An Outsider Look of the Swine Flu Quarantined HK Hotel

To give us a closer look of the Swine Flu quarantined Hong Kong Hotel, my friend Daisann risked her life and file this blog entry “Let’s Resist the Virulent Flu Together“. Here is an excerpt,

If Hong Kong’s hyper-drive flu season sounds to you like a bad case of politics trumping medicine, you’re not alone. I find it unsettling that feverish emotion, not cool science, is the driving force behind the Hong Kong government’s actions. My acquaintance Dr. Lo Wing Lok, one of Hong Kong’s most respected epidemiologists said on RTHK yesterday that the quarantine of the Metropark was entirely unnecessary, from a medical and scientific point of view.

Daisann: taking a page from the HK (and Chinese) government, I said “risked her life” since, after all, taking the ferry to Wan Chai, crossing the street, etc all these activities have “risks”.


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