Is this Canadian?

Here is an excerpt from the article “Margaret Atwood: Canadian culture a flickering light bulb” (emphasis added),

Sometimes on, sometimes off, Canadian culture was and continues to be a flickering light bulb, said Atwood.

Presently, she announced, Canada is in the middle of an earthquake. The earthquake, which she described as multi-dimensional, is expressing itself in a variety of forms. “In every area of life, we are doing more with less,” she said. “The so-called cultural industries are under great stress everywhere. The traditional way of doing things is being both eroded and exploded by new technologies.”

File sharing on the Internet has caused a meltdown of the music business with a mortality rate, said Atwood, that was equal to or greater than the Black Death. Google digitization of text, print on demand machines and e-readers are challenging the traditions of Canadian publishing. Newspapers and magazines are feeling the pinch of the move of advertisers to online venues.

“News has become instant as it flows around the e-universe,” said Atwood. “It has almost become probability news as research and fact checking go out the window. Probability news means that you don’t know whether it is true or not, it probably is true, but then again, probably not. Everything is now gossip around the village pump.”


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