AP’s Tom Curley @ Hong Kong Foreign Correspondence Club

Here is the full speech (audio including transcript) of Associated Press’ President and Chief Executive in Hong Kong Foreign Correspondence Club. Here is an insightful piece by Jeff Jarvis laying out his arguments against Curley’s.

P.S. Interesting audience questions starting at time code 20:58. Listen to the first question and answer, hmmmmm.

Here is an excerpt from Curley’s first answer,

We really want to figure out how you’re going to market. We want to help you go to market, and want to be a part of it. But if you want to take our content, put it in an email, re-syndicate it, frankly, we’re going to ask for additional fees, and we want an upside. So in the past, it’s been a capped or fixed license approach. So I expect over the next couple of years there will be some wonderful negotiating sessions, and I look at some of my sales people over there [laughter], knowing full well who will take the burden of these conversations, tell them how much I appreciate what they do.

But this is a moment, and it’s not just about AP. It’s about all of us. And what you hear when you talk to the media leaders now is that if we don’t do it now, we are toast. So we are going to stand up, and we are going to go for it. And will we have all the answers immediately? I assure you we won’t. Will we make mistakes? I will only speak for myself and say, yes. But we have to try, and try we shall.

I just hope Curley’s mistakes won’t spell the end of AP. When news source from AP and Reuters are commodities, why can’t its customers go to an alternative source when AP doesn’t play ball?


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