3 reasons why I LOVE “The Farewell” by Lulu Wang almost sight unseen

2019 July 24 update: Yeah! The Farewell is opening in Calgary, Canada this weekend finally! Have a watch of the Official HD Trailer before checking the 3 reasons why I LOVE The Farewell directed by Lulu Wang almost sight unseen. I’m also excited to schedule to review the film with Terry #陳家燕 on her FM947 radio show.


Love is never rational so here are 3 reasons why I LOVE “The Farewell” by Lulu Wang almost sight unseen.

1) I listened to Lulu’s “What You Don’t Know” radio segment on This American Life (TAL) like three times back to back (while cooking) because I LOVE it so much. I bet once you listen to it, you may enjoy it as much as I did. From TAL: //
Lulu Wang tells the story of an elaborate attempt to keep someone ignorant — her grandmother — and how her family pulled it off. (27 minutes)//

2) I actually watched “Lulu Wang Q&A at UCLA | The Farewell” first and then stopped to listen to her  “What You Don’t Know” segment on TAL because I know and LOVE TAL! Anyway, I watched the Q&A at UCLA twice at least and really want to see how Lulu turn her real life story into a film.

3) I watched this “Talk Story with Lulu Wang, Director of The Farewell” (at Hawaii International Film Festival) once and will likely watch it at least once more. You see, the more I learned about Lulu’s real life story, the more I’m amazed and curious of how she is going to turn everything into a film.

P.S. I really do know a lot by most regular moviegoers’ standard.

Note: “The Farewell” started screening in four theatres in US on July 12 according to Box Office Mojo. As of July 16, I can’t find a theatre to watch the film in Calgary yet. Hopefully soon. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.)

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