香港誠品、Apple Store、希慎廣場、租務策略

August 18, 2012

I sometimes conduct research and read stuff to gain new understanding and to satisfy my own curiosity. In this case, I’ve done a little digging to get a better understanding (at least for me) re 香港誠品、希慎廣場、租務策略. Instead of spending the time I don’t have to write an article, I am sharing with you my raw data/material. Feel free to leave your comments.

Anchor Tenants: See previously posted article re “香港誠品“. From 9to5mac “Hong Kong’s second Apple Store landing in Hysan Place, opening later this year?

Good read: Knowledge@Wharton, “Can J.C. Penney’s New CEO [Ron Johnson, chief of Apple’s retail stores] Reinvent the Department Store?

From 2011 希慎管理層的討論與分析

希慎廣場(位於軒尼詩道500號的重建項目)是集團下一個發展里程,包括15層寫字樓及17 層商舖,總樓面面積共達710,000平方呎。希慎廣場將為希慎的整體物業組合帶來長遠的策 略價值:
• 希慎廣場的商場部份將大大強化集團的整體商舖物業組合,使總樓面面積增加50%,同時 帶來更精彩的租戶組合,當中不少租戶為首次進軍香港的品牌。
• 新廈將提供優質樓面,為希慎寫字樓組合的發展注入一股強大動力,增進集團甲級寫字樓 組合作為中環商業區最自然延伸的優勢。新廈將是2012年港島區唯一落成的 AAA 級寫字 樓,其符合可持續發展概念的設計,採用最高標準的建造規格,而所有寫字樓樓層均坐擁 維港美景。 Read the rest of this entry »

PEACE won Best Documentary Award at the Hong Kong Int. Film Fest

March 30, 2011

Peace - Pix 01 - cats_confrontation

PEACE has just won Best Documentary Award at the Hong Kong International Film Festival. Congrats to the wonderful documentary filmmaker Kazuhiro Soda!

Here are the HKIFF Jury’s comment:

Peace is a quiet film with an unusual power to move. By following the ordinary lives of people and cats, the camera leads the audience to discover the concept of peace in its most fundamental sense, not as a state of negotiated, reluctant coexistence, but as an idea that lies at the core of our humanity. The film reveals the sublime through the mundane.

I was touched by what Soda wrote on Facebook,

What I said at the Award Ceremony: I’m from Japan. I’ve been so overwhelmed by the tragedy my country is experiencing that I almost cancelled the trip to Hong Kong. But I’m a filmmaker. It’s my job to make movies and to show them to people. So I changed my mind to come here. I’m now confident that I made a right decision. I’ll continue to make movies.

Here is a film trailer

The film has won audience award at Tokyo Filmex and screened at MoMa. You can see my film review and interview with Soda.

Personal note: Since watching Soda’s films for the first time and interviewing him over the years for a few times, Soda has been a true inspiring documentary filmmaker for me. I try to find my own path in documentary filmmaking and it is nice to be inspired by filmmakers like Soda.

香港社民連到訪卡城 – 視像訪問陶君行﹑吳文遠﹑季詩傑

September 10, 2010

HK League of Social Democrats Party in Calgary (include video interviews) - 香港社民連到訪卡城 - 視像訪問陶君行﹑吳文遠﹑季詩傑



附筆:我2004年拍攝,2005年在卡城電影節上演的記錄片 “長毛革命 (Long Hair Revolution)” (全片可以在網上看)的主角是梁國雄 (長毛),他是社民連的創黨元老,亦是社民連香港立法會的第一位議員。


July 18, 2010

“… 去信港區人大代表,託他們向內地相關部門反映。” Are HK government and HKTA so useless now that the most effective way is to get “港區人大代表” involved ?

零團費問題交人大反映 – 2010年07月18日





曾蔭權 與 余若薇《政制改革方案辯論》

June 17, 2010

Donald Tsang (行政長官曾蔭權) at 《政制改革方案辯論》'TV Debate on the Constitutional Reform Package'Audrey Au (公民黨黨魁余若薇) at 《政制改革方案辯論》'TV Debate on the Constitutional Reform Package'

Check the following RTHK link of the debate (video and news). Note: brief English debate starting at about 18:30.

重溫《政制改革方案辯論》 Archive of ‘TV Debate on the Constitutional Reform Package’ (Jun 17, 2010)

– beautiful closing in the first half by Audrey at about the 24:00 mark.

– hard hitting first question to Donald. Not answered at all.

HK Democracy: The Siege of LegCo

January 18, 2010

My friend Daisann has an insightful first hand account and commentary of The Siege of HK Legislative Council on Jan 16, 2010. The HK government and some HK citizens may not realize it yet, but this protest and rally may be the turning point of the road to democracy for HK. Here is Daisann concluding comment (emphasis and link added),

As the dust settles, it’s looks like the pan-Democrats won’t have to struggle to make the argument for real political reform in Hong Kong when they resign in the five district referendum scheme later this month. The Siege of Legco–and the inspired, tactically savvy troops of the baat sap hauh [Post-80s] –have done the heavy lifting for them.

The following two videos are in Cantonese, for the record.


December 20, 2009




我寫了兩個留言,I am going to copy and paste them here, for the record. And I have also added some new content at the end.

Dec 8th:

Rebecca 說得有理”但看清楚背後的原因,或者你又會沒那麼難過、那麼生氣了。”

“出貓”是件要很費精神處理的事。Without all the facts, I can only speculate. But I somehow feel that If this case was handled better, it could have been a good “teachable moment” for the class. From the looks of it now, the handling of this case is like the same old method I saw in the 1980s. Sometimes, the most efficient and “easy” way for the teacher and the 訓導主任 may not be the best for the students.

Of course, using the same old method that has been used for decades will never get any educators in trouble.

For someone who has never seen these students and don’t have to worry about job evaluation, it is easy for me to think there can be a better solution.

Please accept my apologies in advance for the above in case it offends anyone.

Dec 20th:

OK, I know I may be dreaming to expect teaching colleges in HK (or school principals) to learn something from Geoffrey Canada’s Harlem Children’s Zone (spotlight by President Obama recently). But then in an age where information flows freely around the world, the status quo/inability to see better ways to do things remain an option that I don’t like.

Yes, many leading ideas they have can’t be implemented immediately but some ideas can still be learned and tried.

The Harlem Children’s Zone
December 6, 2009 4:52 PM

Geoffrey Canada’s Harlem Children’s Zone has helped put historically low-achieving students in New York on academic par with their grammar-school peers. CNN’s Anderson Cooper reports.

P.S. I hope CBS doesn’t geo-block the video. Many info about “Harlem Children’s Zone” can be searched and found on YouTube. Good luck for you and your students.

Update: Lets remember, some kids in Harlem Children’s Zone have been shot at! And some actually died from these unfortunate shootings! The problems with HK students are big and challenging but, as far as I know, no HK students have died from shootings recently. Here are the two parts YouTube video.