Kim Jong Il is dead – Tiger Spirit

December 19, 2011

In the wake of Kim Jong Il‘s death, have a watch of the award winning doc Tiger Spirit (free online) about the border separating South and North Korea.

“This full-length documentary tells the story of modern Korea, a nation divided in half. The psychic scar shared by families divided during the Korean War in the 1950s is symbolized by the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) dividing communist North from capitalist South. Along this infamous border, filmmaker Min Sook Lee begins an emotion-charged journey into Korea’s broken heart, exploring the rhetoric and realism of reunification through the extraordinary stories of ordinary people. An eloquent tale of longing and hope, Tiger Spirit is an unforgettable portrait of Korea at a crossroads.”

[HT NFB and filmmaker Min Sook Lee]


加拿大人為香港而戰(珍貴片段和故事)- Savage Christmas: Hong Kong 1941

December 14, 2009

From NFB Savage Christmas: Hong Kong 1941” (full documentary video),

Brian McKenna, 1991, 104 min

This film is part of the Valour and the Horror series, three controversial films on Canadian involvement in World War II. In the autumn of 1941, nearly 2,000 inexperienced Canadian soldiers were sent to Hong Kong at the request of the British government as a symbolic show of strength that would deter a Japanese attack on the colony. Canada’s soldiers found themselves in the midst of a desperate battle they could not hope to win. On Christmas Day, 1941, the British colony of Hong Kong officially surrendered to Japan. The surviving defenders became prisoners of war. Over the next three and a half years, many of them would come to envy the dead.

Let us never forget the horror of war and our commitment to the Geneva Conventions.

加拿大經濟危機 人性的一面

October 23, 2009

老友Matt Palmer拍攝了幾部NFB”加拿大經濟危機 人性的一面”短片,拍得很好,

  1. Savers Club (Sisterhood is frugal)
  2. A New Paint Job
  3. Wish You Were Here



September 20, 2009

David Christensen的另一套紀錄片”意大利的鏡子”(The Mirror – (Lo Specchio))


September 20, 2009

在網上觀看David Christensen全套的戰地醫院紀錄片。