Chris Patten (彭定康) to be named new chairman of the BBC Trust

February 20, 2011

For the record. See Feb 20, 2011 UK Guardian “Chris Patten for the BBC? Good work, Jeremy. Now for Rupert…”, and “Chris Patten: The Tory Everyman returns to the top“.

See also Variety, RTHKMirror and ITV.


Feb 25, 2011 Update: Looks like it is almost official now, as the MP committee has not formal power to block the appointment. UK Guardian, “Lord Patten confirmed as ‘preferred candidate’ for BBC Trust chairman – David Cameron approves appointment and Patten now faces a pre-appointment hearing on 10 March

22 Feb, 2011 Update: Here is an old video clip. Still interesting to watch. “Frost Over The World – Chris Patten – 29 Jun 07

Lord Patten 彭定康 – BBC Trust chairman ?

February 18, 2011

Here is an excerpt from UK Guardian, “Lord Patten expected to be named BBC Trust chairman” (emphasis added). [Kempton: To some people, Lord Patten is known as the last governor of Hong Kong.]

Lord Patten‘s pitch to win the job of BBC Trust chairman was simple – give me the job and I will stand up to both the government of the day and the organisation itself, if necessary.

It was exactly what the culture secretary, Jeremy Hunt, wanted to hear – evidence of strong-minded independence, which would allow him to say “this is not a political appointment” even though Patten is a former Conservative cabinet minister.

Now Patten’s name sits with David Cameron for approval – having been put forward by Hunt – and insiders said on Friday afternoon that the prime minister’s consent was expected to be a formality next week.

That would propel Patten into the £110,000-a-year, four-day a week role at a time when the public broadcaster has just asked for 20% cuts to meet the flat licence fee settlement imposed by the government last year.

Patten – aged 66 and currently chancellor of Oxford University – made it clear to both Hunt and an interview panel that he badly wanted the BBC job as the final act in a long career in politics and public life.

Also see Guardian, “Chris Patten: the extraordinary career of an achiever who couldn’t retire
From Tory chairman to Hong Kong governor to academia – and now the expected chairmanship of the BBC Trust

張敏儀(前廣播處處長) @ RTHK 品味人生

February 8, 2010

2010-02-06 第三集 張敏儀 「這個旅人不寂寞」 (full program video).

One of the most insightful lady. Now, even 張敏儀 has retired for so many years, she is just so eloquent.

For the record “行山路上的張敏儀 – 2010年02月05日(嚴浩)





For the record “出貓成功的張敏儀 – 2010年02月06日(嚴浩)


訪問結束,導演剛一叫「 OK」,想不到她突然哈哈笑,兩手一拍,兩腳踢起啪哋一碰,大聲自己問:「戀愛對你重要嗎?」十足一個出貓成功的女學生。大家都愣住了,是不是她願意講一下自己的感情生活?監製阿曼開始怪我:「應該在訪問中問嘛!」敏儀聞言擺擺手,笑說:「如果問我,我會答:我不在鏡頭前回答這種問題。」



(註:今晚翡翠台七點半播出。 watch it online here)

P.S. Thanks to 張敏儀, I discovered this piece by Chris Patten “The city will not sleep – A decade on, Hong Kong isn’t yet truly democratic. But its people will make Beijing release the brakes“, here is an excerpt

Several years ago, Samuel Finer, a distinguished professor of politics at Oxford, wrote a three-volume history of government. He set out to describe every form that has ever been. There was one short chapter on societies that were liberal but not democratic. The only example he could think of was Hong Kong.

When I left Hong Kong 10 years ago, we were in the throes of introducing democracy. We were late in doing so. But what we set out to do was to give the citizens what they had been promised in the agreement on the city’s handover to China, known as the Joint Declaration. It was also a development specifically allowed for in the Basic Law, Beijing’s constitution for Hong Kong.

Alas, this has not happened. Democratic development has been blocked by Beijing. It has also intervened twice in the judicial process in Hong Kong.

P.P.S. OK, this is just me, a grumpy old man writing.

The younger generation of “writers” or “media types” in HK seem to lack the kind of depth 張敏儀 has shown even in this short program. I guess I am calling some of the new HK “writers” or “media types” shallow.