Canadian directed 歸途列車 (Last Train Home) nominated for DGA documentary prize

Here is a Mandarin interview with the director Lixin Fan (訪紀錄片歸途列車導演范立新) posted on Dec 7, 2010 conducted by a US TV station.

"Last Train Home" Review - pix 1

I am excited to report the Lixin Fan directed Canadian made ‘Last Train Home‘ is nominated for DGA Documentary Prize.

Last Train Home, a documentary that looks at Chinese peasants, and four other documentaries that focus on various hot-button topics from the American scene, have been nominated by the Directors Guild of America for its outstanding directorial achievement in documentary.”

Congrats Lixin, I am really excited for Lixin as ‘Last Train Home‘ is his debut film!

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Here is a trailer of the film,


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