The Herd – 2009卡加里國際電影節

看到好睇的電影與大家分享。呢套4分19秒的短紀錄片”The Herd”拍得很好。


4 Responses to The Herd – 2009卡加里國際電影節

  1. Echo says:

    Hi Kempton,
    I followed your blog from 周游’s blog, I am the hk student who is going for an exchange program in Calgary, I bookmark your blog long time ago but didn’t realize you are also from Calgary until I read your latest blog.
    Just want to say hi over this blog! :)

  2. Echo says:

    Hi Kempton,
    I am adjusting myself to the life style in calgary after my one year studies in Sweden,yes, I am the exchange student of U of Calgary,and I am studying economic courses,mostly related to environment and economic ,oil industry.. for this exchange period.

  3. kempton says:


    Good luck in your studies in Economics.

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