足跡 – 憑良心辨報 (1988-1995)

March 1, 2013

As per request by newer generations of Footprint volunteers, I wrote the following article to celebrate Footprint’s 30th Anniversary. The year breakdown was suggested by the volunteers. I don’t know if the issue ever got published as it should have by now but I haven’t heard back from them. Anyway, here is what I wrote for the record.


第二代: 1988-1995

林錦堂 Kempton Lam (1988 編輯組組員,1989 編輯組組長)

88年我大學二年級時由學兄學姐們介紹我參加足跡,因我喜愛中文而選擇編輯組的工作。89年當選為編輯組組長。今次找我寫本文的學弟很照顧,給我一張主題清單,為了做好這「功課」(一笑), 我重溫了1989-90年的足跡四期報紙及文憲, 希望會有幫助。 始終是二十多年前的事,如有記錯記漏,敬請原諒。

當年足跡的宗旨,有憲章詳細定明。讓我根據手上一份1981-89 年的憲章,以英文原文與大家分享:A) to be a publication for Chinese students at the University of Toronto, B) to provide a medium for the exchange of ideas, C) to promote Chinese literature, D) to voice opinions on matters of concerns to Chinese students, E) to enhance cultural exchanges.

當年的「足跡人」,有來自中、港、台各地的人才。開會交談時, 對話以廣東話為主, 偶然輔以英語補充便成。一學年中內我們刊印五期足跡,每期四大張紙,共十六頁。在總編輯帶領之下與秘書、編輯組、廣告組、製作組、公關組, 每組的正、副組長、及各組組員合力製作而成。編輯組負責找作者寫文章、做專訪、翻譯、追稿、校對等工作;廣告組負責找及設計廣告,管理收入及開支等工作;製作組負責設計排版、將文章及圖剪貼在排版的大紙之上交給印刷商等工作;公關組負責推廣足跡、保管聯絡資料、與多大校內、外學生組織聯絡、舉辦派對等工作。

「 8964二十四,
仍留在我心裡。想不到二十三年後的今天,這死結仍未被中國政府正視。另外,同年徐立之博士(即現任港大校長)在多大領導研究Cystic Fibrosis (纖維化囊腫)獲得突破性的重要發現,造福人類,足跡有幸與徐博士做了個全版訪問。當我重溫當年足跡報紙裡的精彩小說、人物專訪、文坊,專題、問卷、樂評、美術設計、前路(職業)索引、新詩、等, 欣慰樂事點滴在心頭。

參與足跡的經驗,培育了我後來在電腦軟件設計工作上必須的團隊合作精神。而當年的採訪及寫作經驗,亦為我近年的獨立記者工作,奠定了一個紮實的根基,能有信心、輕鬆地以錄像專訪了幾百位工商、演藝、政治人物及拍了一套現存於加拿大國家圖書檔案館(Library and Archives Canada) 名為”Long Hair Revolution”「長毛革命」有關香港立法局議員梁國雄(長毛)的紀錄片。

在足跡三十週年慶祝之時,寄語學弟學妹、「足跡人」∶辨報時只要憑良心直話直說,盡心盡力去做、那便即使十年二十年後再讀你們自己合力出版的報紙,亦可以感到一點欣慰。借金像獎大導演James Cameron在TED Talk講的一句話,“In whatever you are doing, failure is an option but fear is not.”




Happy Chinese New Year! 祝大家新春大吉,加送桃花運!:)

February 9, 2013


Happy Chinese New Year! 祝大家新春大吉,加送桃花運!:)

我家桃花的短片, 加送小蜜蜂。



Lets roast a duck Kempton Style – from beginning to end

January 20, 2013

Lets Roast a duck - Kempton Style

Lets roast a duck Kempton Style – from Beginning to End is a sequence of four videos showing how I made a simple & easy to make roast duck!

If I can make it, that means you can make it too!

– Lets roast a duck Kempton Style – initial prep – Part 1/4

Lets roast a duck Kempton Style – Flipping the duck – Part 2/4

Lets roast a duck Kempton Style – Done! – Part 3/4

Lets roast a duck Kempton Style – Cutting it up – Part 4/4

講一講加國行長Mark Carney空降英倫銀行

November 29, 2012

(廣東話) 經濟分析師陳心田與獨立記者林錦堂講一講加國行長Mark Carney空降英倫銀行

(in Cantonese) Economic Analyst +Wallace Chan & Independent Reporter Kempton Lam chat re Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney to lead Bank of England.

New Lamppost Banners Unveiled for 12th Annual Calgary Chinatown Street Festival

August 4, 2012

Lamppost Banners in Calgary Chinatown - pix 1Lamppost Banners in Calgary Chinatown - pix 2

Yesterday, the Calgary Chinese Merchants Association (CCMA) officially unveiled the new banners that will adorn the lampposts of Chinatown as part of the 12th Annual Chinatown Street Festival which will be starting on Saturday August 11th.

The CCMA stated, “The new artwork for the banners was created by Venezuela-born Chinese Canadian artist Henry Raul Yu. The artwork is meant to represent the diversity in Chinese culture, mixing in western illustration styles with traditional Chinese cultural aspects serving as a bridge to bring the East and West together.”

Check out the official Chinatown Street Festival webpage for the highlights and details of the six zones in this year’s multi-cultural event: Cultural, Sportif, Merchants, Food, Performance, and Hidden Gems.

Dance Lesson at one of many 100th anniversary Stampede breakfasts @Calgary

July 8, 2012

Dance Lesson at one of many 100th anniversary Stampede breakfasts @Calgary

This year is the 100th anniversary of Calgary Stampede and as usual, there will be many free Stampede breakfasts around town. Country songs and Square Dancing are very common entertainment during these free breakfasts. The following video is a Dance Lesson at one of many 100th anniversary Stampede breakfasts in Calgary.

If you are new to Calgary, I highly recommend you go out and experience Calgary Stampede. Take in as many events as you can. In fact, today (Sunday July 8th, 2012), is Suncor Energy Family Day, where admission is FREE from 6-9am. You ALSO get FREE breakfast (only for the first 20,000 guests, from 7-9:30 a.m. at Grandstand Courtyard). Tickets will distributed at Park entrances and are required to receive breakfast!

陳心田 與 林錦堂 講一講 “工會罷工/談判權”

June 9, 2012

Last time Wallace and I talked about the Facebook “investment” before the super hyped IPO. Unfortunately, we were 100% right. What we discussed (the nature of Facebook, what is “investing”, etc) were backed by what we now have seen. And many many people actually lost billions on paper! You can watch our pilot episode here: “林錦堂與陳心田講一講 Facebook “投資”“.)

This time, Wallace and I talked about union’s rights to strike/bargaining rights (Air Canada, CP rail). You can watch it here: 陳心田 與 林錦堂 講一講 “工會罷工”. We hope you enjoy our show!