Christmas Underwear Bomber

I’ve wanted to write an article after I heard the case of the Christmas Underwear Bomber and what the US and Canadian governments decided to do in the name of “enhancing our safety”. If I had written that article, it would have been a mostly emotionally one where I would have questioned how a “failed terror attempt” managed to successfully disrupt our lives. And why that kind of scenario where we, the public, always loose is just not acceptable.

Fortunately I waited patiently and saved myself some a few hours in writing time as security expert Bruce Schneier has finally spoken (was more insightfully and eloquently than I can) to shine some light and shared his insights. Remember, I don’t blindly trust anyone, including Bruce. But so far, he speaks with the most wisdom that government officials sadly lack.

Bruce Schneier‘s MSNBC interview on The Rachel Maddow Show (starting at 2:45)

Bruce’s email interview with The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg.

And an article “Is aviation security mostly for show?” at CNN written by Bruce. Very insightful and intelligent.

[HT Bruce Schneier]


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