Shameful Vancouver 2010 Olympics Proudly Discriminates Women’s Ski Jumpers

In VANOC-secret-code,

“While this has been a difficult and challenging process for all involved, the ruling today means that we can continue on with our preparations for the 2010 Sport Program as set out by the International Olympic Committee, including a men’s ski jumping event. We appreciate Justice Fenlon’s careful consideration of the very complex issues.”

In the words of The Honourable Madam Justice Fenlon (emphasis added),

“[7] In my view, the exclusion of women‟s ski jumping from the 2010 Games is discriminatory. Many of the men the plaintiffs have trained with and competed against as peers will be Olympians; the plaintiffs will be denied this opportunity for no reason other than their sex. […]”

“[131] The IOC made a decision that discriminates against the plaintiffs. Only the IOC can alleviate that discrimination by including an Olympic ski jumping event for women in the 2010 Games.

[132] There will be little solace to the plaintiffs in my finding that they have been discriminated against; there is no remedy available to them in this Court. But this is the outcome I must reach because the discrimination that the plaintiffs are experiencing is the result of the actions of a non-party which is neither subject to the jurisdiction of this Court nor governed by the Charter. The plaintiffs‟ application is, therefore, dismissed. […]”

In my words,

“Shameful IOC forces Vancouver 2010 Olympics to discriminate against Women’s Ski Jumpers because IOC is a Swiss-based organization that doesn’t give a shit about the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Justice Fenlon is angry but not much she could do under the law because VANOC is actually one of the good guys and the Shameful IOC is the bad guy.”

To show my dismay about the discriminatory action by the IOC [International Olympic Committee], I will use add the word “Shameful” along every mention of the Shameful IOC or the Shameful Vancouver 2010 Olympics until theShameful IOC changes its mind re the women’s ski jumping decision or the end of the Shameful 2010 Olympics. [Wow, five “Shameful” in one sentence!]


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