Watch “Revolution Trilogy” 睇「革命三部曲」

March 18, 2016

Director/producer/independent reporter Kempton Lam has made three full-length documentaries from 2004 – 2015. Kempton’s debut documentary Long Hair Revolution 「長毛革命 has been collected by the Canadian National Archive since 2009. The three documentaries are collectively known as “Revolution Trilogy「革命三部曲」 and are in Cantonese with English subtitles (廣東話、英文字幕). You can watch the three films at this YouTube Playlist (beautifully projected on your big screen HDTV or on your computer). Enjoy!

Long Hair Revolution 「長毛革命」 (full-length 2005) (read film & Canadian national archive info)

HKtv Revolution 「香港電視革命」 (full-length 2015) (read Director’s Statement)

Umbrella Revolution: History as Mirror Reflection 「雨傘革命實錄:以史為鏡」 (full-length 2015) (read Director’s Statement)


好風景 紀錄片影評

September 9, 2014
Women’s Horizon (好風景) HK documentary

Women’s Horizon (好風景) HK documentary

Documentary title: Women’s Horizon (好風景)

Directors: Jo Ho Ka Wui (何嘉滙) and Bryan Chang Wai Hung (張偉雄).

Casts: Kitman, Esther, Kai Kai (佳佳), Charlene, Chan Hei (陳熹).

Film rating: **** out of 5

Film review:

Women’s Horizon (好風景)  is documentary that recorded the different small slices of lives of five Hong Kong women from 2010 fall to 2012 spring. In 58 minutes, the filmmakers were successful in getting the viewers to see how the five women living their lives and for this reviewer, to care about them all. The filmmakers were careful in telling/reminding the viewers by putting up slides on screen part way through the film stating “We are not comparing or judging. We don’t want the audience to generalize all Hong Kong women either. This might only a be a tiny part of their life. Going in front of the camera may cause hesitation or glossing over issues, We want to capture that brief moment of their sincere reality.

Without heavy hands nor trying to sensationalize things, the film gives viewers windows to the women’s work lives, family lives, their aspirations, their disappointments, their dating/love lives, and more. And at one point, we felt like an intimate participant along Kai Kai’s political protest and can emphasize the changes she must have gone through since the beginning of the film.

Watching the film, there are many scenes with Kitman, Esther, Kai Kai, Charlene, and Chan Hei that put a smile on my face, made me laugh out loud, got me thinking, felt sad, and got me scared for what I saw on screen. These are signs of a good documentary.

As far as this reporter knows (plus checking with Jo), Women’s Horizon is possibly the first Hong Kong documentary that wishes/plans to come back to revisit the same documentary subjects in a few years time (if the documentary subjects are willing to participate). Jo mentioned to this reviewer in an video interview that she and Byran were inspired and influenced by the British Up Series when they were planning the documentary in 2010. As a big admirer and lover of the Up Series, this reviewer hopes Jo & Byran’s wishes will come true and viewers will have the pleasure to learn more about Kitman, Esther, Kai Kai, Charlene, and Chan Hei in a few years.


Women’s Horizon (好風景) film outline,

“[Women’s Horizon (好風景)] Paints a portrait of five unique Hong Kong women. Kitman, a big fan of online sweepstake;; Charlene, a dance instructor and urban fashion shop owner;; Esther, growing up in in a christian community aspiring to live the life within the church;; Chan Hei, was an advocate for the fair treatment of sex workers and is employed at a bookstore;; Kai Kai, Representative of the League of Fanling North Villages and Residents. The documentary recorded their lives from 2010 to 2012. It represents a history of their growth, a reflection of their temporal moods and aspirations for the the future. The images filmed are like five mobile mirrors into individual lives revealings their feeling intentionally or unintentionally. The documentary is not aiming to judge but solely at catching a glimpse of the women’s innermost feelings in this era.”

Here is a trailer,

Happy 57th birthday, “Long Hair”, Leung Kwok-hung!

March 27, 2013

I want to wish “Long Hair”, Leung Kwok-hung, happy 57th birthday, good health and all the best! Here is my 2005 documentary “Long Hair Revolution” filmed only two months after his election to Legislative Council of Hong Kong. I’m happy to say my first documentary has been added to the federal government “Library and Archives Canada” permanent collection in Ottawa.

Long Hair Revolution 長毛革命 @ national archive of Canada

Documentary ScrewYouApple – new Director’s Summary

March 21, 2013

ScrewYouApple - official Project Pix

Documentary ScrewYouApple – Director’s Summary

ScrewYouApple is a tiny Pentalobe screw-inspired film of action that plans to “formally ask” Apple to stop screwing customers & “Think Different” again! ScrewYouApple will explore Apple’s multi-billion cash-generating machine (possibly including the powerful App store) and also document Kempton’s journey to “formally ask” Apple to stop screwing customers and get Apple to “Think Different” again, returning to the inspiring ideals set out in Apple iconic “Think Different” “The Crazy Ones” Ad campaign. In a creative and groundbreaking manner for a documentary, Kempton intends to use a “Shareholder Proposal” as defined by the US Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (specifically Rule 14a-8) to “formally ask” Apple to “Think Different” again!

Please support the making of ScrewYouApple by choosing a perk on the right of the campaign page to join us on this epic journey, to try to change the world for the better.

Sacha Baron Cohen “newsjacking” the entire 2012 Oscars

February 28, 2012

Oscar 2012 - Sacha Baron Cohen - The Dictator - pix 17

Have a read of “How One Comic Genius NewsJacked the Entire 2012 Oscars” and see my comments below. By the way, I won’t repeat much of my discussion of the stunt which you can read and watch video clips here. [HT Chris Brogan]

The writer made some interesting points re the newsjacking in the Sacha Baron Cohen, Ryan Seacrest, and Kim Jong-il’s “ashes” incident although I wish he has supported his claims differently.

First of all, has the writer heard about Borat and watched any of Cohen’s marketing and PR stunts 6 years ago in 2006 when he promoted Borat? Oh no? Sacha didn’t just “become” PR Genius at Oscar, he was one long time ago just on different scale. In this case, his Hugo Oscar invite presented an opportunity and he took full advantage of it.

Are we (viewers, commentators, and even press) so forgetful that we all forget theSacha’s butt in Eminem’s face incident was totally a prearranged publicity stunt? I am not Sacha nor Seacrest so I may never know for sure, but if I were a betting man which I am not, I would bet a dollar that there were two comics on Oscar’s red carpet and their names are Sacha & Seacrest.

And for the record, how many times exactly did Sacha spill the ‘ashes’ of Kim Il Jung on Oscar night? Most people watched only one incident, the Seacrest one. I watched TWO separate incident, once in front of an empty red carpet (via AP live stream) and then the second time with Seacrest! In the first spill, the one most people didn’t see, Sacha had at least 3 male ‘Security Guards’ around him and one of the male ‘Security Guards’ actually handed him the urn of the ‘ashes’ of Kim Il Jung.

I want to reuse a line in my post “Fun with Sacha Baron Cohen, Ryan Seacrest, and Kim Jong-il’s “ashes””

It is troubling to see a world where so many people have opinions (including the “press”) and so few people care enough to find more facts to support or contradict their views.

Update: Here is my reply to an insightful comment under Chris Brogan‘s post (emphasis added),

“[…] good point in asking can it be newsjacking if the original “news” was planned in the first place. Oscar itself is an entertainment show, meant to be “entertaining”. As an aside, the sad part while I respect Billy Crystal, his Oscar opening number and jokes felt flat, dated, and boring. And Sacha’s stunt was more fun. Heck, even Angie’s Right Leg was a breath of fresh air!

May be it is a new human condition that we, through our time and energy spent in the social network, end up spending way too much time on something we can jump to conclusions and immediately share our “opinions”. Important news to our country (crime bill, election fraud, etc) take way more time to understand and read so ends up getting much less time and energy from us.”

Oscar 2012 - Sacha Baron Cohen - The Dictator - pix 22

Fun with Sacha Baron Cohen, Ryan Seacrest, and Kim Jong-il’s “ashes”

February 27, 2012

Lets have some fun with Sacha Baron Cohen, Ryan Seacrest, and Kim Jong-il‘s “ashes”. Looking at my time-stamped screen captures from AP feed (see below pix and the flickr series), looks like Sacha “first” dumped Kim‘s “ashes” on the red carpet at around 7:21pm EST with nobody as the target of the “ashes”.

Oscar 2012 - Sacha Baron Cohen - The Dictator - pix 17

Oscar 2012 - Sacha Baron Cohen - The Dictator - pix 19

Oscar 2012 - Sacha Baron Cohen - The Dictator - pix 21

Oscar 2012 - Sacha Baron Cohen - The Dictator - pix 22

And then we have the staged dumping of the “ashes” on Seacrest, I call the second dumping! :) Have a watch of the clip.

Live From the Red Carpet: 2012 Oscars: Sacha Baron Cohen vs. Ryan Seacrest

[Update: THR article, “Oscar Red Carpet ‘Cremaining!’: Sacha Baron Cohen as the Dictator Dumps Ashes of ‘Kim Jong Il’ on Ryan Seacrest“]

It is funny to read Sun Times reporter writing “Ryan Seacrest put on a brave face as Sacha Baron Cohen dumped an urn full of pancake mix on his tuxedo, but my sources say his immediate reaction was major anger.” Really? It looks to me the “security guards” standing besides Sacha were there to help handing him the urn and execute the stunt. Look at the “security guard” that is holding a giant pot of flowers walking behind Sacha after the “ashes” got spill on Ryan, he went to pick up the lid!


To me, Sacha‘s stunt may look distasteful or disrespectful to some but it is on the red carpet only and not in the main show. And after watching the show tonight, I think this stunt is sadly way more entertaining than almost all of the jokes told and Billy’s musical number. So marketing/PR win for Sacha‘s upcoming film. Got some curious viewers to watch Oscar so thats a win. Finally, Seacrest got some buzz so it is also a win as well.

The one lose-lose case

The one lose-lose situation is the public and the press seem to have gotten so lazy and immediately jumped to whatever preconceived conclusions they may have. Well, may be everyone knows this is a PR stunt and have safely discounted all the hype/”facts”/”news report” but then we don’t really know.

It is troubling to see a world where so many people have opinions (including the “press”) and so few people care enough to find more facts to support or contradict their views.

P.S. More reports from WaPo, Sky.

Feb 27 Update: From his own official channel, “Ryan Minutes After Oscars Red Carpet

Oscar 2012 Pix and Sasha Baron Cohen The Dictator pix

February 26, 2012

[Update: Also check out “Fun with Sacha Baron Cohen, Ryan Seacrest, and Kim Jong-il’s “ashes””]

Here are two set of pix. Enjoy the slide shows,

Oscar 2012 - pix 13

Oscar 2012 - pix 09

Oscar 2012 - pix 03

 Oscar 2012 Pix and

Oscar 2012 - Sacha Baron Cohen - The Dictator - pix 14

Oscar 2012 - Sacha Baron Cohen - The Dictator - pix 19

Oscar 2012 - Sacha Baron Cohen - The Dictator - pix 22

Sasha Baron Cohen The Dictator Pix.