My Toxic Baby – Min Sook Lee Interview (2009 Toronto International Film Festival)

My Toxic Baby - Song JiMy Toxic Baby is a new documentary film by Min Sook Lee. One mother’s search for safe, sane and affordable ways to raise her child (Song Ji) in a toxic world. The film is having its world premiere at the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival on Sept 11th. For more info see this TIFF page.

I had a very enjoyable phone interview (mp3) with Min Sook to talk about My Toxic Baby. In the interview, we talked about topics like diapers & EC (Elimination Communication, i.e. taking your babies to pee or poop instead of letting him/her do it in the diapers), breast feeding, organic food vs processed food, the toxicity in babies’ toys & clothing, and living space.

If you get a chance, I highly recommend you checking out Min Sook’s My Toxic Baby as I think you will find it insightful and enjoyable to watch.

EC support group meet in Arlene and Pete's yurtMy Toxic Baby - Pete, Arlene and their daughter Meadow in front of their yurt

My Toxic Baby Trailer

See below for four more “My Toxic Baby” clips.

Director Min Sook Lee at an EC support group meeting (Behind-the-Scenes)

By the way, check out my 2008 interview with Min Sook about her other insightful documentary Tiger Spirit about North and South Korea.


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