Homeless Humble Hero

In times of bad economic news, seeing Mr. Farron Hall’s brave and heroic act reminds us of the goodness in people. Even homeless people. Take a look of this CBC news report and TV interview,

The homeless Winnipeg man who saved a teen from the frigid Red River on the weekend has been praised, criticized, and now holds season tickets for Winnipeg’s professional baseball team.

Farron Hall and his friend Wayne Spence were sitting on the riverbank in the St. Boniface neighbourhood Sunday afternoon when a teen boy fell into the river.

Hall threw off his backpack and jumped into the cold water, swimming on an angle against the current. He calmed the panicked boy and pull him back to shore, where Spence helped them out.

Don’t judge the way we dress, judge right here in the mind, and in the heart.“, said Mr. Farron Hall. Words from one wise man that we can all learn something from.


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