Documentary ScrewYouApple – new Director’s Summary

ScrewYouApple - official Project Pix

Documentary ScrewYouApple – Director’s Summary

ScrewYouApple is a tiny Pentalobe screw-inspired film of action that plans to “formally ask” Apple to stop screwing customers & “Think Different” again! ScrewYouApple will explore Apple’s multi-billion cash-generating machine (possibly including the powerful App store) and also document Kempton’s journey to “formally ask” Apple to stop screwing customers and get Apple to “Think Different” again, returning to the inspiring ideals set out in Apple iconic “Think Different” “The Crazy Ones” Ad campaign. In a creative and groundbreaking manner for a documentary, Kempton intends to use a “Shareholder Proposal” as defined by the US Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (specifically Rule 14a-8) to “formally ask” Apple to “Think Different” again!

Please support the making of ScrewYouApple by choosing a perk on the right of the campaign page to join us on this epic journey, to try to change the world for the better.


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