Calgary Farmers’ Market Opening

Went to check out Calgary Farmers’ Market at its new location this past weekend and I am happy to see the market back in business. At the same time, I wasn’t alone in noticing the parking problem as I ended up parking further away to avoid the lineup. Mind you, I was a bit surprised to find a gun store/shooting range next door from the Farmers’ Market ! When reporting about the parking situation, CTV Calgary even has this bit (emphasis added),

At the shooting range next door, the owner says it’s been a little tough having to watch over their designated parking spots.

“We’re trying to police politely our stalls. I mean we don’t want to get into a confrontation over parking but because our members, especially the membership that come in, they’re carrying firearms, they’re coming here to shoot so we want them to be with the firearms a short a distance as possible,” says JR Cox.”

Here is a video of Calgary Farmers’ Market.

See also Calgary Herald, “Calgary Farmers’ Market reopens today at new S.E. location


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