Mrs. Mary Fong (SHCC Home Eco. Teacher 71-94) Chat

January 28, 2013

Mrs. Mary Fong (SHCC Home Eco. Teacher 71-94) Chat

Many thanks to Mrs. Mary Fong, Sacred Heart Canossian College (SHCC 嘉諾撒聖心書院) Home Economics Teacher 1971-1994, for agreeing to chat with me in this informal & impromptu interview after our dim sum lunch in Calgary this afternoon. I hope Sacred Heartists will enjoy this short video of Mrs. Fong sharing some tiny parts of her 23 years SHCC experiences. I wish I had more time for more questions, may be next time.

I hope this video may inspire some Sacred Heartists to take up their digital cameras (nothing fancy) and conduct a few informal interviews with SHCC teachers they know and share them on YouTube. It is clear to me the power & ability of using informal interviews to reveal the humanities and interesting stories in us all and to help keep the institutional memories of SHCC alive and well. If you have a retired/current SHCC teacher you want to interview and you need help, feel free to ask and I will see what I can do to share a few small tips.

Mrs. Mary Fong (SHCC Home Eco. Teacher 71-94) Chat

One small advice: Keep the interview light & fun plus treat the teachers as your friends! I hope I showed you my care & love for Mrs. Fong in my questions but I also asked all the questions I wanted given the limited time I had. To me, “love and care” is good and ok but I drew the line at not feeling “deference” because thats not how I would treat a friend nor want to be treated by a friend.