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我知道掀起全香港熱話的 “盛女愛作戰” Bride Wannabes (十集 YouTube) 已經有很多坊間迴響與批評,英文虎報的文章“Hitched to a star”亦有很詳細報導。所以我亦不重複這些觀點,而只想與 TVB電視台及節目製作人,《盛女愛作戰》的上百萬電視觀眾,及狗仔隊分享幾句話。

我不知道怎樣可以有禮貌地批評,所以讓我借喜劇創作者 Ricky Gervais 在 Extras 批評  reality TV (真人實境秀), 電視觀眾, 和paparazzi (狗仔隊)的說話。

  1.  And fuck you, the makers of this show, as well!  [他媽的電視節目製作人/公司“, 
  2. And fuck you for watching this at home.  [他媽的家庭電視觀眾]”,
  3. You’re literally the gutter press. [你們根本就是坑渠記者。]

以下是 Ricky Gervais 在 Extras 的批評摘錄(及短片),

They [paparazzi (狗仔隊)] follow us round, and that makes people think we’re important, and that makes us think we’re important. […] If they stopped following us round taking pictures of us, people wouldn’t […] care, they’d get on with something else! They’d get on with their lives. You open the paper, and you see a picture of Lindsay Lohan getting out of a car, and the headline is, “Cover up, Lindsay, we can see your knickers!” Course you can see her knickers [底褲]; your photographer is lying in the road, pointing his camera up her dress, to see her knickers! You’re literally the gutter press. [你們根本就是坑渠記者。] [loudly, into his microphone]

And fuck you, the makers of this show, as well!  [他媽的電視節目製作人/公司You can’t wash your hands of this, you can’t keep going, “Oh, it’s exploitation but it’s what the public want!” No! [Maggie watches openmouthed] The Victorian freak show never went away. Now it’s called Big Brother. Or The X Factor, where in the preliminary rounds, we wheel out the bewildered to be sniggered at by multi-millionaires. And fuck you for watching this at home.  [他媽的家庭電視觀眾] [Gestures to the cameras] Shame on you. And shame on me. I’m the worst of all, ’cause I’m one of these people that goes, “Oh, I’m an entertainer. It’s in my blood.” Yeah, it’s in my blood ’cause a real job’s too hard. I would’ve loved to’ve been a doctor; Too hard, didn’t want to put the work in. Love to be a war hero; I’m too scared.”

Amazing Scene From Extras Christmas Special

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