Review of Maggie Q in Nikita pilot episode

The charming Maggie Q (Margaret Denise Quigley) () is the star of the new TV show Nikita on CW and A. I’ve now watched the pilot episode. As I wrote previously, I absolutely love the original the 1990 French film Nikita and, unfortunately, haven’t really enjoyed any of its remakes. At the moment, this 2010 iteration Nikita hasn’t really excited me. But I am still willing to give it another few episodes even the pilot is much less impressive than I hoped.

By the way, Covert Affairs is a much more interesting show to watch and the show was renewed for a second season on August 19, 2010.

Here is a trailer of Nikita.


2 Responses to Review of Maggie Q in Nikita pilot episode

  1. gwenzilla says:

    you are right, i watched one episode of Covert Affairs during my stay in a hotel, and I kinda like it.

  2. kempton says:

    The writing and story setup for Covert Affairs seems more interesting. May be I like the original French Nikita too much and find other remakes less attractive.

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