Saying No to Dinner with Warren Buffett and Bill Gates

Only in the strange world of China. From National Post,

“Two of the world’s richest men and most generous donors, Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, said on Tuesday they would not be putting pressure on China’s dozens of billionaires during a visit to the country to promote giving.

Microsoft founder Gates and investor Buffett said they would not be pushing mega-wealthy families to sign up to their Giving Pledge campaign because China had to develop its own culture of philanthropy.

[…] Chinese state media say only two Chinese billionaires have publicly confirmed they will be attending a dinner with Mr. Gates and Mr. Buffett to discuss the giving plan.

Philanthropy in China has complications beyond issues like possible waste or corruption that might worry Western donors.

Some wealthy Chinese fear generous donations could expose fortunes larger than the government or rivals had calculated, inviting unwanted attention.


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