Dance Lesson at one of many 100th anniversary Stampede breakfasts @Calgary

July 8, 2012

Dance Lesson at one of many 100th anniversary Stampede breakfasts @Calgary

This year is the 100th anniversary of Calgary Stampede and as usual, there will be many free Stampede breakfasts around town. Country songs and Square Dancing are very common entertainment during these free breakfasts. The following video is a Dance Lesson at one of many 100th anniversary Stampede breakfasts in Calgary.

If you are new to Calgary, I highly recommend you go out and experience Calgary Stampede. Take in as many events as you can. In fact, today (Sunday July 8th, 2012), is Suncor Energy Family Day, where admission is FREE from 6-9am. You ALSO get FREE breakfast (only for the first 20,000 guests, from 7-9:30 a.m. at Grandstand Courtyard). Tickets will distributed at Park entrances and are required to receive breakfast!


89.6.4 卡加利23週年紀念活動

June 5, 2012

23.64 - CG PRC - pix 19

23rd anniversary of 1989 Tiananmen Square protests remembrance in Calgary (2012.6.4)

23.64 - UC - pix 06

林錦堂與陳心田講一講 Facebook “投資”

May 22, 2012

Facebook (FB)上星期五 (May 18, 2012) IPO,開市價由IPO的$38跳升到$42,但最後以$38.23收市 (較IPO價微高23仙)。FB 星期一以$36.53較星期五收市價低開$1.70,星期一早午未收市前,我很高興可以與陳心田(Wallace Chan)首次合作用廣東話在 YouTube (LIVE,直播) 及 Google+ Hangout On Air (直播) 將我及心田(Wallace) 所知的 Facebook 講一講,與大家分享所謂的 Facebook “投資”。星期一 Facebook 最後以$34.03收市,較開市價的$42 及 IPO價$38 低 18.9% 及 10.4%。

林錦堂 與 陳心田 講一講 Facebook “投資” 20120521

Have a read of “Facebook employees have millions. Now what?

Are polls broken?

April 24, 2012

I am wondering if our polls are broken fundamentally. If and when I have time, I will try to understand it more.

Did Alberta voters show pollsters who’s boss with late campaign swing?

Politicos, pollsters ponder why Alberta election predictions went awry

The mea culpas are plentiful, with Ian Large of Leger Marketing telling the Herald as election night results rolled in: “We were all wrong.”

The majority of polls heading into Monday’s election gave Danielle Smith’s Wildrose party at least a six-point lead.

The narrative leading up to the ballot box showed the upstart party toppling Alberta’s 41-year-old Tory dynasty.

Instead, Redford’s Progressive Conservatives won 61 seats in the vote, with a 10 point lead in ballots.

What’s clear is that different methodologies — telephone, Internet and a combination of the two — all predicted the same wrong story.

[…] “Public opinion changed dramatically, quickly and right at the end of the campaign,” said Janet Brown, a public opinion research consultant who accurately predicted the 72-seat Tory win in 2008. This election, the model she used to do seat projections showed the Wildrose winning a convincing majority government, with between 50 and 60 seats.

* The Only Poll That Matters by Janet Brown is worth a read for some ideas even Janet’s own own projection model was a total failure as you can see in the last article.

11:14pm Update: This post is actually the result a good discussion on Facebook after a friend posted “‘Entire environment shifted’: Pollsters seek answers following Alberta election“. The following is an excerpt of my comments with minor word changes. [note: my friends’ comments have not been included here as it wasn’t my intention to put their somewhat private views public plus I haven’t got their permissions. ***]

* Reading the pollsters’ explanations are funnier than watching winter boots salesmen trying to justify why sales are bad in Thailand! Of course, without these pollsters what “news” will the media report?
I personally stopped answering any polls years ago. Am I wrong to think the younger generation even has less time for time-wasting polling calls?

* I suspect getting statistically valid sample of “opinion” is no longer an easy challenge. I remember reading about problems with phone surveys in the old old days. The problem then was the bias against people rich enough to actually have a phone line. Now, may be the bias is in people who have lots of time and don’t know how to say no. Or worst, some who has vested intrest in being polled in campaigns. In either case, it is hard to claim “random sample”. I am not an expert in the field, but I believe without the claim of “randomness” in the sample, I think it is game over. :(

* you made a good point re the importance of using other yardsticks (e.g. social media) but then they can be very subjective and can be skewed for the determined. My general point is re the “objective” tool of a poll. And that, I think we are running into some fundamental challenge. May be worthy of a university-level statistic research thesis/paper.

* [… name removed …], interesting discussion. Thanks for sharing your insights. The polls vs election results should definitely teach us something (as citizens and people in the field). I suppose finding out “what” have we been “taught” is part of the fun.

Michelle Rempel – Confident rookie MP one of a new breed of Tory women

December 10, 2011

For the record.

Confident rookie MP one of a new breed of Tory women
From Saturday’s Globe and Mail
Posted on Friday, December 9, 2011 6:56PM EST

Such a contrast this week in the House of Commons. With Peter Kent, the Environment Minister, away at the UN climate conference in South Africa, it was up to Michelle Rempel, his parliamentary secretary, to defend the government’s sometimes questionable environmental record.

And Mr. Kent, a former anchorman and journalist, could take a few lessons in communications from her.

In a Commons full of ministers robotically reading answers from their iPads because they’re afraid to go off script – that includes Mr. Kent – Ms. Rempel simply tossed away her talking points and confidently took on her opposition opponents.

She is among a new breed of Tory women. Like Lisa Raitt, the uber-confident Labour Minister, with whom she pals around, and Candice Hoeppner, the Manitoba Tory MP who killed the long-gun registry, Ms. Rempel stands out.

Only 31 years old, the blonde and petite rookie Calgary Centre-North MP, doesn’t hide behind anything – not even behind those prominent dimples of hers.

Throughout her political career, a pattern has emerged: Other women have pushed her to be better and more involved.

This week in Question Period, Megan Leslie, the NDP’s environment critic, attacked Mr. Kent for lecturing countries in Durban, “saying that they have to join a binding climate deal for 2015.”

Ms. Rempel shot back, reminding Ms. Leslie that on her recent trip to Washington to talk about the Keystone pipeline project, the New Democrat MP “lectured the United States … lobbying against our jobs here in Canada.”

Even then – and despite the war of words and accusations – Ms. Leslie respects Ms. Rempel. In fact, they go for drinks together “to decompress.”

“It’s nice to have a strong adversary on the file,” the NDP MP says. “She’s smart as a whip.”

Ms. Rempel didn’t grow up dreaming about being an MP. Read the rest of this entry »


August 1, 2011

with Lee Cheuk-yan (李卓人) in Calgary - pix 05

中文 (In Chinese)


In English (英文)

The Alliance‘s Lee Cheuk-yan and Mak-hoi-wah visted Calgary yesterday (July 31, 2011) and I had a chance to interview Mr. Lee Cheuk-yan. The following are clips of my video interviews with him.

My English video interview with Lee Cheuk-yan

My Chinese video interview Part 1 and Part 2.

Lee Cheuk-yan (李卓人) in Calgary - pix 01

Lee Cheuk-yan (李卓人) and Mak-hoi-wah (麥海華) in Calgary - pix 02

Lee Cheuk-yan (李卓人) and Mak-hoi-wah (麥海華) in Calgary - pix 03

Interview with Lee Cheuk-yan (李卓人) in Calgary - pix 06

Mr. Lee‘s bio in Chinese.





機會與性格 – 李怡

July 4, 2011

For the record. See also my video interview with 李怡的外孫 Scott MacIsaac – Portrait of a Young Award-Winning Classical Pianist.

機會與性格 – (李怡) – 2011年07月05日

外孫啟新今秋進耶魯鋼琴演奏系,跳過學士課程,直接受教於只教碩士生的鋼琴大師 Boris Berman,這是女兒一家從來不會奢望的事,卡加里也開始有新聞界訪問這個十八歲的大孩子了。
去年他參加愛民頓的一次鋼琴比賽,正好 Boris Berman當評判,而 Berman一輩子才第一次去愛民頓。在這比賽中,他評了啟新第一名,在比賽後的接待會,他當面向啟新提出希望他考慮去耶魯跟他學鋼琴,可以給他獎學金,並告訴他怎麼申請。耶魯鋼琴演奏班兩年才收了兩名學生。如果不是當場被 Berman看上,即使真是天才,求見 Berman也很難。所以是機會。
啟新的性格天生關心人。四年前,他偶然讓加拿大有名的鋼琴老師 Merilyn Engle上了一小時課, Merilyn欣賞他,想收他做學生,他除了高興即時的反應卻是擔心原來教他的老師不開心。這次他去耶魯,不擔心學不好或難適應,卻擔心 Merilyn的感受。有人問他,把鋼琴當做畢生事業的目的是什麼?難道他不知道古典音樂已越來越少人欣賞了嗎?他說,古典音樂是好東西,少人欣賞所以他更要把這種事業繼承下去。
我有一位記者朋友曾訪問郎朗,問他的人生目的,他說,多些演奏會,多出些 CD,讓更多人知道他,當然也想有更多收入。所以,他拒絕為六四彈奏《風中之燭》,是很自然的事。因為他不是藝術家。