Battle of Hong Kong – Remember 64 years later

CBC and CTV report (with video) the dedication of the memorial wall honouring Canadian soldiers who fought and died in the Battle of Hong Kong. International Trade Minister Stockwell Day’s grandfather fought and soon after the war died as a result of the maltreatment.


2 Responses to Battle of Hong Kong – Remember 64 years later

  1. Haricot says:

    I actually visited the memorial in HK and was quite moved when reading the names of the Canadian soldiers. Their fates had been doomed right from the beginning.

  2. kempton says:

    They were all young men then and served Canada and tried to help Hong Kong as a result. These men’s chances weren’t good but they did it anyway.

    I had the pleasure to meet with a few of these men in Calgary some years ago, and they were admired for what they did for Hong Kong.

    A HK lady (friend of mine) organized those gatherings and she is a great lady for doing that.

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