3D肉蒲團 亂扔你嘢 3D Sex and Zen – The joy of throwing things at you

The Hong Kong made soft porn 3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy bills itself as the first stereoscopic 3D erotica. Having watched the film’s 2D trailers and news coverage, I am betting the film are constantly throwing things at the viewers to make sure they know they are watching a 3D film. Of course, being a soft core porn, the 3D breasts are hopefully plentiful.

Judging on the ticket sales numbers and international pre-sales, the producer and money man Stephen Shiu Jr. is already thinking of a sequel.

Here is a CNNGo review of the movie. If you have watched 3D肉蒲團 3D Sex and Zen, what do you think about the film?

Here is an Apple Daily report.


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