Blood Into Gold – 血流成金

From their site, “Blood Into Gold is the compelling new song from Peter Buffett featuring Akon, pinpointing the issue of human trafficking and slavery. The poignant video, produced by UNICEF, is a powerful visual representation of the songs message, utilizing moving images and video from around the world that depict the severity of this issue. As a complementary advocacy tool to the song, the hope of the video is to call attention to the issue and inspire others to help bring an end to the atrocities associated with human trafficking.
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[HT: Warren Buffett Watch]


2 Responses to Blood Into Gold – 血流成金

  1. gwenzilla says:

    this also reminds me of the movie Blood Diamond!! they have very similar message!

  2. kempton says:

    Blood Diamond is a move about “diamonds mined in African war zones and sold to finance the conflicts”. Very sad.

    Blood into Gold is a song about children and human trafficking, also very sad.

    I think the Johns in Macau/Hong Kong or other places don’t have the concept that the beautiful “Russian” prostitutes may not have come to “work” willingly.

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