Letter from Prime Minister Office re: Ana’s Playground

Readers of this blog may have read and seen my video interviews with Eric Howell about his film Ana’s Playground.

  1. Eric Howell Ana’s Playground interview @ 2009 Calgary International Film Festival (with video interview)
  2. Eric Howell Ana’s Playground (2009 CIFF) – Best Short & Best Film at Norwich Film Festival (with video interview)
  3. Ana’s Playground qualifies for an Oscar nomination in 2010

Here is a trailer.

What you may not have known is that I’ve also written a letter, including a copy of the movie, to Prime Minister Stephen Harper. And today, a letter from Office of the Prime Minister arrived. I hope Prime Minister Harper will enjoy the film and be more active in trying to resolve the worldwide tragedy of child soldier.

Letter from Office of the Prime Minister re: Eric Howell's film Ana's Playground


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