BU 60th Anniversary short films by notable HK directors

June 21, 2016

I LOVE the short film “Assignment” by Adam Wong Sau Ping (FB, Chinese Wikipedia) (黃修平《功課》【浸大60周年校慶6×10短片】)



Full list of 12 short films: 浸大60周年校慶6×10短片 HKBU 6×10 Short Films. Worth a watch even some are better than others.


尋找紀錄片的故事 (鄧婉媚 RIP)

March 21, 2016

May Joani 鄧婉媚 rest in peace. Here are some newsnewsnews, and news plus an insightful 2015 two part RTHK radio interview series in Cantonese in Joani’s own words.

2015-07-05 尋找紀錄片的故事(上)(嘉賓: 鄧婉媚)

2015-07-12 尋找紀錄片的故事(下)(嘉賓: 鄧婉媚)

Listening to Joani’s interview reminds aspiring and practicing documentarians how good documentaries are made and the importance of making good documentaries.

Watch “Revolution Trilogy” 睇「革命三部曲」

March 18, 2016

Director/producer/independent reporter Kempton Lam has made three full-length documentaries from 2004 – 2015. Kempton’s debut documentary Long Hair Revolution 「長毛革命 has been collected by the Canadian National Archive since 2009. The three documentaries are collectively known as “Revolution Trilogy「革命三部曲」 and are in Cantonese with English subtitles (廣東話、英文字幕). You can watch the three films at this YouTube Playlist (beautifully projected on your big screen HDTV or on your computer). Enjoy!

Long Hair Revolution 「長毛革命」 (full-length 2005) (read film & Canadian national archive info)

HKtv Revolution 「香港電視革命」 (full-length 2015) (read Director’s Statement)

Umbrella Revolution: History as Mirror Reflection 「雨傘革命實錄:以史為鏡」 (full-length 2015) (read Director’s Statement)

我在電視台的日子 蔡錦源

March 17, 2016









香港電視主席 王維基

March 11, 2016

– 2015, Oct 19 香港電視主席 王維基@HKRMA

20131017 香港電視創辦人兼主席王維基香港中文大學公開講座(完整版)——傳人對話系列

20131019 RTHK 星期六主場 香港電視網絡主席王維基

More to be added in the future.


February 2, 2016

河國榮 Gregory Charles Rivers (Facebook) is one fascinating HongKonger (since 1987) and performer (with his “10,000 hours“). 20160131 最好的時光 河國榮 Part1

20160131 最好的時光 河國榮 Part2

胡琳 Bianca Wu 爵士貓 Jazz Cats

November 25, 2015
胡琳 Bianca Wu Bibi quote from RTHK interview

胡琳 Bianca Wu Bibi quote from RTHK program: 12音樂門‧逃 – 爵士貓 · 胡琳

By random chance, I came across Jazz singer 胡琳 Bianca Wu (Facebook, nickname Bibi) in some RTHK promos (see below) of a RTHK program: 12音樂門‧逃 – 爵士貓 · 胡琳 about Bianca. (For English speakers, have a listen to Bianca’s renditions of “Fly Me to the Moon“, “Night and Day” in 《Bianca Live: with the New York Jazz Cats》.)

I ended up watching the 12音樂門‧逃 – 爵士貓 · 胡琳 (full 50+ minutes) last night and really enjoyed it. See below for the description from RTHK. And I left two public comments at Bianca’s Facebook page as my words of encouragement which I excerpted with edits here.

//胡琳 Bianca Wu, I just finished watching the RTHK program from Canada. I ended up listening to many songs from the fan club YouTube channel today and actually quite like a few of your songs. My wife (a classically trained soprano in her youth) and I both found your voice very beautiful. What a great example of talent, hard work and determination!
And from a business perspective, how lucky you met Patrick Chu in NYC and have Patrick as your long time music producer and agent! I wish the team a lot more success in the years to come.// [Few words from Patrick.]

//P.S. One more note Bibi. I am amazed how true to yourself you seemed in the RTHK program and that kind of “young at heart” is hard to fake. Bibi, I don’t know what is the story behind the lyrics of “被窩” but the song seems to touch you (and your fans) deeply. That is very cool. Keep up the good work and please stay true to yourself and that should serve you well.
P.P.S. I am no expert in music but I love some of Nina Simone songs. If you haven’t watched it yet, I highly recommend the 2015 Netflix documentary “What Happened, Miss Simone? (2015)” [RT, Indiewire] First rate.
Finally, this picture and sequence of performance before it lead me to think that I should take some time to write you a brief note of encouragement. Good luck and I will keep watching!//

Face 01 - Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 12.26.42 AM (2)

胡琳 Bianca Wu teary-eyed face 01

Face made - Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 12.27.55 AM (2)

胡琳 Bianca Wu teary-eyed face 02

Artists like 胡琳 Bianca Wu who is true to her music and art are hard to find anywhere and especially in Hong Kong (a market now seems to be dominated by manufactured K-Pop stars with some serious downsides like harsh “slave contracts” as reported by BBC).

I don’t personally know Bianca’s music producer/manager/agent Patrick Chu who discovered Bibi originally in NYC in 2006. And I have no insight to the contractual terms between Bibi and Patrick but by the public accounts I’ve read in the media, it seems Patrick has treated Bianca in this music and business partnership well. Somehow Bibi and Patrick reminded me of two other pairs of collaborators. First pair is an obscure Indian mathematician discovered by an English mathematician (Ramanujan and Hardy). The second pair is an obscure Quebec French Canadian singer discovered by a singer/manager (Celine Dion and René Angélil). I think it is fair to say our world will be poorer if these three pairs of collaborators have not met.

Best of luck to Bibi in making more beautiful songs and arts (musical, films). And best of luck to Patrick in helping Bibi to create something fascinating and interesting.


RTHK 12音樂門‧逃 – 爵士貓 · 胡琳 description: //『不是為了取悅樂迷,而是想認真做自己喜歡的爵士樂!』

胡琳九年前加入香港樂壇,初期曾經嘗試過不同路線,後來出版了一張以爵士樂風格翻唱四大天王歌曲的大碟, Read the rest of this entry »