The Line is Drawn in Hong Kong

January 30, 2010

My friend Daisann and Long Hair (Leung Kwok Hung) went up the stage to sing Bob Dylan’s song, “The Times they are a’Changing“. Here is a link to Daisann’s insightful blog entry “The Line is Drawn”. Here is an excerpt,

“Wednesday night, 6:30pm, the phone rings: it’s Long Hair. “Can you play guitar for me at the rally tonight? I want to sing Bob Dylan’s song, “The Times they are a’Changing”.

My first reaction: Uh oh. Leung Kwok Hung loves music, loves Bob Dylan and loves to sing. But keeping him in rhythm and in tune is like trying to steer a sailboat through a typhoon.

“I have the lyrics already!” he urges. “Come down to Chater Garden, bring your guitar, okay?””

I have been trying to track down a YouTube clips of the performance without success until this morning. My friend is humble in talking about her performance. Let me put it this way, the sound system/the camera’s mic magically turns Daisann & Long Hair’s performance into something even Bob Dylan can’t do a better job. (smile)

On a more serious note, I deeply admire their and others’ willingness to standup and fight for Hong Kong.