Maggie Q is cute but Nikita is not

No doubt about it, Maggie Q (Margaret Denise Quigley) () and Lyndsy Fonseca, the stars of the new TV show Nikita, are cute (very cute). On paper, cute girls wearing revealing cloths are nice to watch but weak scripts, laughable action sequences, way too obvious/unbelievable plots & twists make this series not fun to watch for me. I suppose shows like 24 has set the bar too high for Nikita. What was acceptable or watchable five or ten years ago are not attractive any more.

Of course, a Nikita remake will always be compared to the benchmark set by the stylish French original that, unfortunately, no remakes have yet come anywhere close.

Yes, Maggie Q is cute but people think George Clooney is cute and The American is unwatchable at the same time. So I won’t be watching Nikita anymore. Too bad, it could have been a good show to watch.


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