February 13, 2014
20140213 Ms  Li Wei Ling Press conference

20140213 Ms Li Wei Ling (李慧玲) Press conference

Is Freedom of Press in Hong Kong  under severe attack by HKSAR Chief Executive Mr. CY Leung as Ms. Li Wei Ling 李慧玲 (FB page) alleged? You be the judge yourself after watch the full press conference. I personally believe Ms. Li Wei Ling 李慧玲 is a person of the highest integrity through her years of journalistic work. Have a watch of the clip 李慧玲回應被商台解僱事件記者會 starts at 1m23s (full press conference with Cantonese Q&A on 2014/02/13, over 1 hour long) and judge for yourself.


要緊的事 -《蘋果》頭條,「動漫節奇景」,性幻想

August 2, 2009

I usually find 李怡 insightful but after writing “論紅黑蘋果日報“, I have to bring up a few things that I disagree with 李怡. (see below for his full article)

First, I totally agree with these views, “這些家長、學者、教師,究竟自己有沒有經歷過青春騷動時期?少年時有沒有產生過對異性的性幻想?還是他們已把自己的過去曾有過的「不良意識」忘得一乾二淨?於是一本正經地要向少男少女灌輸「正確價值觀」?”

The problems I have are those with 蘋果日報 itself, “成為前天《蘋果》頭條,說是「動漫節奇景」。”

Two problems. First one: Are we on a no-news day that this news was worthy of 《蘋果》頭條? Or was it just shocking enough a headline to sell papers? Second: Have the editors considered fully what is the effect of branding a 13 year old boy a 「動漫節奇景」? I am an adult and I choose my battles in pointing out problems with the Chinese and HK governments and also the Apple Daily itself. But a 13 years old boy? Even it is within its freedom to report the news but have the editors carefully considered the implications of featuring a 13 years old boy on its cover in the way that it did?

And the sad fact is even the usually wise 李怡 has neglected to state the potential impact on this 13 years old boy. What will happen to this boy when he walks on the street and being recognized by total strangers? What if some people on the street start teasing him? How about his classmates’ teasing when he went back to school or even during his summer holiday? This is probably too late, but it is worth a full apology to this boy. He is only 13 years old. He does not deserve all this potentially negative attentions! 13 years old boy will experience what 13 years old boy go through, but not all of them goes through being on the headline of Apple Daily and his face recognized by millions of people in Hong Kong and branded as 「動漫節奇景」.

I am not naive nor political enough to try to impose my 「正確價值觀」like 陳太 expressed in her two columns “o靚模出沒注意” and “續談0靚模“. But I am sick and tired of 蘋果日報 shooting breasts and undies and then being critical of the ladies/models/stars who dare to let Apple employees shoot their breasts and undies. The seemingly double standard of 蘋果日報 just makes me sick.

A good friend read my recent critiques of Apple Daily and worried if my actions were taken seriously would it “無形中幫助了當權派除去現存報刊之中最大的眼中釘”? Yes, I do worry about this. So my hope is to see changes in Apple Daily, not to cripple it.

My friend commented and asked,

“前數天HK NowTV林珊珊訪問了一位醉心發展舞台劇的焦女士(电影高導演之better half),她坦然承認,为了增加觀眾以便維持票房,她自已在劇中展示了相當前衛的性感!


First of all, artists and creative types sometimes compromise to get their arts made and make a living. So as long as it is something the artists are willingly doing, then so be it.

The problem is to link “民主运动” with everything that Apple Daily (actually, Next Media Limited) does. We need to be able to separate what Apple Daily/Next Media does well and then praise it for those. And when we see self-serving and duplicitous acts by Apple, we should simply call these acts out as we see them.

Larry Flynt loves breasts, lots of breasts and much more, so you will never see his photographers duplicitously shooting breasts and then his editors complaining about ladies (models/stars) showing too much breasts.

So let me put it this way to Apple Daily. Shoot breasts and film undies all you like. Freedom of press is much too important a ideal to touch. Not for breasts and undies.

親愛的 蘋果日報 編輯,攝影師,記者,Fuck you all ! If you are the kind of newspaper and magazines that love to show breasts and undies then stop your duplicitous words in calling these ladies/models/stars to cover their breasts and undies! Stop complaining because your fucking photographers are shooting at an angle (sometimes very high angle) that show us their breasts or on the floor aiming up their skirts to show us their undies.


For the record, 什麼要緊的事!(李怡) 2009年08月03日

十三歲少年搶購 o靚模攬枕,成為前天《蘋果》頭條,說是「動漫節奇景」。然後又有家長、學者、教聯會主席講攬枕有「不良意識」,會教壞小朋友,呼籲家長陪同小朋友去動漫節,並向子女灌輸「正確價值觀」。
《紅樓夢》的大家長、老太君賈母,面對賈璉偷腥事,勸解王熙鳳的話,最為經典,她說:「什麼要緊的事!小孩子們年輕,饞嘴貓似的,那裏保得住不這麼着?從小世人都打這麼過的。」連清代的老人家對性都知道人人從小都打這麼過,怎麼現代反而有那麼多成年人一本正經地要向少年灌輸「正確價值觀」了?所謂「正確價值觀」又是什麼?是不是對 o靚模有點性幻想都「不正確」、都屬不良意識?