 32s).

Also reported in this news article “【睇片】商台記者表明身份 仍遭揮警棍粗暴推撞 警:「記你老母!」” with link to original June 12, 2019 Commercial Radio 商台新聞’s Facebook video post.

FB user 劉仁顯 took time to create a FB profile frame tool for #記你老母 in which he translated “#記你老母” to “Port Your Mother”. While I thank the user for the effort, I think translating #記你老母 to “Port Your Mother” is a bit too polite and also incorrect.

Port-Your-Mother - Screen Shot 2019-06-14 at 9.44.48 AM - org - mod

X你老母 usually are curse words for “F*ck your mother!” (or simply “You Motherf*cker!”)

So #記你老母 really should include F-word or ”Motherf*cker” in it somehow. Anyway, the first work-in-progress translation I used was “Re… you Motherf*ckers!” Upon further considerations, I think the following are worth considering:
1) “You Jurnos Motherf*ckers”
2) “Jurnos Motherf*ckers”
3) Journof*cker (Note: “Jurnos” is of course short for journalists.)
4) JìNǐLǎoMǔ

(Note: JìNǐLǎoMǔ is probably the most Beijing & mainland Chinese friendly translation inspired by Hanami for 花見. The dictionary entry for JìNǐLǎoMǔ (記你老母) can give a detailed explanation plus a link to Commercial Radio 商台新聞’s Facebook video post for context and usage example by the brutal authority and inventor of the phrase 記你老母.)

*) Port Your Mother [HT 仁顯]
*) Journfucknalist [HT a friend]
*) “Report, your ass” [HT a friend]
*) “Remember Your Mother” [HT internet, this one is very HK 無厘頭 and cute in some sense]

14 June 2019 Update: Thanks to the super wise 蕭叔叔 for sharing his take. [HT Vivian] Here is 蕭叔叔’s video explaining his rationales for translating #記你老母 to “Reporter, my arse!”. (assuming Brits are saying it). Have a watch.

While I respect 蕭叔叔’s insights, I feel it a bit “too polite” and failed to matched the tone of the unjustly violent policeman.

Imagine a “super big mean” English speaking Hollywood actor playing the role of the unjustly violent policeman saying the line “Reporter, my arse!” Sorry to be frank, I would laugh and NOT feel threaten at all as if Mr. Bean himself was threatening me!

Here lies a general translation challenge of how a culture say certain things. 蕭叔叔 wisely restricted his observation to the Brits. As a further aside, which I hope is illuminating, base on my limited understanding of Japanese people, they are exceedingly polite so their common curse words are like telling people they are “stupid” (in Cantonese, it sounds like 8+26)! And dare I say, “stupid” is NOT exactly a strong curse words in most cultures! In Canada and US, etc, people regularly use versions of the f-word, Motherf*cker, etc when cursing. So, to me, the Brits way of “Reporter, my arse!” is rather inadequate for HongKongers’ X你老母 or the unjustly violent policeman’s #記你老母!

Based on the above and other news video footages, unjustified violence have been deployed against many journalists trying to record and report on facts. So the words #記你老母 don’t feel like one off isolated incidents but feel like part of a “general declaration of war against journalists” reporting on the 2019 Hong Kong anti-extradition bill protests.

At this moment, I’m leaning to translate #記你老母 as “You Jurnos Motherf*ckers”. Feel free to share your ideas and suggestions in how to better translate #記你老母!

14 June 2019 Update #2: By the way and on the fun aside, my favourite open/unsolved grand translation challenge remains 「撒嬌」有沒有英譯 since I read a 2009 article. I haven’t yet given up.

The ultimate solution for 「撒嬌」 may end up being something I got inspired by Hanami (Japanese 花見), just coin a word for it. I know it is a “cheat” but a perfect cheat has some merits right?


文化沙龍 – 黃耀明:這個璀燦都市光輝到此?

February 26, 2019


LOVE this talk by Anthony (黃耀明 Wong Yiu Ming)!

Jin Yong . Louis Cha:between the myth and the man (金庸.查良鏞--江湖與現實)

November 8, 2018

Nov 13, 2018 Update: Here is the video: 【第十一講】吳靄儀:金庸.查良鏞--江湖與現實

0:00 周保松’s Introduction
4:08 吳靄儀’s (Margaret) planned talk begin
11:35 Margaret mentions John Minford’s (English co-translator of 鹿鼎記 The Deer and the Cauldron) Ming Pao tribute “To Mark the Passing of Louis Cha” to 查良鏞
20:22 The world of 武林 is a bit cartoonish as killing has no consequences not unlike the world of Tom and Jerry.
29:34 金庸 re 功夫/芭蕾舞
35:40 金庸’s revisions including the 明河版 version
41:25 查良鏞’s book of editorials (1980-84)
52:50 Ming Pao as the only HK newspaper allowed in China
58:02 Cha’s decision of resigning as a 基本法草委
1:08:05 Margaret’s planned talk end
1:08:10 周保松’s comments
1:14:18 吳靄儀’s reply to 周保松’s comments
1:15:02 Beginning of Q&As
1:16:28 Cha’s business approach as a newspaper owner: “hard-nosed”, salary unfairness
1:20:23 區家麟’s question re “查良鏞曾經講過, 報紙是老闆的私器” How did Ming Pao reporters react internally?
1:22:20 to 1:26:06 新華社社長許家屯聲稱有人”不按本子辦事”. Cha wrote an editorial of which Margaret refuted point-by-point with her own 3000 – 4000 words articles.
1:40:45 The dubious practice of Cha “interviewing” himself
1:48:26 Cha’s own views and his possibly unintended/unplanned inspirations for his employees
1:55:45 Democracy is taken and never given (恩賜)
1:58:30 周保松 asks Margaret to share more as she read his fictions so many times and worked with him so closely.
2:02:10 Margaret talks about her creating the first political news section in HK newspapers (in Ming Pao) and she set its 政治新聞大綱
2:06:50 程翔’s comments (including what led to his 3 years imprisonment relating to a article written by 查良鏞)
2:20:44 吳靄儀’s discussion with 程翔
2:24:27 區家麟’s question for 程翔 re 查良鏞’s change of mind after being received by 鄧小平
2:24:35 程翔’s reply to 區家麟’s question
2:26:21 Margaret re 程翔的癡心
2:27:32 周保松’s comment re 金庸小說在大陸的出版
2:27:45 程翔’s comment re 中國新聞社(中新社)(”開小灶”=特別照顧的意思?). 專門為明報提供獨家新聞
2:29:03 Margaret’s concluding remarks
2:31:14 周保松 concludes the meeting with a reading from 神雕俠侶
P.S. Margaret, Thanks for sharing your insight. 保松, Thanks you and Brew Note for hosting. Ed, Thanks for processing and posting the video so quickly! The processing of the 143 minutes must have taken many hours even on a fast machine and the uploading must have taken many hours as well!


I’m very much looking forward to the talk “Jin Yong . Louis Cha:between the myth and the man (金庸.查良鏞--江湖與現實)” by Dr. Margaret Ng (吳靄儀) hosted by Prof. P.C. Chow (周保松) this Saturday. I will post a link to the presentation when it is available. From the Facebook announcement

//Brew Note 文化沙龍第十一講

I LOVE the story 保松 shared of Margaret’s original English title “Jin Yong . Louis Cha:between the myth and the man” came to the Chinese translated title of “(金庸.查良鏞--江湖與現實)” . Here is 保松’s amazing story and I quote,

吳大状獲邀,一口答應。但她不懂中文輸入法,遂寄我一個英文題目:Jin Yong . Louis Cha:between the myth and the man,並叫我們隨意翻譯。

As I noted in my comment, “Thanks for sharing the back story! I love the precision in Margaret’s original English title and the poetic (and toned down) translated Chinese title.”

P.S. Here you see the English and Chinese promotional posters being placed side by side.

(designer:林道群先生) Jin Yong . Louis Cha:between the myth and the man (金庸.查良鏞--江湖與現實)

(designer:林道群先生) Jin Yong . Louis Cha:between the myth and the man (金庸.查良鏞--江湖與現實)

I love the placement of the English text “between the myth and the man” in a vertical form underneath the divider of “Jin Yong” and “Louis Cha”, I wish similar symmetry can be echoed in the Chinese version. I like the use of a separate colour of some of the text in the Chinese poster (although I haven’t decided on which of the text) and would love to see the Chinese version also use an additional colour.

Overall, two lovely posters and very nice Chinese translated title all done by volunteers in very short time! I can’t wait to watch the recorded video when it is available! Many thanks to Margaret, 保松, and his wonderful team of awesome volunteers! I hope I will have the luck to attend Brew Note 文化沙龍 one of these days when I visit HK!

2018 Nov 11th update: //I’m still part way through watching the following HKTDC 2006 video of 金庸先生 answering some very good questions. In some answers, we can see “Jin Young the myth” (borrowing Margaret’s words) explaining/excusing his own new revisions.

In one of his answers, he refused a questioner’s earnest request of publishing the original newspaper editions of his fictions. The host even “cutely” (some may argue rudely/ignorantly) analogized the request as something akin to “問瘦身之後的女士, 攞瘦身之前嘅相” (something similar). I wished 金庸先生 had not minded letting newer readers read his original works (newspaper editions) for enjoyment/study. But 金庸先生 DID (at least as I understood or twisted it) implicitly allowed/even encouraged people to find and pirate his newspaper editions to read themselves!//

香港書展2006: 金庸與讀者座談會 (回顧)


In memory of 林燕妮

June 5, 2018

In memory of 林燕妮 (Eunice Lam). News “林燕妮因肺癌病逝享年75歲” & news (with video). Following are some random old articles by Eunice. Great articles. Wonderful taste. Interesting & insightful person. RIP.

  • 珍惜眼前人 – 林燕妮 (20140327)
    • “如今至親俱故,真的只餘下我和兒子了。他一直跟外婆住,外婆在農曆年前騎鶴歸西了,沒理由整層樓他一個人住那麼孤單,那便搬回去跟他住,固然擔心歷史重演。朋友來了一句:「你要珍惜眼前人了。」,有如醍醐灌頂,我不珍惜兒子珍惜誰呢?我的至親是他,他的至親是我,還鬧什麼?”
  • 我 的 妹 妹 – 林燕妮 (20090423)
    • “她 唸 香 港 瑪 莉 諾 英 文 書 院 , 我 唸 大 坑 道 真 光 中 學 。 也 許 是 學 校 作 風 不 同 的 緣 故 , 她 比 較 注 重 物 質 , 我 則 比 較 空 靈 , 她 回 家 跟 我 說 : 「 姐 姐 , 我 的 同 學 說 她 家 裡 有 九 台 電 視 機 。 」 我 說 : 「 神 經 病 , 連 廁 所 也 安 裝 電 視 機 嗎 ? 別 聽 她 的 。 」 她 越 長 越 漂 亮 , 十 三 歲 時 在 香 港 鄉 村 俱 樂 部 認 識 了 她 的 第 一 個 男 朋 友 。 她 的 命 是 這 樣 的 , 男 朋 友 全 部 十 分 富 有 , 我 的 似 乎 沒 有 一 個 是 出 自 富 家 的 , 還 有 些 是 貧 苦 的 。 我 們 姊 妹 兩 的 性 格 完 全 相 反 , 她 是 個 小 惡 霸 , 什 麼 都 要 霸 , 她 的 同 班 知 心 同 學 告 訴 我 , 她 是 全 班 最 惡 的 。 在 家 裡 她 也 想 惡 , 但 是 有 我 在 , 她 可 惡 不 成 了 , 她 若 態 度 惡 劣 扯 起 了 我 那 把 火 , 我 便 「 兜 巴 升 」 , I have to put her in her place , 不 可 無 上 無 下 。 她 自 然 大 哭 啦 。”
  • 妹 妹 地 老 天 慌 – 林燕妮 (20090514)
    • “妹 妹 記 得 人 家 什 麼 杯 子 放 在 哪 個 櫃 子 裡 , 花 瓶 放 在 哪 兒 , 餐 巾 刀 叉 放 在 哪 兒 , 我 可 是 拿 了 出 來 便 馬 上 忘 掉 是 從 哪 兒 拿 出 來 的 。 妹 妹 在 中 學 時 , 常 上 她 的 小 男 友 家 , 替 auntie 樣 樣 放 得 好 好 的 , 像 個 小 媳 婦 兒 。 我 呀 , 見 男 朋 友 的 家 長 還 可 以 , 家 務 呀 , 我 只 認 得 煮 熟 了 的 食 物 , 未 煮 時 是 什 麼 模 樣 兒 倒 不 知 道 。”
  • 最溫馨的日本遊 – 林燕妮 
    • “林偉那時已經工作了一段時間,過了好些年,他發覺在港當攝影師賺不了錢,便跑去學沖曬。如今他在香港和東京都有很大的沖曬公司,生意很好。他說:「我喜歡賺錢,幸好當年學了沖曬,不然不會有今天。我可以花錢而仍然有點錢賸下來多麼好。」我絕對同意。 他跟他的日本伴侶小林由貴子兩人親自來接我和同行女友 Jacqueline機而不是派人來,真沒話說。我們是三林,林燕妮、林偉和小林由貴子。由貴子比我還要高大,是個很爽朗的日本女子,跟她在一起很自在,我們用斷續的廣東話和英語交流。 他倆一塊兒十年了,他們的相識可算是一段傳奇。林偉在東京片哈利,左拐右拐的,但前面老有另一輛哈利片得比他更勁,老是阻着他片。他氣不過來,死命都要把那個不曉得是阿叔還是阿伯追到尾。終於那輛哈利停下來了,車手把頭盔拿走,頭一搖,整把長髮披下來。林偉一看,原來是個女的,還胸前豐滿,哪兒還肯放過追女機會。那時他不會說日語,只會說「 Su-mi-ma-sen」( excuse me)。異國姻緣便從此開始。 他先帶我們到他的萬多呎沖曬公司看,他們沖曬招牌、廣告等大型照片。在有智能機拍照不用沖曬的今天,他在港日做這種沖曬公司實有先見。”
  • 我的前夫你…… – 林燕妮 (20131107)
    • “那時你已快要唸大空物理學博士了,我主修遺傳學,很多數、理、化問題我弄不通,即使我們在不同的學校,不同的地方,你每每三言兩語在電話中便給我解答得比老師還清楚。連遺傳學問題你都懂得教我。你追求女孩子是天天的,不需要跟我同校都電話不斷的。每逢假期不是你飛來找我便是叫我飛去你那兒。你從來不查問我在本校有沒有男朋友,從第一天起你便當我是你的。老實說,我有很多其他男朋友,不過沒告訴你。但在我一生的戀愛之中,跟你的那一段是最美麗無瑕,最快樂的。”
  • 劉培基的名人朋友 – 林燕妮 (20130919)
    • “劉培基自傳中所寫的都是名藝人,如張國榮、陳百強、白雪仙、楊紫瓊、尤敏等等。他對朋友很好,我想心理上他需要有愛惜他的名人做朋友,他才有安全感。對他不好的名人他就翻臉當便飯了,他不是個為錢低頭的人。 做他的朋友,要習慣他的敏感和隨時發脾氣。他的朋友之中,沒有誰是沒讓他罵過的,除了我之外。不過最近也中招了,他惱道:「我不喜歡你寫高文安!」高文安是我們幾十年的共同朋友,不曉得寫高文安竟然會讓他大罵一頓。高文安沒說過他什麼。總之這個人,罵你時別當真,說話刺你時也別傷感,他氣不倒我的,他反而氣倒自己。我只是聽了就算。朋友,應記念他對我好的時候。 陳百強是我最要好的音樂朋友,以他平日的情緒不穩定,竟然在我情感上受到極大打擊和威脅時,早上六時起來陪我吃早餐,晚上表演完畢還整夜不睡,既唱歌又演戲和說故事的逗我開心到天亮。那是他性格高貴之處,他的經理人陳家瑛至今仍說:「 Danny仔是高貴的。」劉培基對他的評語也一樣。”


November 14, 2017

亞省係加拿大出產牛肉嘅省份, 不過我就覺得啲牛肉其實唔係超好味 (唔夠肥??), 亦都幾貴 . 好彩近年搵到一間附近新開嘅韓國超市, 啲韓式薄切牛肉片, 肉質帶一啲肥, 又唔係太貴, 咁就對亞省啲牛肉有番啲好感. 當然 better half 煎嘅牛扒, 從來都係一流好味! ;)

話說幾個月前, better half同我比自己踢咗入會做卡城動物園嘅會員, 一個超值年費價錢(包泊車), 可以睇企鵝, 睇蝴蝶, 睇紅熊貓, …, 同埋等睇2018來嘅真熊貓, 其實係一個好好嘅發現. 仲可以順便”免費”做gym(行行企企3,4,5個鐘頭, 其實都幾係嘢, 同做gym差唔多)!

啱啱呢個星期六行完動物gym之後, 就收到好消息話 Michelle 又張「兩周一聚」復活啦! 版名重”江湖味濃郁”到叫【五湖四海】,又”非死不可版”! 好嘢, 好玩!

其實我都唔知道咩嘢叫做「地道菜」? 不過當時我同better half (同其他十幾廿個卡城嘅foodies) 坐坐企企係冰天雪地嘅街邊, 預咗等一個鐘頭去食日本拉麵, 咁我諗呢一 碗日本拉麵都當係「地道菜」啦!

附筆: 麺屋(Shiki menya)老闆/大廚 Koki 每日限賣150碗麵, 保持質量, 對食物都有堅持, 都幾令人高興! ;)
附附筆: 加多一張相同一句: “Happiness is a simple breakfast with my better half.” ;)


October 20, 2016

啱啱睇完麥何小娟 (Silvia)嘅新書《我的女兒麥明詩—一張白紙到10優的培育經歷》. 同大家分享我對呢本書嘅一啲睇法, 寫一個簡短嘅所謂”書評”. 我少寫書評, 通常係我鍾意嘅書我先寫. 幾年前係大贊Alice 寫嘅「股神」畢菲特傳記 The Snowball, 本書有960頁, 所以我可以用個特別方式, 寫咗一個非常詳盡嘅”書評”. 之後有緣, 知道咗Alice嘅一啲行為同埋說話,非常佩服, 仲同佢做咗”Facebook朋友”.

好啦, 言歸正傳, 首先作者Silvia唔係一個普通媽咪. 有啲人買《我的女兒》, 係因為Silvia係10優港姐麥明詩嘅媽咪, 諗住睇完本書之後, 可以教番個囝囝囡囡攞到10優. 其實呢個諗法, 作者都會話你錯. 作者嘅丈夫麥卓生講得好, Silvia直情係一個「專業良母」, 點解咁講? 睇書嘅”作者簡介”, 就會睇到Silvia其實响香港/澳洲/美國, 都有專業嘅資格, 唔係普通媽打一名.

//麥何小娟 (Silvia) 作者簡介:
*前香港理工學院 #前香港教育學院//

作者有專業資格, 所以仔女(明山/明詩)細個嘅時候就開始教, 就用一啲好嘅理論/實驗作為根基去教. 唔同大部份家長咁, 只憑直覺去教自己嘅仔女. 書中有時作者會用上一啲外國英文專有名詞嘅中文翻譯, 就會令人睇得比較辛苦.  (「正向增強物」(positive reinforcer?)、「負向增強物」(negative reinforcer?))


//育兒必修課 :

上面一段文字, 以簡單又吸引嘅方法去介紹咗呢本書嘅一部份內容. 但係其中有一句, 我唔能夠認同: “以玩具、遊戲、生活體驗,培育快樂多元10優生”。作者响本書入面, 花咗好多心思舉咗好多用玩具、遊戲、生活體驗嘅例子同埋理論根據, 非常之有趣, 同好睇. 但係”培育快樂多元10優生”一句, 可能令到家長覺得, 如果佢地睇完呢本書之後, 可以逐步慢慢教仔女有10優咁嘅成績. 呢個係錯嘅睇法. 作者响本書度堅持, 仔女只要盡力而為, 就得啦. 唔係一定要攞A或者滿分, 甚至十優. 我之前有試過睇下點樣可以改一改呢一句, 以下就係其中一試:


10優生媽媽”呢個係事實, 我亦都明白”10優”呢一點(加港姐)係書既一個大賣點. 但始終係教育呢一個重要嘅題目, 個重點要放於培育”快樂多元子女”而唔係”快樂多元10優生”.

筆者順帶一提, 香港有一個好奇怪的現象/風氣, 就係學生/學校, 甚至社會新聞媒體, 都將中學嘅公開試成績睇得太重. 會考(以前)/DSE(現在)成績有幾多A, 有冇9優或者10優? 中學係邊間名校讀書? 甚至有聽過大學畢咗業嘅成年人, 身痕走返去考中學公開試, 睇下攞到幾多個A. 呢啲所謂”成年人”真係發神經! 種種睇公開試睇得太重嘅行為, 都可能係令到中學生有過分壓力嘅原因. 响美/加/外國, 成功的商人或者科學家(諾貝爾獎得主),等等, 成名之後都可能留意吓佢地係邊間大學畢業. 係大學! 我從來都冇聽過佢地係邊間”名校中學”畢業, 中學公開試攞咗幾多個A?!

(注意: 照片可以點擊放大, 清楚閱讀)

My Daughter Louisa - Book Rev - Pix01 - cover


作者好有系統咁樣, 將唔同題目分成唔同章節, 因為有好多唔同有趣嘅例子同相片, 一啲都唔會覺得好似一本百科全書咁悶. 寫到有充實的資料, 理論嘅根據, 睇來有趣而又有內涵, 呢個其實幾難得. 作者就做得到啦.

(注意: 照片可以點擊放大, 清楚閱讀)

My Daughter Louisa - Book Rev - Pix03 - index encyclopedia


我睇書嘅時候鍾意用筆畫低我覺得重要或者有趣嘅地方. 寫呢一個書評嘅時候, 我就重溫我畫低的筆記, 因為本書始終係~200頁的書, 我只可以抽其中三個有趣嘅故事, 同大家分享.

第一個故事, 係作者同麥明詩母女倆個人, 為咗一見水果僵持左大約一個鐘頭. 個一片水果完全唔重要, 作者處理嘅語氣, 堅持既原因, 之後嘅處理, 呢啲先至係家長應該可以學習的地方.

(注意: 照片可以點擊放大, 清楚閱讀)

My Daughter Louisa - Book Rev - Pix04 - fruit

第二個故事, 係一個地鐵嘅故事. 一個11歲嘅小朋友, 點樣可以幫到屋企人, 將一個非常重要嘅決定, 做得更加好呢?

(注意: 照片可以點擊放大, 清楚閱讀)

My Daughter Louisa - Book Rev - Pix05 - MTR

第三個故事係講作者鼓勵明詩勇於嘗試, 參加唔同嘅比賽, 幾乎每次都贏不到獎項. 有時落敗, 作者都送一些小禮物俾明詩為獎勵. 呢啲小禮物, 又代表咩呢?

My Daughter Louisa - Book Rev - Pix07 - gifts


1) 我明白作者要同出版商合作, 每一章節嘅標題, 都可能有編輯提供意見, 所以未必一定係作者自己的決定. 可能我有啲吹毛求疵, 我覺得”父母鼓勵 反敗為勝”呢個標題, 同本書嘅宗旨有啲背道而馳. 既然成敗輸贏都唔係太重要嘅話, 最緊要係個學習過程, 咁又何來反敗為勝呢? 當然,呢個我亦都覺得自己可能有啲太過過分”吹毛求疵”.

My Daughter Louisa - Book Rev - Pix06 - subheading

2) 我鍾意作者好有心機咁樣放咗一個參考書目. 有39本中英文參考書. 等有興趣嘅讀者, 可以伸延閱讀. 我自己都已經有用咗Google Book Search係搵咗一本書, 睇咗開頭幾頁書.
如果有機會, 其實可以將呢39本參考書, 分類於不同章回, 以方便讀者讀完不同章回嘅時候, 方便佢地伸延閱讀有興趣嘅特定題目.

3) 最後我好鍾意個”結語”嘅文字.


每個孩子都是獨特的, 是天父賜予我們的恩物. 因此栽培方法也不是千篇一律, 我們應多學習, 多思考, 再配合自己孩子的特質, 便能事半功倍.”

同埋兩張相, 一張BB相, 一張長大成人亭亭玉立嘅靚女相. 意重深(心)長. Before & After. Then & Now. 其實呢一段”結語”, 可以或者甚至應該係第一章第一節嘅說話, 等睇書嘅家長明白栽培方法唔會係千篇一律, 睇書可以睇得輕鬆啲.


我的女兒麥明詩—一張白紙到10優的培育經歷》係一本有好多好例子嘅工具書 (微型育兒百科全書). 用家 (即係啲香港家長) 唔應該太緊張, 緊張到想將百科全書裏面每一個題目(每一招一式), 都想要用晒响自己嘅仔女身上. 其實只要用到三, 五, 八 … 招都有唔同程度嘅幫助, 始終要配合自己仔女嘅特質.

書中參考: Google book search readable result referenced as #38: Creativity and Giftedness edited by Donald J. Treffinger

新聞: “名人專訪.不是天生幸運兒 麥明詩媽媽:女兒不好勝 只是不怕輸

講座: 香港書展2016:一張白紙到10優的培育經歷

附筆: 呢次算係我第一次用電腦口講中文(廣東話)寫文章. 以前要用手寫嘅長文章, 要我花上幾個鐘頭, 太花時間. 而家我發現到電腦嘅新操作系統(Mac OS)可以俾我口講, 佢就幫我轉成中文字, 最多執下一啲別字. 咁就容易得多啦. 但係始終有時都會有啲錯字, 好似個”下”字, 應該有個口, 隔離先係個”下”字, 即係”吓”字. 呢啲無辦法啦, 敬請各位見諒.

Oct 21, 2016 Facebook comment update: P.S. By the way Silvia, I didn’t have the time to write this in Chinese. Plus I don’t know how to get the “tone” right. Since I am writing it now in English, I may as well just copy and paste this into the Chinese book review.

As I read your book, I kept thinking of the child development clinical psychologist Jean Piaget. I’ve found his work fascinating since taking PSY100 at university. Piaget and his wife Valentine Chatenay raised three children “Jacqueline (born 1925), Lucienne (born 1927), and Laurent (born 1931) were psychological subjects from the moment they were born.

I should have thanked you (and Louisa and 明山). So I am thanking you now for sharing the very personal and intimate stories and history of Louisa’s and 明山’s upbringing.

I am a long time fan and addict of longitudinal studies for they give me insight that only “time” (the most precious commodity) can provide. I was fortunate to get myself hooked in the “Up Series” (7 Up, 14 Up, etc) at the UofT AV library and I last watched 56 Up in 2012.

Silvia, as usual, I write too long and too much. I hope you will be pleased to hear one of your readers kept thinking of Jean Piaget as he read your book. This stranger will be watching 明山/明詩 grow old as I watch the participants of the Up Series (63 Up in 2019) grow old over time and wishing/hoping them to do well in life.

P.P.S. This “longitudinal study” (obviously not a scientific study in this film) started when these boys & girls were 7. Here they were all adorable as any seven years old would be in this first video “Seven Up (1964)“.

We last saw them when they were 56 in 2012. Worth finding the whole series to watch. Calgary library system has it, I wonder if HK library will have it or YouTube, etc.

When watching the films, I try to observe and learn as much as I can but also holding off any judgements or conclusions as it seems so unfair for me to “judge”.

Wedding gift: “An Old Sweetheart of Mine” stanza translation by Andrew W.F. Wong 黃宏發

January 20, 2015
A stanza from An Old Sweetheart of Mine - by James Whitcomb Riley translation by Andrew W.F. Wong (Huang Hongfa) 譯者: 黃宏發

A stanza from An Old Sweetheart of Mine – by James Whitcomb Riley
translation by Andrew W.F. Wong (Huang Hongfa) 譯者: 黃宏發

My wife and I want to say a special thank you to Mr. Andrew W.F. Wong 黃宏發 (Andrew was the last President of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong during British rule) for taking time to translate the special stanza from “An Old Sweetheart of Mine” I used in my marriage proposal and wedding announcement (of which I only shared the first line).

Here is Andrew’s translation (which he humbly calls “hastily attempted … translation”, borrowing 同心, 情依依, 異路, 相…時 from Lin Yu-tang 林語堂‘s attempt) of the same stanza in four 7-character lines (七言絕句):-


credit: translated by Andrew W.F. Wong (Huang Hongfa) 譯者: 黃宏發


“An Old Sweetheart of Mine” stanza by James Whitcomb Riley (1902)

When I should be her lover
forever and a day,
And she my faithful sweetheart
till the golden hair was gray;
And we should be so happy
that when either’s lips were dumb
They would not smile in Heaven
till the other’s kiss had come.

林語堂 翻譯的同一節詩 Lin Yu-tang‘s translation of the stanza:


An Old Sweetheart of Mine - by James Whitcomb Riley 20150120 with Lin Yu-tang 林語堂 translation

An Old Sweetheart of Mine – by James Whitcomb Riley
with Lin Yu-tang 林語堂 translation

P.S. I wish I had the opportunity to meet Andrew in person but I haven’t had the pleasure yet. Andrew’s fair minded and excellent work during his time as President of the Legislative Council of HK remind HKers the fond memories we miss these days in HK. My wife and I were really happily surprised to see Andrew taking time to translate the beautiful stanza for our wedding which we take as a special gift.

In recent years, it has been my pleasure to read Andrew’s poetry translation work at his fascinating blog “Classical Chinese Poems in English” once in a while to revisit some classic Chinese poems along with Andrew’s graceful English translations to relax my mind. Which is why I reached out to Andrew to ask him a translation question about“An Old Sweetheart of Mine”. Thanks again Andrew for your beautiful translation to help celebrate our wedding!

And yes Andrew, it is indeed been my (now “our”) ambitious plan to work hard on our marriage, love each other dearly, stay healthy for each other, etc etc so that I can present this stanza to my wife on our 50th Wedding Anniversary in 50 years time.