Minister of Citizenship & Bully (aka Minister Jason Kenney)

For a Canadian government that has little respect for the judicial system or the Charter of Rights and Freedom, it is no surprise they have little appreciation of the idea of the “tyranny of the majority“.

It is easy picking to attack new immigrants who speak neither English nor French and are least able to protest and protect themselves. Well done Minister Jason Kenney for picking on new immigrants and taking over the role as Minister of Citizenship & Bully.

Immigrants have ‘duty to integrate’: Kenney

Federal minister says integration of immigrants possible without loss of identity

“We know that justice and generosity can flourish only in an atmosphere of trust. For if individuals and minorities do not feel protected against the possibility of the tyranny of the majority, if French-speaking Canadians or native peoples or new Canadians do not feel they will be treated with justice, it is useless to ask them to open their hearts and minds to their fellow Canadians.
– Pierre Trudeau, April 17, 1982, (from CBC The Charter at 20)

It is sad to see the Canadian government decides to use sticks to bully instead without true appreciations of the challenges some of our new immigrants feel.


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