Dried cranberries和衛生巾

I can’t believe thats the free gifts you get from watching a movie in HK!

Yes, free Ocean Spray dried cranberries… 和一包衛生巾 according to this blogger.

The following is part of what I left (with modification) as a comment and worth reposting here,


Why do they give 衛生巾 when you buy movie tickets?

Well, may be it is because most ladies’ reactions in HK is “立即擲入袋中”? :) Instead of immediately complain about it and refuse to take it?

On a serious note,

1) because no one complains to theatre management or the book sellers at 書展. So the “gift givers” keep up with these kind of promotion campaigns.

2) because the post-campaign sales data must support the effectiveness of this kind of promotion.

3) and because we are talking about it here. And amongst friends, the ladies may even mention the brand names, so this is very effective word-of-mouth advertising/promo-campaign that we are talking about here. Which is why they (the “gift givers”/advertisers) keep using this kind of campaigns.


6 Responses to Dried cranberries和衛生巾

  1. gwenzilla says:

    I definitely think this is a good gimmick.

  2. kempton says:

    This works for Gwen too! One more vote for 衛生巾 !

    P.S. Now, I won’t hold my breath for the day we will see 衛生巾 being distributed in North America. But then I won’t say never. :)

  3. gwenzilla says:

    wait a min….i think i have seen them being distributed in Toronto….well.. i am not talking about at the movie theater… but… on the street….I can’t really recall now…we have a lot of free gift at downtown once in awhile…

    • kempton says:


      You mean you have seen both Dried cranberries and 衛生巾 being handed out on Toronto street? Well, that is new for me, a bit unexpected. Are you sure? And can someone else confirm they have the same?

  4. gwenzilla says:

    well…… i only remember i got pizza, tv dinner pack, yogurt…and… i remember i saw some girls got some girlie stuffs… which i don’t quite remember it that was 衛生巾 or not, i felt like it might be tampon……

    for the dried cranberries? sorry, i didn’t mean that one!! I dn’t think they would do promotion for dried cranberries at all.

  5. kempton says:

    I can imagine distributing the other stuff, but tampon, ok thats pushing it.

    But now, I’ve learned something as what seemed shocking to me may be shocking because I don’t know or haven’t heard about them.

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