Professor Ai Weiwei

ArtStars* 71 – Ai Weiwei (Kempton’s note: I LOVE this video)

AP – Germany – Artist Ai Weiwei joins Berlin Uni as guest lecturer | Editor’s Pick | 26 Oct 2015

An Evening with Ai Weiwei (Sept 16, 2015, over an hour long, fascinating) (the discussion of the inspiration and use of 2008 Sichuan earthquake rebar at 32m40s)

Ai Weiwei: “I’m not brave – I’m trying to be funny”

Ai Weiwei: In Conversation (Tate – Published Dec 30, 2014)

In The Studio With Ai Weiwei (Feb 2014, “how the internet has profoundly impacted his artwork and led to international recognition”)


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