Sucker Punch – It sucks! The year’s worst movie so far?

Early trailer of Sucker Punch showed promises, unfortunately the film itself seemed to suck and it is rating a solid rotten 23% with 75 reviews at press time. There are so many bad reviews that a rare positive review in Calgary Herald (via Postmedia News) by Katherine Monk surprised me.

Here are some excerpts from the many negative reviews.

From New York Post “Cheap in every shot”,

“[…] by the end of two hours of humorless, masturbatory non sequiturs from the director of “300” and “Watchmen,” I was beginning to feel like an ice pick had been shoved into my eye socket. […]

As far as I can tell, the title of “Sucker Punch” refers to anyone who ponies up $12.50 ($19 for IMAX) to see the year’s worst movie so far.

From Richard Roeper,

An indecipherable, hypocritical mess that proves you can fill a movie with scantily-clad women with big guns and it can still bore one to tears.”

From efilm critic,

As it stands now, the film’s idea of treatment is telling rape victims in the moment to go to their happy place and all will be fine. If nothing else, Sucker Punch brings a whole new perspective to what is actually going on inside the head of lapdancers. […]

Sucker Punch is a confused mess from nearly top-to-bottom and the only visionary tag that should be branded to Zack Snyder afterwards is that he was thinking clearly enough to sign on to his forthcoming Superman reboot before Warner Bros. got a final look at his first original and tried to hide it from critics. [note: will the Superman reboot suck too?”

From Rolling Stone,

Looks aren’t everything. Case in point: Sucker Punch, a dazzling visual design that goes tone-deaf every time it opens its dumb mouth or makes claims to profundity. Zack Snyder […] flounders badly in this action-fantasy about babes in bondage.”

From Toronto Star,

Sucker Punch is a girl-powered Sailor Moon anime crossed with a Russ Meyer sexploitation flick.

It’s Shutter Island, Inception, Kill Bill, a video game and your worst nightmare mashed up.

It provides sporadic seconds of splendid eye candy separated by minutes of muddled exposition and flat acting.

Overall, it’s a disappointment, a failure not so much of vision but of focus. This is Snyder’s first movie based on an original story (although it all depends on how you define “original”) and it seems he and co-scripter Steve Shibuya opted to use every idea that entered their fevered skulls.”

From KPBS,

“Sucker Punch” is so bad that my friend Miguel Rodriguez of Horrible Imaginings wanted to start a Facebook game of “I would rather…” and he kicked it off with “I would rather eat ostrich vomit than see this movie again.” In my post screening delirium and rage I even suggested I would rather have Sarah Palin as president than see “Sucker Punch” again. Yes it was that bad.

I did not have high hopes for “Sucker Punch” but I did think it might be a female version of “300” with scantily clad women kicking ass instead of Speedo-clad Spartans. I thought it might look cool and have decent action. Plus I love the idea of a film with a group of women kicking ass. It’s too rare in cinema so any film that promises such a novelty is worth seeing, right? Wrong! Zack Synder’s “Sucker Punch” was so bad that it’s likely to make it even more difficult to make female action films in the future.

Here are two excerpts from the few and far between positive reviews.

From Calgary Herald,

“A strange mix of victim erotica, period fantasy and graphic novel-inspired action, Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch is probably the most adventurous movie mutant to swish and swashbuckle across the big screen since Moulin Rouge! […]

It’s a very jarring voyage, and not every swing of the axe lands in the sturdy trunk of the dominant culture, but it’s a Zack Snyder movie; it’s going to be fun to watch, even when it starts to crumble before your very eyes, because it’s got a heart full of rebellious intent.”

From Miami Herald,

Snyder is the rare kind of popular entertainer who isn’t afraid of grim endings — he knows that the best fairy tales are often the darkest — and he trusts his audience to understand and savor what he’s up to here. Not everyone will dig Sucker Punch, especially viewers who obsess over pesky matters of character development or simple logic.


One Response to Sucker Punch – It sucks! The year’s worst movie so far?

  1. KillBill says:

    Wow, definitely a terrible film. I’m sure not the worst film ever, but it was hard to watch. He made all the cool things seem so boring, because you still need a story to underpin them.
    Unless your a spotty fifteen year old boy who wanks feverishly, you’ll just be bored silly.
    I can’t believe he watched the movie back after making it, it just doesn’t hold together on any level and you care not for anything.
    I can’t think of one positive apart from the ability to not watch it…haha…or complain about it.

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