does friendship need to be forever?

A FB friend posted this interesting question: does friendship need to be forever?

Here is my take. What is your answer? — As I get older and speak like an older man, I think my answer to your question has changed. I don’t see friendship need to be forever although forever would be nice. I will now settle happily for friendship to be true and meaningful to us when we are friends. I strive to make my friendship true, meaningful, and caring. I suppose caring is the key for me.

Sometimes life circumstances will put even long-time friends in & out of each others’ orbits but as long as we make the time when we are friends true, meaningful, and caring, I suppose that is splendid for me!

I have a new category of friends in recent years, my growing number of online/Facebook friends. Online friends accentuate the importance of making the moments, the individual moments of time, count. And how I try to achieve that is by caring about them in all the small ways that I can.

P.S. Like some of my online friends, we haven’t met yet and may never will. In the limited exchanges we have in the past present and future, I hope our friendship seems as true, meaningful, and caring to you as it is for me.

FOREVER is overrated, long live NOW!

2 Responses to does friendship need to be forever?

  1. hevangel says:

    Strictly speaking, no man can live forever, so no friendship between two men can last forever.

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