Addicted to Sex and the City no more

For the whole run and 94 episodes of  Sex and the City, I loved it and never missed an episode of it. The “sex” was good, the fashions were often charming, the city was beautiful, but the relationships between the ladies and the people were what I loved most.

Sadly, for the years since the series concluded in 2004, I couldn’t even bear to watch one complete episode of the show when it appeared as a re-run. When I saw and heard a few lines of the old jokes, I literally had to flip to another channel. I have also not watched the two films. I suspect the no longer funny jokes and the consumerism in the show just got to me like I couldn’t bear seeing an old good friend become distant.

To end on a happier note, Sex was a good friend and will never be forgotten. Entourage is a TV series about Hollywood lifestyle and male friendship (in its core) that I love a lot. I am eagerly awaiting its seventh season starting June 27, 2010.


2 Responses to Addicted to Sex and the City no more

  1. hevangel says:

    I am surprise a big guy like you would watch a chick show.

  2. kempton says:

    I watch all kinds of shows. As long as it is a good show, I will try to watch it. For the first 1.5 season, I was a big fan of until the writing turned bad and the chemistry between the wives were lost.

    I am getting to like and may attend a talk given by the show’s creator in June. Will see.

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