The 5th interview – Nuclear engineer father explains Japan’s Fukushima nuclear accidents to daughter

March 16, 2011

Have a listen to the 5th daily interview (with transcript) of nuclear engineer Mark Mervine by Evelyn Mervine about Japan’s Fukushima nuclear accidents. Here is an excerpt from the transcript (emphasis added),

“Q: Thank you, Dad. Moving on to another question. I do like this question. “So
imagine if your dad were to interview the top TEPCO officials, or could be a reporter
at a TEPCO press conference. What would his top ten questions be? Or put it
another way, what significant data would most clarify the reactors and the extent of
the damage?”

A: I would- well, first off, I would have more than 10 questions. But I think the
important thing that I would ask to receive is that they need to assume that
the general public is intelligent and they need to provide them with as much
information as possible. I think there’s, at times, a tendency when things happen,
whether it be nuclear or some other event, to filter the information, because we’re
afraid of the reaction, or we’re afraid of panic. But in this case, they’re at the
opposite end of the spectrum, where they’re providing not enough information, and
very little information, that people are starting to get very upset and panic, because
they feel like they’re not being provided with enough information. And I would
agree with those people – not enough information is being provided and y’know,
I would need more than- I’d need more than 10 questions for them, but the main
question I would have would be, “Please tell us exactly what is happening and treat
us as if we’re intelligent and give us as much information as possible.”

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