Magazines’ iPad Editions

March 10, 2011

For the record.

Magazines’ iPad Editions Struggle to Keep Your Attention, New Study Finds – CP&B Now Using the Research to Develop Tablet Ad Formats

AdvertisingAge – Published: March 09, 2011

Readers have more trouble focusing on magazines’ iPad editions than publishers initially predicted, according to the latest study in a growing effort to figure out tablet computers.

“We thought that of course there’s a lot of activity going on on an iPad, when there’s so many things you can be doing — between email, Netflix, playing games, reading magazines — but they’re actually bouncing around a lot more than we thought,” said Megan Miller, research and development program director at Bonnier, which publishes titles including Popular Science, Field & Stream, Parenting and Ski.

“If you sit someone down with a magazine, within seconds they’re researching the products that they could buy,” Ms. Miller said. “If they see a snowboard in a snowboarding magazine, they’ll bounce over to Amazon to check the prices on it.” Read the rest of this entry »