Tornado watch for Calgary

– I’ve never had this happen in Calgary for me before. Hope all goes well and nothing will come to this “Tornado watch”.


City of Calgary
3:48 PM MDT Tuesday 22 June 2010
Tornado watch
City of Calgary issued

“Funnel clouds have been reported southeast of Airdrie and over Southern Calgary.

Conditions are favourable for the development of funnel clouds and tornadoes. These types of tornadoes form out of weak thunderstorms and are usually not as destructive as their severe thunderstorm cousin. They are difficult to track with Doppler radar and can appear without warning. They normally move slowly and can last for many minutes. They often appear as a giant column of dust from the ground to the bottom of the thunderstorm. Their destructive power is usually felt over a very small area.

Treat all funnel clouds and tornadoes seriously and avoid when possible. Should one develop nearby take shelter underground or in a reinforced structure like a bathroom or interior closet. If you are in your vehicle try to move away from the tornado at right angles.

Environment Canada continues to monitor the situation closely. Please continue to monitor your local media or weatheradio for further updates.

Should you spot a funnel cloud or tornado…And only if it is safe to do so…You can call 1-800-239-0484 to report your sighting. Please note this phone number is for reporting severe weather only.

Conditions favourable for the development of funnel clouds and landspout tornadoes are occuring over areas near highway 2 and to the east of the City of Calgary. Daytime heating is acting in combination with an unstable airmass to produce funnel clouds. The convergence boundary responsible for the formation is moving southeast at 10 km/h.”


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