加燦怪論:蘋果日報小編現在轉業,不知道來不來得及?AV女優的自尊心 比一般女性高

November 27, 2012

蘋果日報 問:小編現在轉業,不知道來不來得及?
美研究:AV女優的自尊心 比一般女性高 (新聞鏈接)

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蘋果日報 上得山多

January 18, 2012

剛看完由Paul NewmanSally Field主演,以報紙記者報導新聞為中心的電影”Absence of Malice“。看完之後便即時想到將這套發人心醒的電影向蘋果日報老板黎智英、蘋果老編及蘋果記者們推介。

其中一段由助理檢察長James A. Wells對報紙記者Megan Carter說的話令我印象特別深刻,

You know and I know that we can’t tell you what to print or what not to. We hope you people in the press will act responsibly, but when you don’t, there ain’t a hell lot anybody can do about it. But we can’t have people going around leaking stuff for their own reasons. It ain’t legal. And worse than that, by God, it ain’t right.




* “20120103 – 等待變性 雄警出更 短裙落更 – 蘋果日報記者 黃學潤、馮樂琳 喪盡天良

* “我的名字叫鄺嘉豪、陳詠妍 – ‪蘋果延伸‬ “‪你死你事‬”、”仗義欺寧弱小”‪精神

* “恭喜蘋果日報記者楊家樂 以 “街頭與女子擦身而過 狀元醫生涉揸胸” 勇奪 “新聞自由 你死你事” 大獎

* “痛心疾首 – 16歲女 爬幼繩逃家 繩斷墮樓 生日跌死 20110927 – 蘋果日報

Jan 18, 2012 10:52pm update:

Thanks to a friend asking how to I think of “HKJA Objects Criminalising Stalking“. I wrote the following reply.

Thanks for the interesting questions you posted. I am not a lawyer (in Canada, HK or anyway else) but after reading Hong Kong Journalists Association’s (HKJA) statement “HKJA Objects Criminalising Stalking“, I think they have provided a well reasoned analysis. I especially found the UK’s experience with “Protection from Harassment Act” (1997) very troubling and should serve as a great warning of the potential negative “unintended consequences” if similar laws are enacted in HK (or anywhere else).

Fundamental principle like “innocent until proven guilty” rightfully put the burden of proof in the hands of the state which has unlimited power and resources to prosecute. It will be a hellish world if we have “guilty until proven innocent” because the state will have a much easier time in destroying someone’s life.

In the multiple posts I linked in “蘋果日報 上得山多”, I condemned the reports by Apple Daily. At the same time, I see no choice but to defend their freedom of press just the same.

Take the case mentioned in my post “我的名字叫鄺嘉豪、陳詠妍 – ‪蘋果延伸‬ “‪你死你事‬”、”仗義欺寧弱小”‪精神“. On the surface, there is nothing wrong with reporting a court case. Nothing wrong with reporting names of parties in an open court case. Nothing wrong with filming someone on a public street. So any legislative means that is powerful enough to “solve” the problem of _*it doesn’t serve public interest to humiliate these two young people who made mistakes and already punished accordingly under the law*_ will almost certainly cause major unintended consequences that will severely impaired the press’ rightful ability to report important on major court cases. So even I asked, “我想知道,蘋果從‬何時開始得到‪凌駕於三權‬(行政,立法,司法)‪之上的蘋果公審/羞恥權?” At the end of the day, it is really up to 蘋果 itself to have a much better moral compass, and/or HK readers/citizens starting to put pressure and challenge 蘋果 to stop reports that serve little public interest.

20120103 – 等待變性 雄警出更 短裙落更 – 蘋果日報記者 黃學潤、馮樂琳 喪盡天良

January 2, 2012

For the record. It is probably fair to use the word “喪盡天良” to describe 蘋果日報記者 黃學潤、馮樂琳  for their reporting of  20120103 – 等待變性 雄警出更 短裙落更. While I will defend freedom of press, Apple Daily has proved to me again and again that I am often sick of many of its reporters, in this case, 黃學潤 & 馮樂琳, and its editorial team.

If I were to meet 黃學潤, 馮樂琳, or Apple Daily’s editors, I want to ask them this question:

How could you fucking idiots justify exposing a citizen’s private life?  How do you idiots justify voyeurism masquerading as “news”?

This is not my first complain of Apple Daily’s reports. Click to see my “痛心疾首” series of articles for more.

痛心疾首 – 16歲女 爬幼繩逃家 繩斷墮樓 生日跌死 20110927 – 蘋果日報

September 26, 2011

“新聞事實”本身是沒有對或錯的。可惜的是蘋果日報今天的報導,一次令我痛心疾首至不能以我平常”半開玩笑諷刺”的方式來評論蘋果日報今天的報導。蘋果的各級主管及老板Jimmy等人,真的可以沒有良知,將人死這嚴肅的事,漫畫和動畫化嗎?死者家人及朋友的感受,蘋果日報真的可以完全不理會嗎?真的是“蘋果新聞自由 你死你事”嗎?

There is no “right” or “wrong” in news. The way Apple Daily‘s editorial team decided to report on the death of a girl on her sweet 16th birthday, once again just made me sick. How could Apple Daily justify turning the report of a death to comic strip and animation? Packaged like a piece of drama or entertainment news?! To the senior executives of Apple Daily and majority owner Jimmy Lai, do you have no sense of moral in you heads?

Apple Daily's report of a a girl's death on her 16th birthday (a)Apple Daily's report of a a girl's death on her 16th birthday (b)

Apple Daily's report of a a girl's death on her 16th birthday (c)Apple Daily's report of a a girl's death on her 16th birthday (d)

Apple Daily's report of a a girl's death on her 16th birthday - headlineApple Daily's report of a a girl's death on her 16th birthday - facebook picture


16歲女爬幼繩逃家 繩斷墮樓 生日跌死 – 2011年09月27日

【本報訊】生日變死忌!成績優異 16歲中四領袖女生,曾因出街問題與家長爭吵,昨日凌晨剛踏入生辰,麥當勞兼職下班返回九龍城道寓所後,要求再到網吧打機兼慶祝生日,被母親拒絕再起爭拗。少女返回房間鎖門,企圖攀爬一條幼小尼龍繩逃家時,繩索不勝負荷斷裂,少女撞爛 3樓外牆晾衣架直墮地下慘死。記者:伍浦鋒、簡明恩、劉柏麟
開心小師妹 生日繩斷魂斷

墮樓身亡少女洪愷蔚,同學暱稱「洪愷」,與家人同住土瓜灣九龍城道 21號 4樓,就讀農圃道新亞中學中四 B班,晚間到麥當勞兼職。愷蔚農曆生日為乙亥年閏八月初二,即 1995年 9月 26日,生肖屬豬,昨日剛滿 16歲,卻不幸墮樓身亡。







愷蔚朋友已在 facebook成立「為洪同學報上深切的哀悼及祝福」群組,勉勵大家不要再為事件傷心,將一切傷痛轉化為學習推動力。多位同學、師兄妹留言,祝福愷蔚一路好走,有人更建議「聽日(今日)早上打鐘後集隊時間為佢默哀三分鐘」。有學長形容愷蔚「係一位成日笑……好開心……好活潑嘅小師妹」。
據悉,昨日凌晨零時許,愷蔚兼職下班後返家,至昨日凌晨 4時許要求到網吧打機兼慶祝生日,但被母親拒絕。愷蔚其後返回睡房鎖上門,豈料個多小時後即發生墮樓慘劇。
清晨近六時,有街坊晨運返家,聽聞重物墮地巨響,走近查看赫見愷蔚倒在寓所樓下。她被發現時穿白底紅花紋 T恤,深色外套及長褲等便服,面朝天躺在樓下路邊,頭面染血奄奄一息。一條估計數十呎長綠色尼龍繩(俗稱尼龍草)叠在腰腿上面,部份纏在左腕,送院搶救後不治。
愷蔚 4樓睡房窗口,則垂下一條 10多呎長同類繩索隨風飄盪, 3樓單位外牆晾衣架被撞爛半甩,不排除愷蔚為不動聲色逃家,在房內將尼龍繩綑在重物作固定,經窗口爬繩落樓,幼繩不勝負荷斷裂,愷蔚當場墮地。警方事後撿走尼龍繩調查。

新亞中學女校長黃惠庭稱,愷蔚讀書成績優異,曾記優點 3次,從未記過,表現有活力及正面,一直是校內領袖生兼風紀,中二時曾獲選為校內傑出學生,當時只有 13人獲選,今年當選班主席協助主持會議。上周愷蔚更獲推薦升為領袖生小隊長。


1〉凌晨 4時許,愷蔚剛滿 16歲,想到網吧打機,被母親阻止






4〉愷蔚撞爛 3樓晾衫架墮地頭部重傷

恭喜蘋果日報記者楊家樂 以 “街頭與女子擦身而過 狀元醫生涉揸胸” 勇奪 “新聞自由 你死你事” 大獎

September 7, 2011

恭喜蘋果日報記者楊家樂 以 “街頭與女子擦身而過 狀元醫生涉揸胸” 一文勇奪今日由加燦嚴格挑選的 “蘋果新聞自由 你死你事” 大獎。”案件編號: KTCC4671/11″等同免死金牌,點玩都得。想必楊記年輕時,早已夢想可以報導“狀元醫生涉揸胸”等法庭新聞,將新聞電影攪笑化。有蘋果日報,法庭隨時都可以取消,直接由蘋果記者及編輯決定有罪與否,反正讀者開心又賣報紙便行。用被告半裸照片加攪笑動畫,分分鐘快手快腳,令被告身敗名裂,免除法律面前人人平等,presumption of innocence (無罪推定原則)等等無聊法律原則及精神,用心良苦,恭喜恭喜!

當然,上得山多終於會捉到老虎。有一日,新聞中的主角、配角小不免會受不了社會上幾十萬人的眼光及壓力,到時死一二三四個很正常。蘋果日報記者便可以獨家訪問自己人,完成完全的”蘋果新聞自由 你死你事”精神。賣報紙,加人工大過天,死幾個主角配角,微不足道。

到人死之後,蘋果日報記者編輯合共花十元百塊,燒些金銀元寶給死者,便可以再繼續安安心心”蘋果新聞自由 你死你事” 精神。做個沒有道德良知的蘋果記者真好。

另見 “恭喜蘋果日報記者彭嘉賢、羅日昇 以 “癡情護士毒招箍煲” 勇奪 “新聞自由 你死你事” 大獎

街頭與女子擦身而過 狀元醫生涉揸胸 – 2011年09月07日


現年 26歲的男被告楊珏峰,被控於今年 7月 27日,在長沙灣荔枝角道 822號北海集團大廈外,非禮一名女途人。他昨在觀塘裁判法院否認這項非禮罪,案件排期至今年 11月 7日開審。



明愛醫院發言人證實,楊珏峰為該院急症科醫生,現時仍然在所屬崗位工作,未有停職。翻查資料,楊於 08年取得香港大學內外全科醫學士學位。



楊曾就讀鄰近其寓所的荔景天主教中學。該校成績處於中游位置,並非傳統名校。雖然楊的會考成績並不特別標青,但他在 03年高考考獲四優一良的佳績,成為該校創校 25年來首位、並且至今唯一一位高考四優狀元。




案件編號: KTCC4671/11

Video 狀元醫生涉黑夜揸胸

恭喜蘋果日報記者彭嘉賢、羅日昇 以 “癡情護士毒招箍煲” 勇奪 “新聞自由 你死你事” 大獎

August 31, 2011

恭喜蘋果日報記者彭嘉賢、羅日昇 以 “癡情護士毒招箍煲” 一文勇奪今日由加燦嚴格挑選的 “蘋果新聞自由 你死你事” 大獎。”案件編號: HCA1466/11″等同免死金牌,點玩都得。想必彭羅二人年輕時,早已夢想可以報導”癡情護士毒招箍煲“等法庭新聞,將新聞電影攪笑化。將一位受害人,放真人相,加動畫新聞,令受害人更加受傷害,而取得更多讀者。用心良苦,恭喜恭喜!

當然,上得山多終於會捉到老虎。有一日,新聞中的主角配角小不免會受不了社會上幾十萬人的眼光及壓力,到時死一二三個很正常。蘋果日報記者便可以獨家訪問自己人,完成完全的”蘋果新聞自由 你死你事”精神。賣報紙,加人工大過天,死幾個主角配角,微不足道也。到時蘋果日報記者編輯合共花十元百塊,燒些金銀元寶給死者,便可以再繼續安安心心”蘋果新聞自由 你死你事” 精神。做個沒有道德良知的蘋果記者真好。

另見 “我的名字叫鄺嘉豪、陳詠妍 – ‪蘋果延伸‬ “‪你死你事‬”、”仗義欺寧弱小”‪精神

癡情護士毒招箍煲 – 2011年08月31日


(video) 癡情護士毒招箍煲

恐怖女護情癡 唱前度無能生愛滋

現年 29歲的原告劉達偉,事發時曾任職工程師及營業代表,被告葉麗娟則為公立醫院護士。護士註冊局資料顯示,有三名與被告英文名相同的註冊及登記護士,分別於 82、 92年及 98年註冊或登記。記者昨到訪被告住所,單位內曾傳出聲音,但拍門後突然變得靜默一片。原告的住所則無人應門,而鐵閘上則裝有閉路電視。



原告的入稟狀指,他與被告 07年在石硤尾學日語時認識,旋即拍拖,但被告很「黐身」及經常埋怨原告很少時間陪她。
同年 7月底,原告提出分手,被告自始不斷滋擾他。由於被告拍拖時已經擅自在原告的電郵戶口中,取得其僱主及同事的電郵地址,故她在分手後不斷濫發電郵給原告及其同事。同年 12月,被告陪原告到台灣出差時,開啟原告電腦內的 MSN紀錄,偷取原告朋友的聯絡資料。

被告又使出跟蹤手段,包括 08年 9月趁原告與同事往遠足時,失驚無神現身,並警告在場的女同事不要與原告拍拖。之後被告聲稱是透過私家偵探調查到原告的遠足行程。 08年底原告悄悄與家人到上海旅行,被告竟透過原告的朋友知悉其行程,更預訂機票與原告乘坐同一班機返港。

之後被告出言恐嚇,聲稱原告若不與她復合便會殺死他然後自殺,又於 09年 5月在寓所企圖自殺,驚動警方到場。警方發現單位內有多張電話卡,曾被用作向原告、其公司及朋友打出匿名滋擾電話。

此外,被告為爭取見面機會, 09年 10月買入將軍澳欣明苑一個低層單位,與原告住在同一座,今年初再買入及搬到同一座另一個底層單位。


記者在現場所見,三個樓層均使用同一部升降機。而公司註冊處資料顯示,被告 09年 11月以 160萬元購入單位,今年 4月以 230萬元售出,賬面獲利 70萬元。她再於今年 5月以 285萬元購入同座另一個單位。


至去年 2月,被告要求與原告到日本一趟,並答應之後不會再死纏爛打。豈料她食言,並再次登入原告的電郵戶口,盜取其回鄉卡號碼、履歷表及在日本公幹時所用的電話號碼,然後用這些資料在多個網上討論區貼上尋人啟事。被告又趁原告去年中至今年初在日本公幹時,盜用他的身份證號碼要求銀行取消提款卡,令原告非常不便,又誣告原告偷錢及偷手機,令原告公幹回港時在機場遭警方拘捕。


今年 4月被告寫傳單唱衰原告「生愛滋、患精神病、性無能」,放入原告鄰居信箱內,然後在上水旭埔苑附近貼大字報,詆毀原告性侵犯未成年少女去解決其變態性衝動,又指原告父親喜歡偷女人內褲後手淫及在公眾地方露械,及原告母親毆打小孩。
原告指被告滋擾到其公司,令他於 08年被迫辭掉月薪 1.6萬元的工程師工作,去年任職營業代表時又遭解僱。

而且原告與家人為避開被告,有個半月時間搬到深圳居住,用了 8,400元人民幣租屋,原告亦曾花了 1萬元租住旺角的套房五個月。

案件編號: HCA1466/11



中環我至靚 – 蘋果日報 與 新聞自由

August 5, 2011

*** Hong Kong Pretty Girls ***

Apple Daily HK Central - Pretty Girl - pix 13

I am a keen observer of pretty girls in HK and around the world. Unfortunately today, against my better judgement, I will argue the Hong Kong newspaper Apple B.B. Daily should voluntarily stop taking photos of some of these pretty girls (中環我至靚) in Central, Hong Kong. Yes, some of these photos taking and publishing has to be stopped!  Especially many of the photos that I love the most. Isn’t this paradoxical?

Lets look at some of the photos of the pretty girls in Central, Hong Kong as reported by Apple B. B. Daily. And see if you notice a very important pattern.

Apple Daily HK Central - Pretty Girl - pix 01Apple Daily HK Central - Pretty Girl - pix 02

Apple Daily HK Central - Pretty Girl - pix 03Apple Daily HK Central - Pretty Girls - pix 04

Apple Daily HK Central - Pretty Girls - pix 05Apple Daily HK Central - Pretty Girls - pix 06

??? Have you noticed a pattern yet? Lets look at some more pictures.

Apple Daily HK Central - Pretty Girls - pix 07Apple Daily HK Central - Pretty Girls - pix 08

Apple Daily HK Central - Pretty Girls - pix 09Apple Daily HK Central - Pretty Girls - pix 10

Apple Daily HK Central - Pretty Girls - pix 11Apple Daily HK Central - Pretty Girls - pix 12

If you read Chinese, you can see the full Flickr set which I also posted the original Apple Daily text that goes with the photos for added context.

*** Observations ***

As you may have noticed already, the pretty girls in only 3, yes three, out of the above 13 photos actually post for the photos! And as you can read from the Flickr set, only those 3 photos have people’s names attached.

As you see, the other photos are of people talking on the phones or walking on the street simply going about their businesses. I have no indication that these people actually has or has not given Apple B.B. Daily permission to publish their photos on a column dedicated to photos of pretty girls in Central, Hong Kong!

Is this ethical behaviour? How will you react if this is your newspaper? Or if this is practiced in your city/country?

And if you live in Hong Kong, what do you think about this?

*** The Freedom of Press Paradox ***

While I don’t know the specific Hong Kong law but I suspect what the photographers of Apple B.B. Daily have done here are safely within the boundary of Hong Kong law. And I bet a Canadian dollar that a Canadian newspaper can legally take and publish photos of pretty girls standing on a public street too (although I can’t be sure).

The brave men and women of Apple B.B. Daily are truly the pioneers of newspapers and poor-tastes. At the end of day, no one can blame them for their total pursuit of making money through sex and smut at the same time as speaking truth to the powerful Chinese Beijing and HK governments.

Yes, seriously, Apple B. B. Daily do fight for democracy at the same time as they insert B. B. (bouncy breasts) of ladies in bikinis into completely serious news article!

*** Concluding Thoughts ***

Hong Kong is a really vibrant and strange market for newspapers, for both paid and recently free newspapers. Apple B. B. Daily bossman Mr. Jimmy Lai is one of the most intriguing and interesting entrepreneurs in Asia unfortunately the way he runs his newspapers (or allowed his newspapers to be run) just make me sick.